Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 135: Fight, Fight!

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Chapter 135: Fight, Fight!

Cheng Xi could actually feel Lu Chenzhou’s excitement. They’d been apart these past few days not only because Cheng Xi was busy, but also because she was partially trying to avoid him.

When they weren’t in close proximity, it was still all right. But once they actually got close, there was a chance of him losing control of himself.

Cheng Xi didn’t know how she could stop him, actually. There wasn’t much wrong with just going along with the flow. In this era, relationships between men and women were just that, but Cheng Xi always felt somewhat apprehensive and unwilling about doing the deed—rather than physical satiation, she preferred platonic love.

She hadn’t reached that level of intimacy with Lu Chenzhou yet.

After Cheng Xi drank some alcohol, even though her mind was more or less clear, she was still a bit muddleheaded—she only knew that the time was wrong, but not how to stop him. In the end, she let him do as he pleased, thinking, Alright, if I can’t prevent him, then I’ll let him be.

And then the big door behind them opened up a crack.

Lu Chenzhou turned around, and it was his turn to be speechless, because Cheng Yang was standing there.

Cheng Yang was also very depressed, allright!? When the two of them started acting intimately as soon as he entered, he felt like he was about to go blind.

He subconsciously averted his gaze. “Damn, did I come at the wrong time?”

Lu Chenzhou pretended to not have seen him at all, and obstinately carried Cheng Xi inside. In the end, it was Cheng Xi who stopped him, clutching at the door frame and calling out, “Lu Chenzhou!”

This time, she really was awake.

Lu Chenzhou bit her lips fiercely. “Do you want to see him like this?”

Cheng Xi was speechless. “……”

She went inside to put on her clothes properly while Lu Chenzhou sat by the side with an ugly expression on his face. Cheng Xi didn’t have the time to care about him and left the room as soon as she was properly dressed. Cheng Yang had yet to leave; he was meandering around outside the bedroom door and wondering whether or not he should enter.

When Cheng Xi came out, he exaggeratedly let out a deep breath and grumbled, “Answer your phone next time! You didn’t pick up, so I thought that you were asleep. And since I wouldn’t be a bother, I was just going to crash with you for the night.”

Cheng Xi felt that, after meeting Lu Chenzhou, her skin had started thickening at a rapid rate. Even in this situation, she was able to calmly say to her brother, “My phone’s probably dead. Why are you sleeping over here?”

“I’m too tired and lazy to go back. I picked up a new engineering project right by your hospital, and your place is close by.” After Cheng Yang said this, he glanced inside Cheng Xi’s bedroom, walked over to Cheng Xi’s side, and pushed her aside. He seemed to want to say something, but his nose twitched and he frowned. “You were drinking?”

Cheng Xi made an ‘Oh’ sound.

“My god!” Cheng Yang rolled up his sleeves. “He wasn’t trying to take advantage of you while you were drunk, was he?”

Given Cheng Xi’s terrible alcohol tolerance, he could actually see this happening. Cheng Xi looked at him curiously. “ Are you going to fight him?” Then, she waved her hands dismissively. “Go for it.”


Cheng Yang sat back down again. “Don’t be so cruel to me. I’m your brother.” He rolled down his sleeves again, and his expression turned severe and his tone serious. “What’s more, it’s not like I have a say in you two’s affairs.” And then he added on very shamelessly, “I’m going to go to sleep. Don’t make too much noise during the night—just remember, your brother’s outside.”

Cheng Xi threw a pillow and blankets at him; Cheng Yang jumped up, grabbed them, and slid into the guest room.

Along, Cheng Xi lay down on the sofa. She felt so embarrassed that she knocked her head against the armrest a couple of times, but instead of becoming more clearheaded, her headache just worsened.

When she returned to her bedroom, Lu Chenzhou was sitting in front of her desk, so gloomily that she could almost see mushrooms sprouting around him. His eyelashes were drooping, and he had one hand on the table, a finger picking restlessly at the surface.

“Stop that. You’re going to dig a hole in the desk.”

He ignored her, continuing to pick at it. Cheng Xi decided to try to reason with him. “How about you go and take a cold shower?”

He continued to ignore her, still picking at the table.

