Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 148: What Do We Need To Prepare?

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Chapter 148: What Do We Need To Prepare?

When Cheng Xi heard Lu Chenzhou’s shocking request, her whole body went numb, and then she felt like a lightbulb had turned on above her head. She had been suddenly enlightened as to why this fellow had come over to pick her up today.

Her thoughts meandered back through the past; for his first attempt to get her into bed, he had remodeled her house and then prepared a sumptuous candlelight dinner. Compared to that day, picking her up and then attending a dinner party with her was a paltry preparation.

Cheng Xi didn’t even know what expression to make towards him.

His desire for sex had come on so abruptly that she was somewhat unable to respond.

She stuttered, “Bu-But I’m not prepared.”

Lu Chenzhou raised his eyebrows, looking surprisingly patient. “What’s there to prepare?”

Cheng Xi hesitatingly replied, “……My emotions ……aren’t too stable.”

“Because of what happened this afternoon?”


“Why?” Lu Chenzhou had a perplexed look on his face. “It’s not like you said anything.”

Cheng Xi carefully explained, “Because I didn’t dare to. I knew that if I spoke up, I’d definitely start arguing with Shen Wei, and I don’t want to argue with her. Although she has very likely carried out a very scary deed, I feel that, at this time, she also needs support the most.”

Lu Chenzhou looked at her, a piece of softness surfacing in his eyes. He remembered the first time he had seen her, in Cai Yi’s office, sitting in front of Cai Yi. Back then, she had smiled freely as she said, “I’m sorry, Professor, but I can’t stand this sort of experimental treatment. As a psychiatrist, my hands should hold the key to their recovery, not cold, hard data.”

Then, as she left, she brushed by his side. Her face had still been smiling, but her eyes had held a clear evident sadness within them.

She hadn’t noticed him, but he had noticed her, a laughably determined…… doctor.

Cai Yi had told him then, “Her determination is a precious thing, and I don’t want her to lose it.”

That’s right, a precious determination.

He lowered his head and gingerly kissed her newly washed hair. It smelled nice and clean, and Lu Chenzhou felt that he could wait awhile longer for her. “Then, what do you want to do right now?”

What did she want to do? Of course, it was to not have sex. Somewhat pitifully, Cheng Xi said, “I want to let Gong Hengjin know that she might have contracted AIDS, and that her best option is to get tested and receive treatment immediately. And we should let Fu Mingyi know as well. I believe that Shen Wei certainly won’t let him go either. The two of them right now know nothing about their situation, and if we leave them be, they’ll be two walking bombs……”

“Then do it.”

“Huh?” Cheng Xi raised her head as she frowned. “But what about Shen Wei? No matter how guilty the two of them feel towards Shen Wei, if they found out that they’d fallen for her scheme, they’d surely kill her, wouldn’t they?”

“Then just don’t let them know.”

“N…… Not let them know? Isn’t that hard to do? And I also think that Shen Wei’s still planning something big……”

“There’s nothing hard about this.” Lu Chenzhou turned around, let go of Cheng Xi, and grabbed his phone from his desk. Then, as he was preparing to make a call, he asked, “If I solve your problem, will you feel sufficiently at rest to make love to me?”

He had noticed that she had felt uncomfortable when he said “have sex,” so he had “considerately” changed it to “make love.”

Cheng Xi was shocked speechless at Lu Chenzhou’s audacity. “……”

At that moment, she realized that she wouldn’t get through this night without doing it at some point, and Lu Chenzhou also knew that she had accepted this fact, so he immediately called a number. “Tomorrow, have someone go to these two branches and say something about how, due to the recent influenza outbreak, the company’s providing free testing. I don’t care what reason you use, but you have to get a blood sample from every single one of them, and then, with the fastest method you can think of, send it all to the lab to test for HIV. At those addresses, there are two people in particular that you have to test. I’ll send you their corresponding information later.”

After he hung up, he rapidly typed out a text message and sent Fu Mingyi’s information out. When it was Gong Hengjin’s turn, he raised his head and asked Cheng Xi, “Where does she stay?”


