Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 125: Are You Crazy?

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Chapter 125: Are You Crazy?

Cheng Xi didn’t doubt for a single moment that Lu Chenzhou would make someone send all these dresses to her house even if she refused. His next words clarified his stance even further. “Don’t worry about her being unable to pay. She’s a doctor at Renyi, so she’s rich.”

Cheng Xi: ⊙▽⊙

A wise man submits to his circumstances, so why did I have to offer to pay! Even as Cheng Xi regretted her previous decision, she decisively moved the bill in front of Lu Chenzhou. “I’m poor, so please pay for me!”

Upon seeing their behavior, the female boss and the store employees couldn’t help themselves from smiling; they even turned away to hide their laughter. Lu Chenzhou’s expression, however, didn’t shift at all. Instead, he seriously asked her, “But what if that decreases your enjoyment of shopping?”

……Cheng Xi believed that she was rather knowledgeable about psychology, but right now, she really didn’t know whether he truly believed her blatantly false excuse that she ‘enjoyed using her own money to shop,’ or if he was just mocking her.

Of course! If I take what he said earlier into consideration, then this fellow is clearly mocking me!

Cheng Xi steeled her expression, pretended to not understand his words, and used the same earnest tone to say, “No. I’m actually happier when I use someone else’s money.” o(╯□╰)o

Only then did Lu Chenzhou take the bill and sign it.

Everyone else in the shop was about to roll over from laughing. Cheng Xi’s face was a scarlet blood red, and the boss even joked, “Miss, Director Lu’s really in love with you, huh.” This female boss was actually quite familiar with Lu Chenzhou, and they even exchanged jokes between each other quite often. She continued her teasing, saying, “Director Lu’s always been on his own, and I’ve never seen him bring any other girls around. I used to even think that he would focus on his career his entire life and never think about marriage. But who would have thought that he’d find such a beautiful and interesting fiance as you?”

And then her gaze flickered over to the hickey that Lu Chenzhou had left on her neck.

What could Cheng Xi say? She could only wordlessly smile and bear the burden of being ‘Lu Chenzhou’s fiance.’

After they left the store, Cheng Xi said, “It’s a bit late, and I have to go home soon.”

Lu Chenzhou actually didn’t refuse and calmly sent her home, leaving Cheng Xi in a state of discomfort—it wasn’t that she couldn’t bear to see him go, but rather that her instincts were screaming that he was planning something big even though she couldn’t see anything of the sort. Was he really just going to gift her two dresses and be done with it?

Lu Chenzhou really didn’t seem like someone who would just give up on his plan that easily!

And when her thoughts reached this point, she subconsciously felt somewhat stifled. As Cheng Xi moved to leave the car, she even said, somewhat uncertainly, “Then… I’m going?”

Lu Chenzhou dispassionately asked, “What else?…… Are you inviting me up?”

……Cheng Xi finally managed to squeeze out a quick “No, goodbye!”

Lu Chenzhou smiled shallowly, making Cheng Xi blush as she turned to open the car door.

But then, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Cheng Xi, startled, asked, “What’re you doing?”

She had barely finished saying ‘doing’ when he forcefully pushed the word back into her mouth. Lu Chenzhou took advantage of that opportunity to stick the tip of his tongue into her mouth, and start sucking on the tip of her own tongue. As they were still inside the tight confines of the car, the sucking and kissing noises were very distinct.

Cheng Xi was very embarrassed, but she also couldn’t deny the happiness that she felt. But this sort of happiness still had its own bottom line, and when she felt his hand creeping up the bottom of her dress, it was also about to cross that line. Cheng Xi immediately stopped him from going any further, opening her eyes.

She struggled against his hold, and he didn’t keep continuing forcefully this time. Lu Chenzhou calmly removed himself from her mouth but kept his cool palm on her thigh, rubbing it gently and meticulously.

Cheng Xi grabbed his hand and tightly held it still.

