Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 147: Let’s Make Love to Each Other!

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Chapter 147: Let’s Make Love to Each Other!

In this world, there were always some self-proclaimed chivalrous knights, who would point fingers at others in the name of justice.

If Cheng Xi had known that helping Ceng Xing would have endowed him with such a strong sense of “justice,” then she…… All right, she still would have helped him out, but she wouldn’t help him for his sake, but rather for the hospital and for the patients’ sake.

Cheng Xi massaged her forehead. “Stop making things worse, will you?” Then she greeted Lu Chenzhou with a smile. “You’re here?”

Lu Chenzhou looked at her, and then at Ceng Xing. “You seem quite dissatisfied with me?”

Ceng Xing made a sarcastic “hah” sound, but it wasn’t to show his displeasure with Lu Chenzhou, whom he thought of as just a patient; instead, he was displeased with Cheng Xi.

Lu Chenzhou spread his palms open. “I’m sorry. I’m not sure who she is to you, but we’re already living and sleeping together. So, no matter how dissatisfied you are, you’ll have to just bear it.”

Ahem ahem, Lu Chenzhou’s poisonous tongue revealed itself again after a long hibernation, and Cheng Xi and Ceng Xing both choked a bit on his caustic words.

Cheng Xi couldn’t help but laugh, whereas Ceng Xing became even angrier. In the end, Ceng Xing decided that it would be better to avoid Lu Chenzhou, so he promptly left.

Before Ceng Xing was out of earshot, Cheng Xi said to Lu Chenzhou. “You don’t have to say ‘and sleeping’ next time.”


“It’ll sound more domineering.”

Ceng Xing turned around, and for the first time, saw the two of them standing side by side. Just by appearances, they did look quite compatible: the male was tall and handsome, and the female gentle and graceful. It wouldn’t even be inappropriate to describe them as a match made in heaven. He couldn’t help but sigh ruefully.

But Cheng Xi didn’t care about her senior’s gloominess, because at this point, her own head was buzzing, and the only reason she was still even talking to Lu Chenzhou was to appease his jealousy. When her words didn’t have any effect on him, she could only turn around, look him straight in the eye, and directly say, “Lu Chenzhou, I know what type of person I like.” You don’t have to care about Ceng Xing’s words at all.

Lu Chenzhou grunted. Since it was after work hours, the hospital was quieting down, and only occasionally did someone walk down the long corridor.

Cheng Xi leaned her head against the wall and thought about what Shen Wei had revealed at the entrance of the hospital. She haphazardly tried to piece together what Shen Wei had done to Gong Hengjin, but her suspicions were so frightening that she was somewhat afraid of uncovering the truth.

Amidst a patch of somber silence, Lu Chenzhou suddenly spoke up. “I’m not cold and detached.”

Cheng Xi looked at him with shock, and when she saw his serious expression, she nodded and responded equally seriously. “I know.”

“You don’t.” He looked like he had been somewhat maligned, but his tone remained as calm as ever. “I know that she’s pretending. I can see it very clearly. All she wants to do is get rid of her, and she can get rid of her.”

Cheng Xi didn’t know what to say to Lu Chenzhou’s words, and the truth that she wanted to ignore, but couldn’t, had been brought to the forefront, just like that.

Why did Shen Wei know that Gong Hengjin might have AIDS when even Gong Hengjin herself didn’t? And from Shen Wei’s reaction, she was quite certain!

At that moment, Shen Wei came out. She immediately noticed the strange atmosphere between Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou, and was slightly surprised by it. “What’s the matter?” But before they could answer, she grabbed Cheng Xi’s hand and animatedly said, “Cheng Xi, I just heard them say that there’s an interception drug that’ll be effective as long as I take it within 72 hours of the transmission event, and pregnant women can take it! Let’s go find a doctor and have him prescribe me some, alright?!”

Shen Wei was visibly nervous, and for good reason too; AIDS was massively stigmatized in the public eye. During the earlier bedlam, who knew if Gong Hengjin’s hands were clean, or if her saliva had somehow gotten into Shen Wei’s wounds?

But Cheng Xi knew that the likelihood of this was almost zero. From the start, Shen Wei had been guarded against Gong Hengjin, and the only reason why she had been scratched was because she had been too nervous and had resisted too much.

Shen Wei didn’t appreciate Cheng Xi’s silence. She grabbed Cheng Xi’s hand tightly, clenched her teeth, and venomously said, “I don’t want to take even the slightest of chances.” Her tone hardened even further as she cursed, “I also don’t want to ruin myself for a wench like her!”

Cheng Xi sighed in her heart, and gave up on persuading Shen Wei. She could only let Shen Wei do what she wanted.