She was still dazed, alright? She couldn’t have expected that Lu Chenzhou would be so direct and rough in his plan, and the feeling that having a boyfriend who managed a pharmaceutical company was a powerful tool surfaced in her heart.

Lu Chenzhou looked at her silly expression and shook his head somewhat exasperatedly. “It’s fine if you don’t. Since they both stayed at the Donglai Hotel at some point in time, Gong Hengjin’s contact information is probably still recorded down there. I’ll have someone retrieve it.”


After he received the information and sent it over, he looked at her and gently asked, “Is there anything else?”

Cheng Xi shook her head vigorously.

And with that, Lu Chenzhou put his phone away as Cheng Xi continued to fidget, even more nervous than before. Lu Chenzhou was one of those people who despised saying a single more word than necessary; thus, once he heard her say that she had no more requests, he stood up and started to strip. Once he was fully naked, he leaned over, licked her lips lightly once, and then again. His appetite whetted, he half-knelt by the bed, caressed her head, and kissed her deeply.

Cheng Xi tilted her head in response to his advances, and then his lips landed behind her ear as a hot breath enveloped her being. It was somewhat itchy, and as she squirmed around, she breathlessly asked, “What…… about contraception?”

His allergic reaction was honestly a pain!

Who knew that Lu Chenzhou had actually already made preparations in anticipation of that issue. He paused for a moment as he lightly said, “I’ve already calculated it for you. Today’s safe.”

Cheng Xi was shocked. “……How do you know that?”

“Oh, after the last time I had an allergic reaction, I started thinking of a way to avoid having to use contraception.” He turned around and opened the drawer by the bed. Cheng Xi looked inside, only to find that a whole drawer of… Ovulation. Testing. Strips. had mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. He took one box out as he told her, “If you’re concerned, we can test it right now.”

This time, Cheng Xi didn’t even have words to respond. “……”

She fell limply back onto the bed, and somewhat helplessly said, “Alright, do whatever you want.”

This level of thoroughness…… She’d even feel slightly sorry if she didn’t satisfy him!!!

With her permission, Lu Chenzhou climbed up on top of her, pressing down on her body. The two of them started to embrace each other and kiss again. In the beginning, it had taken her quite a while to get into the mood, because she wasn’t really someone who could go from being worried in one moment to being ready to “jump around” in bed in the next.

Cheng Xi patiently followed his lead, only putting her hand on his back, and, like placating a patient, intermittently rubbed it back and forth from the small of his back to the nape of his neck.

He slowly became excited; his breathing became labored, and even his body temperature rose. And wherever Cheng Xi’s hand went, goosebumps emerged on Lu Chenzhou’s back. In the past, Cheng Xi had thought that this phenomena was a manifestation of his body’s instinctive rejection against strangers, but after “cohabiting” with him for this long, she had realized that it wasn’t rejection it represented, but rather his attraction to her.

He particularly liked her touching him, no matter where. Even if they were just holding hands, he would react in an extreme manner; his palm would get sweaty almost immediately, and if she paid a little bit more attention, she’d see that little Lu Chenzhou was also secretly raising a little tent.

As Lu Chenzhou grew more and more excited, she stopped moving her hand, hesitating if she should continue stroking him. But then, Lu Chenzhou suddenly sat up and, with a calm face, seriously said, “Can you change your clothes? Your clothes are too ugly, and I can’t feel a thing.”

Cheng Xi inwardly swore. This son of a……!

She slowly pushed herself up, and when she saw his red face, pink ears, and the slight bulge beneath his underwear that he couldn’t hide even if he tried, she smiled slowly. “You don’t feel anything?” She leaned over, reached out to touch his bulge, and seductively whispered, “Then what’s this? Are you hiding a stick in your pants?”

And then…… And then, Cheng Xi felt the rod in her hand twitch a few times violently; with a few small sounds, little Lu Chenzhou…… had erupted!

Cheng Xi couldn’t even fathom what had just happened. …… ⊙ ? ⊙

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