Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 139: Learning to Love You

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Chapter 139: Learning to Love You

Lu Chenzhou’s little buddy had at first been pinkish, not ugly at all, and even quite imposing. But right now, Cheng Xi felt that it looked quite pitiful, because after his big buddy scratched him, two little red lumps had appeared near its tip.

Cheng Xi had concluded that this was just an allergic reaction through a very simple chain of deduction. Between this being a newly renovated apartment, the condom material, and Lu Chenzhou’s abnormal body…… it seemed almost inevitable for little Lu to not develop an allergic reaction to something.

Cheng Xi tried her hardest to stifle her laughter, to the point where she started tearing up and was unable to look at him. However, when she saw that he was about to scratch himself again, she quickly stopped him and said, “Stop scratching yourself and go wash it off.”

Lu Chenzhou obediently went to the washroom, albeit with a dark expression on his face. Once Cheng Xi was sure that he was out of earshot, then she turned around, bit down on her fist, and started guffawing so hard she fell off of the bed.

But while she was lost in her delirium, she felt someone grab her shoulder and drag her upright. Lu Chenzhou looked at her dimly. “You seem very happy?”

“N…… No.”

With such an obvious smirk on her face and lips curled up so high that she couldn’t even force them down, she wasn’t convincing at all. Who’d believe that she wasn’t laughing?

Lu Chenzhou pushed her down.

Cheng Xi hadn’t found a chance to catch her breath, since she had laughed so hard all her muscles had relaxed. She breathlessly asked, “What’re you going to do to me?”

Lu Chenzhou stuffed another condom into her hand, and fearlessly said, “I feel like we should try again. Put it on for me.”

He was so confident that Cheng Xi felt like she had to give him the proper respect. However, she also felt ethically obligated to remind him, “That…… Ahem, I don’t really mind trying again, but are you sure you want to do so? Your allergic reaction may very well worsen, causing swelling, festering…… and you might even become impotent for a long period of time.”

Lu Chenzhou felt unbearably stymied. “……Damn!”

He flipped them around, moved his face to her shoulder, opened his mouth, and fiercely ground his teeth against her white and tender shoulder. He continued until Cheng Xi was so itchy that she broke into laughter and fell into his lap.

Lu Chenzhou looked at her, curled up like a tiny prawn from laughing, and felt speechless. He had started biting her to vent his frustration, but the more he bit, the hotter his anger was stoked. His heart had an unbearable itch, as if it had been scratched by a cat.

He finally stopped biting her. Then, he climbed up the bed, kissed her lips and tongue passionately, hugged her hard, and finally grumbled incoherently, “……It feels bad!”

Cheng Xi patted him on the back insincerely. “It’ll be fine. Just don’t agitate it any further.”

Lu Chenzhou bit her lips frustratedly again, picked up her hand, and guided it towards his nether regions. He wanted to physically show her how badly he was feeling.

Cheng Xi patiently asked, “Do you want to take a cold bath? Or maybe rub some balm on it—Oh!”

He had forced her legs open and then suddenly slid his fingers inside her. Cheng Xi didn’t expert such an abrupt move, and she groaned in displeasure. However, the roughness also stimulated her on some level, so when his fingers moved around, she felt…… quite pleasurable. Lu Chenzhou raised his upper body slightly, and when he saw that she had completely succumbed to his dextrous hand strokes, and was almost about to explode, he mercilessly pulled his fingers out and slowly declared, “Think of a solution for me.”

He had stopped so abruptly that Cheng Xi was caught off guard. “……”

Honestly, when he teased her like that, she really wanted to smack him in the face! She covered her blushing face with her hand, tried to to calm her urges, and softly replied, “Alright…… Go wash up first. I’ll help you think of a solution.”

And only then did Lu Chenzhou finally let go of her and go into the washroom.

But what else could Cheng Xi have said? As a doctor, if he had a cold or fever or something like that, then she could give him a prescription. But something like a penile infection……

Helpless, she could only call Su Feng, and in the most serious tone she could muster, ask, “What’s the best solution for a male experiencing an allergic reaction to a condom?”

Su Feng immediately guessed at what was going on. “Your rich boyfriend? He’s allergic to condoms?”

Cheng Xi coughed awkwardly.

Su Feng started laughing crazily. “Hahaha, really?! You just moved back today, and you even told me that I didn’t need to come over for a housewarming party. I even thought that you two were going to…… Anyways, what’s up with this allergic reaction?”

Cheng Xi pleaded, “Hey, hey, Dr. Su. Please keep your professional ethics in mind.”

Su Feng started laughing even more uproariously. “Dear, you’re a really amusing person.”

Cheng Xi: o(╯□╰)o

Cheng Xi felt very exasperated, but also that this situation was actually very funny. Mr. Lu had prepared so diligently for tonight, and even made Baldy send him so many condoms. But in the end…… He was defeated by a mere condom.