After Shen Wei picked up her medicine, it was already a little late, and Tian Rou and the others had already called them a number of times. Shen Wei said, “In my condition, I can’t head over. But you guys should still go.” She looked toward Cheng Xi, wanting to say more, but she stopped herself, ultimately saying nothing.

Cheng Xi only said one thing in parting. “Think of a way to let her know. Shen Wei, don’t spread even more misfortune in this world.”

Cheng Xi didn’t know if her words reached Shen Wei, as she had always been a stubborn and obstinate person. Once she set her mind to do something, then even an ox wouldn’t be able to hold her back. The main reason why Cheng Xi had refrained from saying anything was because she didn’t want to destroy Shen Wei’s plan and expose her in front of everyone—Cheng Xi was almost certain that Shen Wei had caused Gong Hengjin’s illness, but for Cheng Xi, between her friends and her ethics, she’d rather discard her ethics and save her friend.

But this sort of choice left her with a weary heart.

When Shen Wei left, Cheng Xi relaxed imperceptibly. Later on, Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou went to see Tian Rou and the rest as planned. Because they were late, they were forced to drink a few cups of wine as penalty, and perhaps it was because of all the thoughts consuming her mental resources, but Cheng Xi fell drunk quicker than usual. Originally, they had planned on going out to karaoke after dinner. However, since Cheng Xi was drunk, she could only return home first.

When she woke up, she was in her own house. The small lamp by the bedside was emitting a soft lambent glow, and more importantly, Lu Chenzhou wasn’t here.

She looked at the time: it was already 11 PM. She soon realized that her clothes had already been changed, and that she felt fresh and relaxed all over. She couldn’t help but smile: ever since a particularly attentive person had moved into the apartment, her quality of life had improved greatly.

Her head was still spinning a little, a symptom of her drunkenness. Cheng Xi laid in bed, just staring at the ceiling in a daze with the same small smile on her face, until Lu Chenzhou came in again.

He had also changed. Whenever he went outside, he would always dress appropriately and formally, but at home he was a lot more relaxed. Tonight, he was wearing an ocean blue set of pajamas, giving him an unusually languid aura.

He sat down by the side of the bed, reached out and patted the hair by her temples.

Cheng Xi asked him, “Is it troublesome to bathe a drunken person?”

He shook his head, looking at her. “You’re unhappy.”

She smiled. “That’s right.” She stretched out her hand towards him. “Lu Chenzhou, will you hug me?”

Lu Chenzhou’s hand paused for a moment, but Cheng Xi had already climbed onto him and wrapped herself in his embrace. She played with the buttons on his clothes. At this moment, even though her emotions were heavily repressed, she knew that Lu Chenzhou must have guessed everything that had happened by now. In a moment of weakness, she couldn’t help spilling out her true feelings. “I feel like everything that happened in the afternoon was just a dream. Shen Wei has always been rational, independent, a perfectionist, and maybe a little petty. However, she’s not a bad person. I always had a feeling that she wouldn’t let Fu Mingyi go so easily, but I never expected that she would do something so…… extreme.”

AIDS. Just how on earth did she do it? It was only now that Cheng Xi finally understood why Shen Wei had refused to admit that Gong Hengjin was the mistress. Perhaps it was all for this day.

Gong Hengjin still thought that Shen Wei had only found a man to harass her, but when she found out that she had even contracted AIDS and realized what had happened to her, she would certainly realize that it was Shen Wei who had set her up, and then…… Cheng Xi didn’t even want to think about what would happen then.

She was worrying frantically for Shen Wei.

“Is this considered fierce retaliation?” Lu Chenzhou asked indiffierently as he wrapped her hair around his fingers one curl at a time, breaking Cheng Xi’s train of thought.

“Isn’t it?” She tried to sit straight up and look at him, but she had forgotten that her hair was tangled up in his fingers, and her movement only yanked her hair and caused her to hiss.

Lu Chenzhou didn’t let go, continuing to hold her hair tight, a bit of mirth in his eyes. He coolly replied, “I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but I think that I should recant my evaluation of her. That woman isn’t stupid, she actually did quite well. Why be polite to people who betray you? If you do something wrong, then you have to pay a price. Otherwise, there’d be no pain in betraying someone.”

Cheng Xi was speechless at Lu Chenzhou’s words.

She felt as if Shen Wei’s incident had unleashed something terrible from within Lu Chenzhou’s heart.

She grabbed his hand tightly, and, trembling, said, “Lu Chenzhou, I’m a good woman who won’t betray anyone.” No matter what, it was important to first state this clearly to him.

Lu Chenzhou started smiling. “Yes.” His fingers lightly brushed over her face. “Good woman, today was the last day of my treatment. Let’s make love to each other. I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.”

Cheng X just couldn’t keep up. “……”

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