Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 138: A Little Itchy

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Chapter 138: A Little Itchy

Who would send something like that as a gift to celebrate a new home? Whoever does so, come over! Dr. Cheng wants to discuss your dreams and aspirations with you.

When Lu Chenzhou saw Cheng Xi’s sour face, he walked over and asked, “Is this bad?”

“It’s good!” Cheng Xi said, her teeth aching as she did so. “But buying so many……” How often are you planning to use these? Did you know that condoms have an expiration date?

Lu Chenzhou took one out of the box and looked at it. “Are there that many?” He opened it and counted the smaller packets within. “24 boxes with 12 small boxes in each one,” His calculation skills weren’t bad. “288 small boxes. They won’t last for even a year.”

“……You’re planning on using one small box a day?”

“There are three condoms in each box. Is that too little?”

……Mom, mom, can I move back home now? Department head, I’m regretting my earlier decision. Can I send this guy to jail?

When she saw Lu Chenzhou’s justified expression, Cheng Xi actually thought back to when she was still in school. Her roommates had once tried to prove that it was reasonable for men to have sex three times a night based on psychology and physiology. What had been their conclusion then?

She turned frantic. “Why did you let him buy all these?”

“They’re cheap.”

Aren’t you rich? Did you have to save and skimp on this, of all things?

Cheng Xi’s face turned a deep red again. When she thought of Baldy’s mocking face, she decided in her heart that she didn’t want to see him for the next year!

Lu Chenzhou watched Cheng Xi grow enraged, and reluctantly tried to pacify her. “Alright, I admit my real reason isn’t this. I’m not lacking money.”

Cheng Xi, in her heart, thought, That’s not what I’m concerned about!!!

Then, Lu Chenzhou continued to say, “It’s just that I don’t want him to disrupt us. So, when he said that he wanted to come over, I told him that there were two conditions.” As if he felt that the trauma that Cheng Xi had just suffered wasn’t enough, Mr. Lu clearly explained, “First, we are going to do it, so third wheels aren’t welcome. Second, if he wanted to give any sort of gifts, then he could just send me condoms.”

Cheng Xi…… Cheng Xi spat out a glob of blood.

She clutched her chest and despairingly moaned. “Mr. Lu, just how thick is your skin?”

Lu Chenzhou coolly replied, “Quite thick, thank you.” He had taken over her apartment, but this wasn’t enough for him, because he went on to say, “I don’t like outsiders at my place, so don’t call people over in the future. As for your parents, I’ve already bought the neighboring apartment, so when the renovation for that one is finished, they can move in at any time.”

Cheng Xi beat her chest forcefully, completely giving up on communicating with him.

Since the boxes were very well organized, it didn’t take long to unpack everything and put them in their proper places. After just half the day had passed, everything was already done.

More specifically, they officially finished moving in at 3:30 PM. Cheng Xi had always felt that she was pretty decent at packing and unpacking, but compared to Lu Chenzhou, she suddenly felt like she had been living a rough, uncultured life.

Lu Chenzhou often made her feel like this. For example, although she liked flowers, she didn’t know how to arrange them artistically. Thus, she usually bought just one or two of them and arranged them in a basic small long-necked vase, considering that sufficient. Lu Chenzhou, by comparison, actually did know flower arrangement, and after they tidied everything up, he ordered a large bouquet of flowers. When they arrived, he brought them over to the balcony, where he sat, basking in the setting sun as he slowly and meticulously arranged the flowers. Gradually, a beautiful vase took form!

And what’s more, Lu Chenzhou also knew how to cook, and it wasn’t anything like Cheng Xi’s instant-noodles-with-egg kind of cooking. Rather, he made a proper Western meal: a sautéed steak, pizza, salmon, lobster, and even a mouth-watering chocolate cake from scratch!

Of course, it did take a lot of time—at any rate, when Cheng Xi saw him dressed in an apron and preparing food in the kitchen, her initial comments were, “Wow, you can even make food! Your movements seem both handsome and practised,” but they quickly became, “Is it ready? I’m about to starve! Just make something. I really don’t care anymore.” Even when Cheng Xi offered to help, he disdainfully told her that she was in the way and chased her out.

Finally, when it was almost eight o’clock, Lu Chenzhou told Cheng Xi, who was so ravenous that she was sitting on the sofa and reading a book upside down, “We can start eating now.”

Cheng Xi expectantly went over and saw a luxuriant and exquisite dinner laid out in front of her.

The decadent food, bottle of red wine, fresh flowers, and even candles all contributed to the extravagant atmosphere. However, the most striking part of the picture was obviously the handsome man standing by the side of the table, who was dressed in a simple outfit of a white shirt and black pants, with a clear and picturesque look in his eyes.

