Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 122: Does the Kiss Feel Good?

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Chapter 122: Does the Kiss Feel Good?

Cheng Xi was clueless and exasperated as to what Ceng Xing’s intentions were. However, because of her good temper and her inability to break free from his grasp, she decided to stop struggling in order to avoid gathering more attention. She looked straight at Ceng Xing and asked, “What’re you doing?”

Ceng Xing actually didn’t know what he was doing either. But for some reason, he felt extremely stifled whenever he looked at Cheng Xi. “There’s no reason. I just want to ask you something. If the two of us don’t really know each other that well, then why did you help me out in the morning?”

Cheng Xi was speechless. ……What, would you rather have me not help you?

“You even said that I was rich earlier.” Ceng Xing looked at her somewhat strangely, and she became even more lost. “Cheng Xi, you like me, don’t you?”


Two voices shouted the same line in sync; one was from Cheng Xi, and the other…… Cheng Xi and Ceng Xing both turned around to see a shiny and polished bald head standing close to them with a stupefied face.

Baldy turned around and exaggerated to Lu Chenzhou, “There’s clearly something going on between these two! This fellow says that Dr. Cheng likes him.” Then, pointing at Ceng Xing, he said with his characteristic arrogance, “Dr. Cheng, are you blind? Would you really toss such a rich, powerful, handsome guy aside for some useless passerby?”

From start to end, he didn’t even look at Ceng Xing, only looking at Cheng Xi with an expression that seemed like he was about to burst into laughter.

Cheng Xi massaged her forehead out of annoyance, and Ceng Xing’s face turned ashen. He wasn’t dumb and could clearly see that Baldy and Lu Chenzhou weren’t any ordinary men. They weren’t dressed quite as well as he was, but the atmosphere around them commanded a presence independent of their attire.

Ceng Xing wasn’t particularly accomplished, but he did have some experience with reading people.

But as a nouveau riche himself, who had grown up with everyone acquiescing to his whims, it would take more than an intimidating aura to make him back down. Furthermore, he didn’t think that he had to back down. These two fellows who had suddenly appeared might not be simple, but what right did they have to stop his conversation with Cheng Xi?

He and Cheng Xi were colleagues and students under the same professor, and this was as close a relationship as you could get.

When his thoughts reached this point, Ceng Xing’s initial anger dissipated, and he instead took a gentle approach. “There are too many bystanders here, so it’d be inconvenient to keep talking. When we get back to the hospital……”

Ceng Xing couldn’t continue, because Lu Chenzhou had already walked up to Cheng Xi, kissed her on the face, and said, “Come on, let’s go wash your hands. They’re filthy.”

Ceng Xing was caught off guard and rendered speechless.

Even Baldy’s thoughts were delayed. ……Damn!

Lu Chenzhou ignored the bystanders’ reactions. After he finished speaking, he casually glanced down at Ceng Xing. He instantly felt a chill shoot down his spine, and subconsciously released Cheng Xi’s hand.

When Ceng Xing finally reacted, his embarrassment turning into anger, Cheng Xi had already left with Lu Chenzhou.

Lu Chenzhou did exactly as he had said, actually bringing Cheng Xi to the washroom.

As she washed her hands, he stood by her side, doing nothing else but look at her.

Cheng Xi felt very self-conscious, and she washed her hands with the same mentality and rigor as a surgeon before an operation: from her fingertips to her elbows, making sure to reach into every crevasse and under every fingernail. When she was done, she stretched them out in front of him, and asked with a smile, “Is it clean?”

She was willing to humor these small habits of his that didn’t matter too much to her.

Lu Chenzhou looked at her hands. Under the light, they were white and flawless, just like a beautiful piece of jade that had just been polished.

A dark shadow flitted through his eyes, but his face remained impassive. “Wash your face too.”

When Cheng Xi had put her outfit on, she had also put on a thin layer of makeup. And upon hearing Lu Chenzhou’s order, she replied, “My face isn’t dirty. Why should I wash it?”

Lu Chenzhou dispiritedly replied, “All the better to smooch with.”


She pretended to not have heard him clearly, leaned towards the mirror, and turned her head left and right as she closely examined herself.. “It’s not besmirched in the slightest. It’s perfectly clean.”