Cheng Xi also started laughing along with Su Feng.

When they were done, Cheng Xi patted her face to sober up a bit. “Alright, please help me think of a solution.”

“I’m also not quite sure what the best course of action is. After all, I work with women.”

“……Dr. Su, do you believe that I’ll beat you up?”

Su Feng started laughing again. “Come and beat me! It’s not like you’re going to do anything with your rich boyfriend tonight anyways.”


Cheng Xi glanced guiltily at the door. If Lu Chenzhou heard Su Feng say that, he’d probably grind her to death, wouldn’t he?

Without any other options, Cheng Xi could only say, “Alright, stop talking trash.”

Only when Su Feng stopped laughing did she agree. “Alright, I’ll help you find an expert, and I can ask him about how to best resolve the condition.”

“Okay, but make sure to tell him that the patient’s skin is very sensitive, and he even had septicemia not too long ago.” After Cheng Xi finished describing Lu Chenzhou’s medical history, she was afraid of Su Feng saying something degrading next time they met. She knew that she’d suffer the consequences if Lu Chenzhou overheard such comments, so she made sure to add, “When you’re done asking, please send me the prescription via text and not voice. Thank you.”

Even after Cheng Xi disconnected the call, she felt like she could still hear phantoms of Su Feng’s laughter.

But even though Su Feng had laughed at the situation, she was a very reliable person. By the time Lu Chenzhou finished his bath, Cheng XI had already received the prescription. There was both medication to be ingested and a paste to be externally applied, but the most important thing was the following directions: Scratching and washing it with hot water were prohibited, and he had to abstain from sexual activity for the next two weeks during the treatment and recovery periods.

When Cheng Xi finished reading the instructions out loud, she blinked, and then obediently handed her phone over to Lu Chenzhou.

Lu Chenzhou…… had an interesting expression on his face.

Cheng Xi had originally calmed down, but when she saw his expression, she couldn’t stop herself from bursting out into laughter again. She lowered her head and tried to stop herself, but Lu Chenzhou lifted her jaw. She bit down on her fingers, her almond eyes tearing up as she looked at him.

“That funny, huh?”

His tone had a dangerous edge to it, and Cheng Xi hugged his waist in forgiveness as she buried her head in his embrace, laughed, and said, “I didn’t say that it was funny……”

Lu Chenzhou couldn’t help but start smiling at the ridiculous situation as well.


The medicine that Su Feng had prescribed was standard medication for an allergic reaction, which Cheng Xi had at home. After applying it, he couldn’t do anything of that kind anymore, so Lu Chenzhou just lay in bed like a zombie with Cheng Xi by his side, her fingers lightly caressing his face.

Lu Chenzhou tilted his head and looked at her. “You want it?” He turned his body.

Cheng Xi grabbed his hand lightly. “Don’t mess around.” She moved his hand to the side of her face and looked at him as she rested her head on the pillow. Because he’d just applied the medicine, his lower body was still naked, only covered by a blanket. The exposed skin revealed slender and straight muscles. His body seemed especially lithe and sleek, coursing with power.

The muscle that he’d lost from his earlier illness had regrown quite well, it seemed.

Cheng Xi admired his body for a little, but didn’t have the guts to reach out and start groping him. Noting the small amount of disappointment still on his face, she said, “Lu Chenzhou, I’m not laughing at you. I’m just…… somewhat happy.” Amidst his bright, clear gaze, she gently touched the back of his hand. “I’m really very happy, because I can feel how much effort you put into tonight. In this day and age, intentions might not be worth very much, but diligent attention is a rare thing indeed.” And this was especially so for someone like Lu Chenzhou. The fact that he had put this much thought and effort into this for her made her feel very surprised and moved.

She then coyly said, “Lu Chenzhou, I’m really starting to like you.” She paused, before reaffirming her feelings. “Very much.”

Lu Chenzhou gazed back at her. She was lying softly by his side, her cherry red lips glistening with moisture, her eyes as clear as water, and the dimple by her cheek as if filled with a drunken laughter.

He couldn’t help himself from caressing her face, gingerly rubbing the tender skin underneath his hands.

It was the first time he had ever confronted his own mental issue, the first time he had ever worked up the courage to tell her, “I’ve never loved anyone. But Cheng Xi, even if I never love anyone in my lifetime, I will learn to love you. I will be unwavering in my attention towards you, just as if we were star-crossed lovers in some book.”

As he said this, his expression wasn’t particularly serious, and he didn’t display any particular signs of care either. His face remained as calm and impassive as ever, but Cheng Xi couldn’t help from letting out one last burst of laughter.

“Alright,” she agreed lightly.

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