But Cheng Xi was instead thinking, Goodness, am I a fake person? Despite how romantic the dinner in front of her was, she nonetheless felt somewhat regretful, because she actually preferred Chinese-style cuisine……

But she still had to thank him, of course. “Thank you for your hard work.”

While Lu Chenzhou opened the bottle of wine, he murmured, “It wasn’t hard. Before I eat you, I have to let you at least eat something good.”

Cheng Xi, dumbfounded, thought to herself, ……Can I not eat this meal?! Even as her face remained serious. “Are you joking?”

Lu Chenzhou thought for a moment and then rephrased his words. “According to what I’ve read, if a male establishes a romantic atmosphere before getting into bed with a female, it will allow the female to climax more easily.”

Cheng Xi couldn’t even think of a retort. “……” She massaged her forehead to ease the oncoming headache as she asked, “Mr. Lu, when you have these underlying intentions, can we still even have a proper meal?”

Lu Chenzhou was a little perturbed by her stance. “Do all doctors avoid talking about sex?”

Cheng Xi very much wanted to shoot him a supercilious glare. “I’m also a woman, thank you very much.”

Lu Chenzhou fell deep into thought, and then stopped talking about the subject, instead pouring her a glass of wine before obediently starting to eat.

As they said, if you encountered someone who didn’t understand romance at all, then even something like a candlelight dinner was pointless. If you encountered someone who was so hungry that they didn’t care about what they were eating, it would be a waste of effort and resources; if you encountered a schemer, it would be the setting for a tragedy! And unfortunately, the two of them satisfied all three of these conditions, so this extravagant and romantic meal ended very quickly.

Once Cheng Xi finished her meal, she leaned back, drained her remaining red wine in one go, and yup, she was done.

Because she had drank too quickly, Cheng Xi’s face quickly turned red from the alcohol. She supported her face with both hands, and then looked at Lu Chenzhou.

Like a good househusband, when the meal was over, Lu Chenzhou immediately started clearing the table, washing the plates, and mopping the kitchen. Cheng Xi watched him meticulously complete all this busywork as she thought to herself, A boyfriend like this isn’t bad. He’s able to make food, do chores, clean the place, and even rejuvenate the eyes. How good was that?

And then, just when she was starting to relax, he took off his apron, hung it up, and walked in front of her before saying, “Let’s take a bath and then go to sleep.”


She looked at the time; it was only 8:30 PM!

With a slight tinge of disbelief, Cheng Xi asked him, “It’s too early, isn’t it? Why don’t we eat some fruit and chat awhile?”

Lu Chenzhou lowered his head and sniffed her body judgmentally. “You smell dirty.”

And then he pushed Cheng Xi into the bathroom. The reason why she was so obedient was that, in her mind, she thought, Alright. Given how stubborn he is, then he can do whatever he wants. It’s only a matter of time anyway. After many days of careful consideration, she had thought everything through.

After the two of them took a bath and Cheng Xi blew her hair dry, they got into bed. It felt formal, and even though Cheng Xi had mentally prepared herself, she still felt a bit shy. Lu Chenzhou was actually quite nervous as well; when he took out a condom, he even naively asked, “Do I wear this beforehand or afterwards?”

Cheng Xi almost sprayed spit at him. “Do you think that it’d even be useful if you wore it after you’re done?”

Only then did Lu Chenzhou realize that he had asked a stupid question, and he became somewhat embarrassed. But since his face was normally cold and unmoving, his embarrassment wasn’t very obvious. After a quick glance at Cheng Xi to verify that she hadn’t noticed, he took off his pants.

Cheng Xi twisted her head away, not knowing what to say anymore. But even if she didn’t see it, she could feel him put on the condom and then lean over to hug her.

She was currently wearing a white cotton sleeping gown, and her black hair was draped over her shoulders, giving her a soft and tender look.

Although the start was awkward, both of them were young and vigorous, and the atmosphere slowly loosened up. Lu Chenzhou really hadn’t skimped on his reading about sex, and when they actually started doing it, he was particularly gentle and patient, sparing no effort to make it easier for her.

The conditions were right, and success naturally followed.

They gradually reached the most enjoyable stage.

But then, Lu Chenzhou suddenly stopped. Cheng Xi opened her eyes. Right now, her face was flushed red, her eyes lustrous with desire, and her half-clothed body particularly enchanting.

But Lu Chenzhou couldn’t not stop.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, somewhat lost in thought.

Lu Chenzhou didn’t say anything, just looking at her with an ugly expression. Then, he suddenly sat back and tore off the “raincoat” on his little Lu Chenzhou. “It’s a bit itchy,” he said in annoyance as he lightly scratched its tip.

“An all…… allergic reaction……” Cheng Xi said, half in disbelief.

Lu Chenzhou: o(╯□╰)o

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