Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 140: So Thrilling That Everyone’s Spreading the Word

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Chapter 140: So Thrilling That Everyone’s Spreading the Word

If someone had told Cheng Xi half a year ago that she’d fall in love with one of her patients who was suffering from emotional detachment, she probably would have thought that the other party was telling an unfunny joke.

But now, she knew that this joke was real, because the feelings in her chest were more than just a casual liking, deeper than liking.

Lu Chenzhou’s dazed and silly expression, his stupid liking, his stiff textbook-like manner of wooing her, and his serious expression when looking for love—all of this made her inexorably fall for him a little bit more.

Cheng Xi hugged the hand by her face tightly, lifted her head, and kissed it lightly as she said, “Lu Chenzhou, it’s fine even if you can’t love me, because I’ll love you in your stead. This will be our house, and over here, you can do whatever you want. You can laugh when you’re happy, cry when you’re sad, and when you’re tired, my shoulder will always be here for you. I’ve never been anyone else’s other half, but I’ll do my best to love you and accompany you.”

After listening to Cheng Xi’s words, Lu Chenzhou quieted down.

Then, after a while, he hoarsely said, “I want to have sex with you, but I can’t.”


Cheng Xi almost choked on her own saliva, feeling like someone had just spat into her mouth after she passionately confessed to him.

She slapped him in the face as she angrily said, “At this time, we should be talking about love and feelings. Stop thinking about other things!”

Lu Chenzhou caught her hand and lifted the blankets. “Take a look.”

Cheng Xi reluctantly glanced down, only to see little Lu slowly lift up, dazedly nodding at her with two small red bumps on its head.


Unable to hold herself back anymore, she leapt onto his body, “Alright, neither of us are going to sleep tonight!”

He hugged her back, letting her roll around on his body, his heart feeling fuller than ever before.

“Ouch, don’t bite my neck again!”

“Ugh, I surrender.”

It was already too late to surrender, and he pressed Cheng Xi down and ravaged her once more, until Cheng Xi was both riled up and wholly unsatisfied; her heart felt like it had reached maximum stuffiness.

Mr. Lu sagaciously said, “This is called sharing life’s joys and sorrows.”


If this was going to happen for the next three more weeks, Cheng Xi was tempted to immediately move out and come back three weeks later!

And after messing around for the entire night, Cheng Xi was woken up by a phone ringing the next day, Lu Chenzhou’s phone.

She handed him his phone and went back to sleep, but Lu Chenzhou turned on the speakerphone, and a weaselly voice snaked into her ear; it was Baldy’s shrill and high-decibel voice. “Hey, hey, did you have a good time last night? Were my condoms useful, my friend?”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t even open his eyes, and just hung up without saying a word. And after that, he even turned off his phone, hugged Cheng Xi from behind, buried his face into her shoulder, and continued to sleep.

Yup, he was feeling upset.

No matter who it was, if someone was restricted from doing something, if they were stimulated for an entire night while being unable to seek release, and then congratulated for that, then no one could stay happy, could they?

Cheng Xi wanted to laugh, but she managed to stop herself this time. After this, she was clear-headed again. She usually didn’t sleep in as she didn’t want to complacently develop too many bad habits. But today, she lay in bed lazily, not wanting to get up.

The person at her back was cuddling her snugly, but she didn’t feel too hot at all, just slightly warm. In the brisk April morning air, she felt comfortable and just right.

Perhaps Lu Chenzhou couldn’t go back to sleep either, because as he “slept,” his hand wandered into her clothes where his fingers slowly started rubbing against her skin. “I’m itchy!”

Cheng Xi smiled and tightly pressed his hands together before turning around and facing him. “What do you want to eat for breakfast?”


Cheng Xi smiled, offered her hand up to his mouth, and graciously said, “Then, have at it.”

He gently pressed his teeth against her hand, not daring to do anything else at this point. He too felt uncomfortable after being aroused for an entire night, all right?

And so the two of them played around in bed childishly. Not long later, Cheng Xi’s phone also rang, and she gave herself a moment to collect herself before turning over to pick up.

