Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 132: She Wants to Catch Them in the Ac

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Chapter 132: She Wants to Catch Them in the Ac

Right then, Cheng Xi fervently wished that she could fly. Then, she cursed that Fu Mingyi wasn’t in front of her; if he were, she would have kicked him in the face a few times first!

Was he a person? How long had it been? Including today, it hadn’t even been two months since Shen Wei’s incident!

Cheng Xi was so infuriated that she started trembling, but when she met up with Shen Wei, she was startled to see that Shen Wei almost seemed serene. Shen Wei even smiled at Cheng Xi as she grumbled, “Donglai Hotel’s security is too good. I can’t find out which room they’re in no matter who I ask.”

Cheng Xi glanced at her, and only after confirming that Shen Wei was truly calm and not just pretending did she take a deep breath and ask, “What in the world is going on?”

The two of them were in Shen Wei’s living room, sitting on a sofa. Cheng Xi had to know the entirety of the situation before she could decide what the best way to help Shen Wei was—honestly, it wasn’t appropriate to ask Lu Chenzhou for help. No matter what Fu Mingyi was doing in Donglai Hotel, as long as he wasn’t breaking the law, it would be illegal for a hotel staff member to reveal a client’s private information.

Regardless of the legality, Cheng Xi was furious with Fu Mingyi’s actions.

Shen Wei didn’t say anything, and just handed her phone to Cheng Xi. On the screen was a map of Donglai Hotel, and on the map were two dots: one labeled “bastard,” and the other “slut.”

Shen Wei was very blunt.

At this moment, the two dots were very close to each other, somewhere within Donglai Hotel.

Cheng Xi, in disbelief, asked, “……You planted a tracking device in their phones?”


Cheng Xi gaped.

Shen Wei smiled. “You want to chastise me and say that it’s illegal, right? But I also have no other choice. I want to get a divorce, but no one around me is alright with that. Since the two of them are so inseparable, then instead of letting them skulk around in the shadows, why don’t I just reveal their actions to everyone, and let them be happy?”


Her tone, as Fu Mingyi’s legal wife, was righteous and magnanimous. However, why did it feel so incompatible with her words?

Cheng Xi didn’t even know what to say anymore.

Shen Wei continued, saying, “Before you came over, I already contacted Lu Chenzhou, and he refused. Thus, I could only ask you to convince him. Cheng Xi, don’t worry. I won’t make a big fuss, and I won’t make people feel uncomfortable. I just want to verify my theory, and to let them know that I’m not an ignorant fool.”

Cheng Xi was silent. After a while, she sighed lamentably. “I might not be able to convince him.”

Lu Chenzhou was a particularly principled man, and she could almost write an entire book on the walls that he had erected around himself. Furthermore, something like this would clearly be damaging to Donglai Hotel’s reputation.

Shen Wei then said, “Please try. If it works, then it works. Otherwise, that’s fine as well. Since they’re still meeting up, they surely won’t only meet at Donglai Hotel, and not all hotels are as secure with their clients’ privacy as Donglai Hotel.” After Shen Wei said this, she lowered her gaze and smiled lightly. “It’s just that I want to stop thinking about him as soon as I can.”

This last sentence sounded normal, but Cheng Xi’s eyelids involuntarily twitched, as she had the creeping suspicion that Shen Wei was planning something again.

It was only later on that Cheng Xi realized why Shen Wei needed Lu Chenzhou’s help. Although Donglai Hotel’s system seemed normal at first glance, and although any of the hotel employees could get into the system, there was one part that no one else could access.

“The virtual space is what distinguishes Donglai Hotel from other hotels, and apparently, the architecture is patterned like a honeycomb. The rooms aren’t connected anywhere, and even if I did get inside, I wouldn’t know where their room was. Thus, I need the hotel staff’s help.”

Only after Cheng Xi asked did she realize that this so-called “virtual space” was the underwater adventure that Lu Chenzhou had taken her on that time.

Honestly, that really was a good place to do illicit things.

With that, Cheng Xi called Lu Chenzhou without much hope.

Ever since Cheng Xi had told him that their dates didn’t have to be at a fixed time, Lu Chenzhou had finally started dating her only when he had time. However, he had also started ignoring her when he didn’t, causing Cheng Xi a fair amount of grief. o(╯□╰)o

She had been busy recently, and it had been a few days since she had last seen him.

When Lu Chenzhou received her call, he was in a meeting. He had been out on a business trip for the last few days, and when he returned, there was a veritable mountain of tasks for him to do in the office.

Cheng Xi concisely explained Shen Wei’s request, and Lu Chenzhou reply was, as expected, “Do you really think that I’d betray my clients’ privacy just for this?” His tone was cold, and despite knowing that that was just how he was, Cheng Xi’s face still turned red, and she could only pretend that she didn’t mind, saying, “Then, alright, sorry to bother you.”

