Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 149: My Technique is Poor?

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Chapter 149: My Technique is Poor?

This was a grave matter that concerned a man’s dignity. She mustn’t laugh. Yes, she mustn’t laugh at all!

Cheng Xi released her hand as if nothing had happened, pretending to not feel the wetness on her hand as she nodded and said, “Yes, these clothes are really ugly. Let me go change.” She got out of the bed and nonchalantly mumbled, “What should I wear? Oh, what do you like?”

Lu Chenzhou…… didn’t say anything. He silently got up and walked into the washroom.

As Cheng Xi picked out a new set of clothes to wear, she laughed silently. She had to hold so much back that it was slightly painful.

Of course, in her heart, she felt very sympathetic towards him. Poor Mr. Lu, wasn’t he just trying to break his abstinence? And to think that he’d receive three setbacks; it couldn’t have been easy. When she recalled Lu Chenzhou’s expression when he had gone into the washroom, Cheng Xi had a feeling that they weren’t going to try to have sex again today. Then, she wondered if she should do something to make it up to him a little—for example, dressing up nicely and then going out to supper with him.

After dinner, where she was forced to drink wine as a penalty, she had fallen drunk after barely consuming anything else.

Since Mr. Lu had called her ugly, Cheng Xi decided to put on the flowing red dress that he had bought for her, as he would surely satisfy his own tastes. After she put it on, she stood in front of the mirror and truthfully evaluated herself—the scarlet red was much too vibrant for her tastes, and just as she was about to change again, Lu Chenzhou came out.

He stood by the doorframe, looking at her with a gloomy expression.

It seemed like his premature ejaculation had affected him quite significantly, because even his hair was sagging down in a dispirited manner.

Cheng Xi maintained her guileless expression, wide-eyed pretending that nothing had happened. She tugged at her dress as she smiled at Lu Chenzhou. “I’m feeling a bit hungry. Shall we go out and find something to eat?”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t respond, only continuing to look at her. Cheng Xi’s scalp started tingling from the intensity of his stare, and she became very worried that his over-stimulation would cause him to do something drastic. So in her desperation, she tried to drag him out the door as quickly as possible. As she walked over to do so, she found his clothes, and passed them over to him proactively. “Come, come. Change into your clothes.”

Lu Chenzhou raised his hand, batted the clothes away, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her into his embrace.

Cheng Xi subconsciously supported herself against his chest. Since he was nude, his skin was a little slippery. Her first thought was that Lu Chenzhou’s flesh was really top-quality: firm, glossy, very white, nice to look at, and even better to touch. ⌒_⌒ She couldn’t help herself from squeezing on his muscles with her hand, even as she put on a serious expression and said, “If you don’t want to go out, we can also make our own fo- Urk.”

Even if they didn’t have a chance to make food, they could still make love, and Lu Chenzhou quickly plugged up her mouth with his own. He seemed unbelievably stimulated, even more so than before. He moved just like a famished puppy, licking her all over her face as both of his hands freely roamed across her body.

Cheng Xi was quite exasperated, as she felt that men were really unreasonable animals. He was clearly unable to actually have sex, but he was still pawing at her relentlessly. o(╯□╰)o

Lu Chenzhou flipped her over onto the bed and pressed her underneath him, and only when he lifted her dress and tried to thrust himself in did she realize that he’d already regained his vigor.

Cheng Xi was startled.

Honestly, for a thirty-something man who’d never done this before, actually having sex from this position was somewhat difficult, and Cheng Xi felt him continue to poke at again and again. Each poke was an indication that he was unable to get into the right position, and he even started hurting her by doing it from an awkward angle. She resisted the temptation to slap him and instead said, “Let me change out of this dress first.”

It was such an expensive dress that it would be a waste to dirty or wrinkle it.

“Don’t change it. It looks nice,” he panted from behind her, as he continued to spare no effort in poking her from behind. At first, Cheng Xi found it quite shameful, but in the end, she couldn’t keep letting him aimlessly stab at her, so she grabbed his rod from behind and valiantly directed it towards the correct entrance.