That rustling noise sounded like a mouse gnawing at food, and it was enough to drive someone crazy. Cheng Xi had to walk over and forcefully grab his hand. “Really, stop……”

But she was cut off because Lu Chenzhou had stopped picking at the table and had instead pushed her whole body onto it. He grabbed her hand, thrust it by the tent in his pants, and hoarsely demanded, “Deal with it!”


Cheng Xi wanted to curse, but she steeled herself, curled up her fingers, and ground her teeth instead. “Aren’t you scared that I’ll break it off?”

He tore off his pants with one hand. “Then break it!”


Cheng Xi was forced to lower her standards, and helped this uncouth person deal with his personal problem. Even when her arm became sore, he still wasn’t satisfied. “It still feels uncomfortable.” He stared at her with a burning, lustful gaze.

It made Cheng Xi furious, so much so that she leapt on him and fiercely bit down at him indiscriminately. In response, Lu Chenzhou hugged her as he also rolled onto the bed. Then, they fought.

They just wrestled, not doing anything else; of course, as they wrestled, they rolled all over the bed and pressed their bodies against each other. Lu Chenzhou also took advantage of this opportunity to fondle her all over her body, so besides the very last step, they had essentially done everything else.

As to why they never ended up taking that last step, it was because Cheng Yang was in the room directly opposite them! Mr. Lu had read books, and he had also heard his friends talk about how during a woman’s first time, she would make a big commotion. So, last time in the washroom, he’d resisted the temptation to do it, and he wasn’t going to do it now for the same reason: the environment wasn’t appropriate!

Finally, once both of them were tired of tussling, Lu Chenzhou even dragged Cheng Xi into the bathroom to shower. Then, they had to change the bedsheets before he was finally ready to sleep.

When Cheng Xi woke up the next day, she saw Lu Chenzhou sleeping in an orderly fashion by her side. The disparity between last night’s events almost made her think that she’d jumped a few months back in time, only regaining her senses when she realized that she was in her apartment.

And then she noticed a red mark by Lu Chenzhou’s neck, almost like a shell necklace. In her memories, she recalled one scene that seemed to involve her biting and gnawing at his neck. “If you bite me, then I’m going to bite you too!”

…...Honestly, could I have been any more childish?!

Cheng Xi had never done anything crazy while drunk, so she didn’t know what had come over her last night. And Lu Chenzhou had no intention of hiding it at all; he woke up not long after Cheng Xi, and because he didn’t have a change of clothes, he walked around just draped in a towel, fully putting his “wounded” body on display—and the only reason he even used a towel was because Cheng Yang was there.

Cheng Yang was woken up by the fragrant aroma coming from the kitchen, and when he came out, he immediately came face-to-face with Lu Chenzhou. He was so shocked that his lower jaw looked like it was about to fall off. “My goodness, is my sister really this fierce?”

Lu Chenzhou looked down at his body, ignored Cheng Yang, went into the kitchen, and declared, “I’m hungry.”

And then Cheng Yang heard his sister’s exasperated voice. “Why did you come out dressed like this?!!”

Lu Chenzhou’s calm voice replied back, “I don’t have any clothes.” After a short pause, he added on, “You made it dirty.”

Cheng Yang was struck speechless by this exchange. “……”

Nope, he wasn’t thinking of anything dirty at all… ╭(╯ε╰)╮

Breakfast that morning was an embarrassing affair. Of course, it was only embarrassing for the Cheng siblings. Mr. Lu had a very comfortable time because even though Cheng Xi was angry, she was still concerned about him. When she served breakfast, Cheng Yang picked up a bowl, and Cheng Xi said, “That’s not yours, yours is the other one.”

Cheng Yang confusedly asked, “Is there a reason?”

Cheng Xi fiercely replied, “There’s poison in this bowl. Do you still want it?”

And then she handed that bowl to Lu Chenzhou. He glanced at it and recalled that this was the one he’d used last time. He immediately felt strangely touched upon realizing that she had left it specially for him.

After breakfast, Lu Chenzhou wiped his lips and told the Cheng siblings, who were about to slip away, “I’m planning on moving in.” He then first looked at Cheng Yang. “In the future, if you’re planning on sleeping over, please make a reservation beforehand.” Then, he looked at Cheng Xi. “The interior decoration of this place is too strange. Before moving in, I intend on refurbishing the entire apartment.”

Cheng Xi and Cheng Yang’s faces: ⊙▽⊙

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