And then she hung up.

Back in his conference room, Lu Chenzhou glanced at his phone briefly before continuing the meeting. During a break, the lawyer by his side nosily asked, “Director Lu, who’s trying to investigate our clients’ affairs?”

He thought that it might have been the police or some government department doing it unauthorized, because one of Donglai Hotel’s biggest selling points was its confidentiality and its fierce protection of its clients’ privacy.

Lu Chenzhou looked down at his file. “Cheng Xi.”

“Oh.” The lawyer nodded, and then he suddenly realized—wait, wasn’t Cheng Xi the Dr. Cheng from Renyi? This lawyer was the one who had helped the two of them draft an exceedingly strange relationship agreement, and he had also visited Lu Chenzhou’s ward frequently while he was in the hospital. Thus, he clearly understood that, even if his boss hadn’t said anything, his grandparents had already long since decided on her as their granddaughter-in-law.

Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother even called him quite often, saying, “Our little Zhou’s not very adept at chasing his girlfriend. So please help give him some pointers if you have the time.”

As he observed Lu Chenzhou’s expression, he carefully said, “Is it really alright for you to reject her like that?”

Wouldn’t you hurt her with such a direct and officious tone? It’d be fine if you cushioned it at least a little. She is someone you love, after all!

Lu Chenzhou glanced back at him.

The lawyer realized that he had made a blunder, and quickly backpedaled, saying, “Dr. Cheng doesn’t seem like a nosy person. Did something come up?” And even if you can’t cushion it, you could at least say a few words about how it’s just standard company policy or something like that.

Lu Chenzhou flipped through his files, coolly replying, “She wants to help someone catch her husband in the act.” He raised his head. “Do you want to help her?”

The lawyer was speechless. “……”

Cheng Xi and Shen Wei were just planning on leaving when Cheng Xi said, “I’ll treat you to a meal.” A new grilled fish place had opened up nearby, and her friends had all given it good reviews. And now felt like a good time to try something new.

Shen Wei used to like grilled fish very much in the past.

Shen Wei smiled dispassionately and stood up unhurriedly, but before the two of them could reach the door, Lu Chenzhou’s lawyer had arrived.

He hurriedly called out, “Dr. Cheng.”

Cheng Xi turned around. She recognized him, and naturally stopped, waited for him to approach, and greeted him politely. “Lawyer Du.” And then she introduced him to Shen Wei.

Lawyer Du smiled as he saw the two of them. “Are the two of you planning on going somewhere?”

Cheng Xi nodded. “Yes.”

She didn’t want to wait here with Shen Wei. It was still early in the day, and who knew how long Fu Mingyi and his mistress would stay in there for? What’s more, the excuse that Fu Mingyi had given to Shen Wei was that he was having business dealings. If a man were to indeed engage in “dealings,” then it wouldn&#apos;t be strange for him to stay out even through the night. Though, they couldn’t stay there the entire night, could they?

Waiting was tiring, and Cheng Xi didn’t want Shen Wei to keep tiring herself out like this. What’s more, even if they stood watch here, the hotel portion of Donglai had three exits, and the underwater club portion, out of safety considerations, had even more. Thus, they wouldn’t know which entrance to cover even if they wanted to do that.

But the hotel employees clearly knew which exits were connected to which rooms.

Because the two of them were at the door, Lawyer Du requested them to move one side, and then said with a smile, “Director Lu wishes to invite you both to Wangjiang for a meal. It’s quite popular, but given the current time, we won’t have to wait a long while, and the dishes will come out very quickly. It might be annoying for them to serve one dish at a time, so we can ask them to serve it all at once.”

Wangjiang was another auxiliary venture of Donglai’s, opposite them behind a set of large doors. If Cheng Xi didn’t misunderstand Lawyer Du’s words, then he was hinting that it was possible for them to catch Fu Mingyi and Gong Hengjin in the act, as long as they waited outside that door and thought of a way to call them out together.

Cheng Xi was silent, but Shen Wei suddenly asked, “Could it be that there aren’t that many rooms associated with each exit?”

Lawyer Du’s eyes opened wide.

“Twenty?” A shake of the head.


Another shake.


Lawyer Du’s head shook even more violently.

Cheng Xi looked at him carefully. “There are eight,” she told Shen Wei after some consideration. “When you asid ‘eight,’ his pupils and his facial muscles both contracted. This means that you were right, because he became slightly nervous.”

Lawyer Du’s face fell.

Cheng Xi nodded. “Yup, eight rooms, alright.”

Lawyer Du couldn’t even think of a response. “……”

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