Just a moment later, she regretted creating such trouble for herself, because she was really in a lot of pain! She didn’t expect that it would be so painful—Aaah! She crawled forward in an attempt to escape, but he caught her and dragged her back. Then, he firmly grabbed her waist, and she was just like a fish nailed to the chopping board; Lu Chenzhou had free rein to do whatever he pleased to Cheng Xi.

Cheng Xi was in so much pain that she was nearing tears, but Lu Chenzhou merely hugged her excitedly and moaned in her ear, “This feels great....”

Great, my ass! She tearfully moaned back, “It hurts~~”

He ignored her, continuing to do as he pleased, not slowing down or being even a bit gentler. Cheng Xi’s feigned ignorance had backfired; after Lu Chenzhou had fully recovered from his earlier mishap, he was using his body to prove his manliness.

Once, and then once again! He didn’t even rest in between! And then he finally became tired of penetrating her from behind, so he flipped her over and climaxed twice more in the traditional posture.

Who was the senior in her dorm who had sworn that men could have sex three times in one night, but that they needed to rest in the middle? Come out, we’ll have a long chat!


When Cheng Xi woke up the next day, she felt like her body had been crushed by a heavy-duty machine. Her entire body was tired and every muscle sore. She even had some difficulty breathing, because of how tightly Lu Chenzhou was hugging her!

Cheng Xi moved a little. Lu Chenzhou noticed it and also woke up, stretching as he rubbed her skin fondly.

Only now did Cheng Xi realize that she was still wearing the red dress from last night.

She rubbed against his arm, wanting to act coyly, and Lu Chenzhou responded with a gentle kiss to her forehead. His eyes curved up as he said with an unusually happy tone, “This dress is really pretty.”

Cheng Xi almost exploded with anger. The first thing that he said to her in the morning wasn’t to ask how she was feeling, but rather to praise her for the dress? My goodness! Once she got out of bed, she’d burn this dress to ashes! It felt like all the torment she had suffered for an entire night was worth less than the dress she was wearing in his eyes!

She laughed coldly, and then shut her eyes and started ignoring him.

He actually didn’t think anything of her rejection as he continued to rub her body with his hand. Soon enough, Cheng Xi felt something amiss near her buttocks; Lu Chenzhou was shamelessly pressing her waist against his, as if he was gathering up his energy for something.

Cheng Xi immediately turned around. “No, stop! I’m hurt, very hurt!”

It had been her first time last night, and after having sex with this beast for an entire night, she was so sore that it hurt just turning around!

But the beast said, “I feel uncomfortable.”

Cheng Xi obstinately replied, “……I also feel uncomfortable.” She put on a pitiful expression that she’d never used before in her life. “Lu Chenzhou, you can’t ignore my will like this.”

His hand was still latched onto her chest, his grip not letting up in the slightest. His gaze remained resolute and unmoved by her words.

When Cheng Xi was reminded of his personality, she really felt like crying, and then she really did, tearfully pleading, “Really, it hurts! I’m sure that it’s swollen and sore! If you do it again, then I’ll die from the pain! Mr. Lu~~”

Mr. Lu…… Mr. Lu’s heart softened, which meant that he instead grabbed her hand and made her jerk him off instead.

Cheng Xi shouted back, “You beast!”

She’d gotten involved with a beast!

After it was all over, she felt tired, hungry, and uncomfortable. In her distress, she curled up into her blankets, passively let him wipe her hand down, and thought to herself, “Dating an old virgin is too hard on my body. Next time, I’ll find someone with better skills.”

She had really only thought it, but she didn’t expect that she would actually be so bitter that she actually…… said it out loud.

Lu Chenzhou’s hand, which had been wiping her down, immediately stopped. He looked towards her. “You think that my skills are poor?”

Cheng Xi was speechless. “……”

She was dead!

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