“Really?” Lu Chenzhou harrumped, suddenly leaned over, and bit down on her face. “And how about now?”


She silently leaned down and washed her face clean.

Lu Chenzhou stood by her side, looking at both of them through the mirror. His gaze was still as clear and cold as always, a gaze that Cheng Xi was used to seeing. However, even now, she didn’t dare to stare into his dark eyes.

They were emotionless, so cold and grim that it made her heart palpitate.

She turned away, and Lu Chenzhou rested his jaw on her shoulder. “Better to smooch now?”

……Feeling stifled by his requests and slightly out of sorts, Cheng Xi reluctantly replied, “……Yes.”

Then Lu Chenzhou smiled slightly. His lips didn’t move much, but the atmosphere wasn’t as tense anymore. He wouldn’t say something as dramatic and clich as “How obedient.” Instead, he was far more direct, tilting his head, and briefly licking her dimple before gently turning her head and kissing her.

This was perhaps his fiercest kiss yet; he first ground his teeth against her lips, to the point that Cheng Xi tasted a tang of iron in her mouth. Then, he pried her lips open, and his tongue forcefully roughly scoured her mouth as it lashed against her tongue.

“Are you mad?” She only realized it now, as she tried to force her words out even with Lu Chenzhou’s tongue stuck in her mouth.

Could there really be such a coincidence? Just earlier, she had been thinking about how she could safely but accurately stir up his emotions. But now, he seemed to already be all stirred up, as his heartbeat was racing. Cheng Xi was normally bad at perceiving the mood, but at this moment, she forced herself to be calm, grasped his face with both of her hands, pulled it backwards, and with a burning gaze, she looked at him and asked. “Are you really mad?”

She felt happier the longer she looked at him.

This time, Lu Chenzhou was the one who didn’t have anything to say.

He didn’t respond at all, using his actions to tell her what ‘truly mad’ meant.


Cheng Xi was almost devoured alive by Lu Chenzhou in the washroom. As a result, when she exited, her body was filled with wounds.

The most obvious one was her broken lip, and there were also clear teeth marks on her neck.

The situation was exacerbated even more by the clothes she was wearing today. The dress was a V-neck, the collar of her coat was loose, and she hadn&#apos;t brought a scarf with her, leaving her absolutely no way to hide the imprints.

By the time Cheng Xi got away, Tian Rou had arrived. But when she saw the ‘marks of love’ on Cheng Xi’s body, she stopped, put all thoughts of hot guys out of her mind for a moment, and bawled out, “Cheng Xi, do you have to be so immoral? It’s fine that you called me over to be a third wheel, and it’s fine even if you didn’t come find me and made me wait here for half the day. But to shock my single self like that the moment I got here, is that really appropriate?”

Cheng Xi helplessly shoved a piece of cake into her mouth to shut her up.

Baldy also started chuckling when he saw Lu Chenzhou. After he finished laughing, he started praising Lu Chenzhou. “You’re really amazing! Even your skill at dealing with chicks has improved by leaps and bounds. I saw that fellow leave with a green face, completely wrecked!” He conitnued staring at Lu Chenzhou, looking up, down, left, and right. “Are you really the Lu Chenzhou I know, the one with a negative emotional quotient? How on earth did you think of this?”

It was time to eat, and Lu Chenzhou sat down calmly. He was seriously looking at the menu, completely ignoring Baldy.

Cheng Xi didn’t want to respond to him either. Tonight, she was prepared to practice ignoring everyone and everything. So she sat there, holding a glass of water and unresponsive sipping from it.

Even as she tried to dampen her anger…… a shameful arousal welled up in her heart.

Baldy told Tian Rou a wildly embellished version of the events that had just transpired, and his conclusion was particularly smugly this time. “Have you seen Planet Earth? Back there, Boss Lu gave off the image of a lion running out of the savannah, running over, and peeing to mark his territory!”

Upon hearing Baldy’s ‘charming’ and extremely innovative word choice, Cheng Xi involuntarily started to laugh, and the mouthful of water that she hadn’t yet swallowed almost sprayed onto the entire table.

Tian Rou also clutched her stomach, laughing until she fell down and rolled underneath the table.

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