It was a call from Tian Rou, and she asked the same thing as Baldy. “I heard that you guys bought a few hundred packs of condoms last night. Darling, how’s your body doing?”

Cheng Xi really wanted to smack her.

This sort of feeling, of the whole world thinking that the two of you had spent the night together in hedonistic ecstasy when, in actuality, nothing had happened, and to top it off, when people started congratulating you for it…… My goodness, it felt tart and acrid.

She suddenly felt somewhat sympathetic towards Lu Chenzhou.

Cheng Xi cleared her throat, and then, feeling that something was wrong, asked Tian Rou, “How did you know that I bought a few hundred cases of condoms?”

Tian Rou bluntly replied, “Because Baldy told me so.”

“Baldy?” When did the two of them get so close that he would tell her something like this? “There’s nothing going on between the two of you, is there?”

Cheng Xi had successfully changed the topic, as Tian Rou panickedly stammered, “N- No, there’s nothing going on between us!” But the inflection in her tone had already betrayed her; it was the secret excitement and happiness of a little mouse stealing oil, so happy that Cheng Xi didn’t even want to expose her.

But before their call even ended, Cheng Xi’s doorbell rang.

Truly, waves upon waves of excitement were crashing down upon her.

Cheng Xi was curious as to who would be here at this hour, and as she continued chatting with Tian Rou, she went to answer the door. But when she peeked through the screen door, she was shocked. It was actually her mother, aunt, and uncle, and they had even brought her little cousin over!

What had happened to her parents, aunts, and relatives not coming in the near future?

Cheng Xi couldn’t care about her conversation Tian Rou anymore, and she quickly hung up without a farewell and rushed into the bedroom. “Get up quickly. Get up quickly! My mom and the rest of them are here!”

Lu Chenzhou was still groggy from sleep. “……”

“Quickly, put on your clothes!” She pulled the blanket off of him, only to realize that this fellow was actually nude underneath. A 囧 expression appeared on her face, and then she quickly threw the blanket back on top of him again as she desperately turned around in circles, trying to find some clothes for him. “Quickly, quickly. They’re coming right up!”

Lu Chenzhou looked at her accusingly, not moving a single finger, and Cheng Xi was almost brought to tears. She rushed over and started hugging and kissing him all over his face as she begged, “Please, please! Not only is my mom coming, but my aunt and uncle are also here…… You can tell them whatever you want.”

Ding dong, ding dong! Knock, knock! The doorbell rang again, accompanied by the sound of knocking.

Cheng Xi looked at him imploringly.

Lu Chenzhou coolly looked at his lower body before saying, “Make it get better more quickly.”

……My goodness, how long are you going to dwell on that for? Cheng Xi nodded anxiously. “Alright, I’ll think of something!”

Only then did Lu Chenzhou get up and put on some clothes.

Cheng Xi calmed down, and was about to go and open the door when she realized that she was still in her pajamas. Her expression became a big 囧, and she hurriedly tried to find a change of clothes for herself. By the time she was done, her phone had rung for a third time, and the doorbell was about to be smashed to bits.

At least the two of them were dressed by now.

Cheng Xi went to open the door. As it swung open, she smiled at her mother and aunt. “Mom, aunt, and uncle.” She was about to praise her little cousin when she found that his expression was a bit awkward, so she quickly asked, “What’s wrong with little Yuan?”

Yuan twisted his face aside, not saying anything, and her mother glared at her. “What were you doing, taking so long to open the door?” But she was cut off by Cheng Xi’s aunt. “Let’s talk inside.”

When everyone took off their shoes and entered the house, they were all stupefied. “My goodness, when did this place change so much?”

And then they saw Lu Chenzhou come out of the bedroom. A combination of “Who are you?!” and “What are you doing here?!” was shouted out simultaneously.

Lu Chenzhou, on the other hand, played the model gracious host as he unemotionally but politely greeted his guests. “Mom, aunt, and uncle. It’s good to see you again.”

Cheng Xi’s mother, aunt, and uncle were all stunned by this presumptive response. “……”

Who in the world does this fellow think he is, greeting us so intimately? Cheng Xi, get over here! We’re going to have a chat!

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