Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 129: Untitled

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Chapter 129: Untitled

Between men and women, many things would occur naturally once the conditions were met. However, to say that outright just like that……

Right now, Cheng Xi really wanted to throw her bowl of congee at Lu Chenzhou’s face!

She puffed up her cheeks and glared at him fiercely. “Aren’t you trying to move too quickly?”

She had just prepared herself to enter into a relationship with him, but he was already proposing that they get into bed together…… She really couldn’t catch up to him even if she rode a rocket.

The way she puffed up her cheeks reminded Lu Chenzhou of his little toad tea pet, which was white and tender. Whenever it became wet, it made Lu Chenzhou really want to pinch it.

But since they were discussing “official matters,” Lu Chenzhou decided to resist against that temptation. “Is that too fast?” He looked down as he listed off all the various things they had done. “Disregarding what happened before I started wooing you, we’ve had fifteen dates and twelve kisses so far. And during that time frame, your attitude has gradually gone from somewhat unwilling, to reluctantly accepting, to indifferent, and today, you even kissed me of your own volition. So given how our dates have progressed, I do feel like it’s time.”

Cheng Xi couldn’t even argue back.

She truly felt that her own bashfulness belied her lack of experience! Suppressing the indignant emotions within her heart, she asked somewhat curiously, “Where’d you come up with this dating timeline of yours?”

Lu Chenzhou looked at her, his expression pedantic, like a model student discussing an abstract theory. “If you extrapolate from your experimental and theoretical results with probability theory, it naturally leads to this result.”

Cheng Xi almost choked on her congee. “……Urk!”

She felt like discussing romance with Mr. Lu was an ordeal in and of itself because he had the capability to instantaneously turn a charming and gentle atmosphere into…… nothing.

But this sort of feeling was novel, and, what’s more, Cheng Xi had been a model student herself in the past. So when she saw Lu Chenzhou’s analytical behavior, she quickly went into model-student mode herself, and seriously laid out her criticisms. “Then, have you researched the possible results of a whirlwind romance? Such rapidly developing cases have an 80% rate of breaking up before marriage or divorcing after marriage. If you don’t believe me, then all you have to do is take a look at the friends besides you. Any relationship that progresses to the intimate stage or marriage within a month usually doesn’t end up well. In psychiatry, there’s a field of research that focuses on relationships. The most stable relationships are those where the partners first spend more than half a year to affirm their feelings, and then have a one or two year long romance before finally engaging in intimate behavior or marriage. This is because love is actually an illusion, and it needs time to be verified. Only then can an illusion become a reality. Feelings that haven’t survived the test of time are fated to only be short-lived, a spur-of-the-moment passion.” She looked at him as she smiled. “Is what you want? A short-lived passion?”

This time, Lu Chenzhou was the one struck speechless.

He thought about her points for a moment and found that he agreed with her conclusions. However, “Two years is too long.” He curtly explained his reasoning by saying, “I might not have enough time to date you for that long.” As the current head of Donglai Corporations, he was very busy. It was already a tall order for him to spend any time with her during the New Year, and while this was feasible in the short term, he definitely couldn’t maintain it for the long term. “Even a year would be difficult,” he said as he looked at her. “It would be very difficult for me to guarantee that I wouldn’t try something else, such as trying to trick you into having sex with me.”

His last few words were so crude that Cheng Xi felt a compulsion to smack him, but his tone was so serious that she didn’t know where to even begin.

He continued, even saying, “Cheng Xi, I want you. Every night after I return home from one of our dates, I have to change my pants a few times through the night. This has caused me a lot of distress.”


If anyone else had said these words, then he would definitely have been called a hoodlum, but when Lu Chenzhou said it, it surprisingly actually made her want to reflect on their own actions. Was she truly treating him too harshly?

As Cheng Xi reflected on her actions now, her inner self was in a state of distraught. o(╯□╰)o

She thought of a sentence she had once read in a textbook, “All biological problems would lead to mental problems, and all mental problems would lead to biological problems.” Lu Chenzhou’s physical issue might have something to do with his long-term lack of release.

Of course, this sort of release was not only physiological, but also mental and emotional.

She was now very seriously thinking of a way to help him with his biological problem. Then, in her innocence, she made a terrible suggestion. “Have you ever tried using some other method to relieve yourself? For example, your hand?”

Lu Chenzhou looked at her, not speaking for a moment before asking, “Are you offering to help me?” He seemed very eager by the thought, and even made to take off his pants immediately.

Cheng Xi was dumbfounded by his reaction.

She quickly moved to stop him, and then she somehow found herself sitting in Lu Chenzhou’s lap.

He was hugging her, with one hand on her waist and the other hand behind her head, pulling her into a passionate kiss. Once Cheng Xi was entrapped by him, she realized just how different he was today: this time, his kiss was particularly forceful. It was as if he wanted to swallow her alive; his movements were fierce and somewhat brutal, as his tongue pried open her teeth and wrangled with hers.

Not long later, Cheng Xi felt her tongue go numb, and she couldn’t even close her mouth, causing a thin line of drool to drip out.

I feel like a plate of food on the dining table, while he is a ravenous wolf…… Cheng Xi trembled all over, but she couldn’t tell whether it was due to fear or agitation.

Perhaps she really did accept him in her heart, because she didn’t push him away. That encounter in the washroom seemed to have opened some forbidden door in Lu Chenzhou’s heart. As he kissed her, his hand on her waist naturally slid into her clothes. It knead and pinched her soft skin sensually, and her heart was quickly enshrouded by an unfamiliar and indistinct delight.

Her young yet also mature body was too easily excited.

Luckily, her earlier words had affected Lu Chenzhou because he didn’t do much more than that. After having tasted his fill, he pulled her hand to his heart, and as he kissed her one last time, he softly whispered, “I don’t have much patience, so don’t delay too long and test my fortitude.”

And with that, he let her go and left.

He got up...and left.

Cheng Xi looked at the closing door, still somewhat numb.

But he really had left, as if he wouldn’t be able to ever leave if he were even a bit slower.

Cheng Xi looked at her hand and fell into a deep daze. She could still feel his lingering touch, a strange mix of hardness and softness.

She released a pent up breath, picked up her phone, and sent Lu Chenzhou a message. “Why me?”

He didn’t respond.

After a long time, as Cheng Xi was flipping back and forth in bed trying to fall asleep, her phone suddenly beeped.

She hurriedly opened it, and it was a reply from Lu Chenzhou, only three short words. I don’t know.

She didn’t know how long he had thought for before giving her this response.

She knew that this wasn’t a half-hearted reply. And as she looked at it, she felt a sense of calmness and contentment fill her heart, and she couldn’t help a small smile from creeping onto her face.

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