Lu Chenzhou looked at her, at her clear, pellucid eyes, as he slowly sobered up. As his mind regained its clarity, he could see the line separating him and her briefly disappear and then reappear.

His grip on the back of her head tightened, and an indistinct impatience surfaced from the bottom of his heart, born out of greed and ruthlessness. He felt a primordial desire to ravage her ferociously, bestially.

But he restrained himself, not wanting to scare her again. Thus, when Cheng Xi asked, “Lu Chenzhou, can we not progress that quickly,” he repressed the primordial urges in his heart. Instead, he once again bent his head down, lightly licked the corners of her lips, and rubbed his face against hers as he said, “Wear that red dress next time.”

His hand was still placed dangerously on her thigh. Cheng Xi was reminded of the money that he had paid, thought, All right, I guess I do owe him a favor, and nodded.

With that answer, Lu Chenzhou let go of her happily.

That night, Cheng Xi had another dream filled with pornographic content. She didn’t remember the exact details, but there was one very memorable scene that she remembered even after waking up: on a bright and sunny day, a woman had been cornered by a man. His slightly cold fingers had stroked her waist lightly before dipping inside of her body……

When she woke up, her body felt indescribably limp and numb while her heart was somewhat drained. Cheng Xi clutched her face, both impressed and horrified by the capabilities of her own imagination.

In her dreams, besides the location, what that man had done to that woman was essentially what had happened to her yesterday, in that washroom!

The good student Cheng Xi had finally experienced the feelings of youthful love, leaving her speechless.

She lay in bed for quite a while, recovering from her shock. Only when that strange feeling in her heart went away did she lazily get up and dress herself.

She was even late to work. Because it was the first day of work after the New Year, the head had arrived early. Following their workplace custom, he had prepared red packets in advance and had stood by the door, giving one to each colleague who walked in. There wasn’t much money inside them, but it made everyone feel happy and appreciated.

When the elevator door opened, the first thing Cheng Xi saw was the head standing there with a smile. She immediately wanted to turn around and leave, but the head had already spotted her. “You’re trying to run away after being so late?”

Caught red-handed, Cheng Xi could only go over obediently. “Happy New Year, department head.” And then she pitifully pleaded, “It’s the first day of work after the New Year. Could you not scold me, please?”

The head glared at her, but he didn’t say anything else. He merely stuffed the red packet into her hand before saying, “Come to my office.”

Cheng Xi could only head over. She had some idea of what was going on; indeed, the head immediately asked about what had happened yesterday when they were alone. “What happened?”

Cheng Xi explained the matter concisely, even saying, “The patient’s family wanted to transfer the patient to me, but I disagreed. Dr. Ceng did not handle this matter inappropriately at all.”

The head chuckled. “Worry about yourself first. Did you know that that patient’s family filed a complaint about you?”

“A complaint?” Cheng Xi was dazed.

“Yes, directly to the chairman. It was something about how you, as a doctor, refused to provide treatment.”


Although she had been slightly dazed at first, her head immediately cleared up afterwards. It seemed that her colleagues had already known that someone had filed a complaint against her, because when she left the head’s office, those heartless fellows laughed with schadenfreude at her misfortune. “Congratulations, Dr. Cheng. It seems that you’re going to get a promotion this year, since you were called to the head’s office on the first day of the new year.”

Cheng Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When she turned around, she saw Ceng Xing and wondered why he was at work—he had requested to go on vacation, starting today. While she was still confused, he walked straight up to her, ignoring the bystanders’ glances, and dragged her into his office.

“Dr. Ceng, you’re being too impudent!” Cheng Xi was angered by his actions, shaking off her hand.

“Me, impudent? What about you?” Ceng Xing looked at her, and accused through gritted his teeth, “That man yesterday was Lu Chenzhou, right? Isn’t he your patient? Dr. Cheng, you’re actually dating your patient. Are you crazy?”

Cheng Xi was struck speechless by his sudden accusation.

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