Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 152: Not a Good Person

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Chapter 152: Not a Good Person

Cheng Xi quickly got up, snatched the remote, and promptly turned the TV off.

Since the porn wasn’t all that nice to look at, Lu Chenzhou let her.

Cheng Xi’s gaze seemed to gravitate towards his groin of its own free will.

Lu Chenzhou innocently defended himself. “I didn’t get hard.” And then he even pulled his pants down a little to prove it.

Cheng Xi very much wanted to hide her face in shame. She put a palm on his forehead as she lectured, “Moral principles are a good thing. Don’t drop your pants like that so casually, Mr. Lu!” Then she got up and prepared to wash up; it was very dangerous to be with him right now, wasn’t it?

A sixth sense was a good thing to have, because almost immediately after she let go of him, Lu Chenzhou grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her back into his embrace. A musky male scent invaded her sense of smell, and Cheng Xi was very much shocked as she feebly rejected him. “Don’t make a fuss. I’m dirty.”

“You made me hard,” he replied somewhat hoarsely as he buried his head in her shoulder.


And Cheng Xi could indeed feel it. Since she was sitting on his thigh, she was at the angle where she could feel it directly!

Honestly…… Once again, she felt like dating a man who had just lost his virginity was truly too troublesome! She froze in place, obediently sitting in his lap and letting him touch her, but she still earnestly advised, “If you keep getting aroused out of nowhere like this, you’ll be no better than an animal. A man as handsome, tall, and elegant as you can’t be this unrestrained as well..”

Lu Chenzhou sniffed the back of her ear like a big dog, and then softly whispered, “Doesn’t a handsome, tall, and elegant man deserve to eat meat?” He then lightly bit down on her neck. “If not, then I’m not one.”

His bite was hard enough that Cheng Xi hissed in pain as she said, “You scumbag! Don’t leave a mark!” Now that the weather was starting to warm up, she couldn’t wear a scarf anymore. So if he left bite marks anywhere, it’d be very annoying to deal with.

Lu Chenzhou ignored her pleas; he seemed to especially enjoy leaving marks on her body. When Cheng Xi realized that her persuasions were failing, she could only change tactics and start playing coy. “I’m hungry. I’m really about to starve!” She then led his hand over to her stomach. “Can you feel it? It’s already caving in!”

Lu Chenzhou bluntly said, “Didn’t you just say that you didn’t want to eat anything?”

That was because I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to sit in peace, ok? But it seems like I can’t even do that now! Somewhat weakly, she replied, “I didn’t want to eat because I wasn’t feeling well. However, I feel much better now after seeing you. So, I really am quite hungry.”

Her expression was so pitiful that Lu Chenzhou finally relented, saying, “Alright.” And with that, he let her go wash up and eat.

After all of this, Cheng Xi’s feelings actually did end up improving. She was even able to put Shen Wei’s recent behavior out of mind, perhaps because there was someone even more abnormal right next to her.

Dinner was another pork liver dish, along with pork belly, pork blood, and a well-simmered chicken soup. If she ignored the “malicious” intentions of the one who had made the meal, the taste of the food was really wonderful. Because Cheng Xi felt that they needed to have more diverse conversations, she asked, “Why do you know how to make so many kinds of food? Do you usually cook for yourself?”

Lu Chenzhou tersely replied, “No.” Then he looked at her as he explained, “This is my first time making these dishes.”

Cheng Xi was surprised. “Really?”

“Yes. There are tutorials online.” His expression became much more thoughtful as he thought for a while before finally saying, “Perhaps I should watch a few more videos so that I can improve my technique.”

Cheng Xi looked at him, with a sinking feeling that he wasn’t talking about preparing food. o(╯□╰)o

After dinner, Cheng Xi helped him clean up, and then told him, “I have to do something tonight, so I won’t be able to mess around with you. If you feel bored, you can go outside and play.”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t respond. He didn’t go out and play, but neither did he bother her. Cheng Xi stayed in the study and quietly did her own thing. When she was about halfway done, she came out to stretch her legs and found him sitting lazily by the sofa, a laptop on his legs.

She thought that he was busy working on something of his own and so, she politely asked, “Do you want a glass of water?”

He nodded.

Cheng Xi went to pour him a glass of water, but just as she was about to hand it over, she unintentionally glanced at his laptop screen. Oh god, he was watching another adult video!

But instead of a Japanese one, it was an even more revealing Western one!

Cheng Xi was speechless.

“Forget it. It doesn’t look like you’re thirsty.” She stood back up, finished the glass of water in one gulp, turned around, and promptly went back into the study.

When she finally finished and came out again, Lu Chenzhou wasn’t looking at his computer anymore. Now, he was talking on the phone with a particularly relaxed tone.

When she listened in a bit more closely, she heard him say, “Yes, they’re all not nice to look at. They’re disgusting.”

The other side most likely asked back what type he wanted, and as Cheng Xi walked by him, he glanced at her as he said, “Are there any with doctors in them?”

Cheng Xi was stunned speechless for the second time tonight.

She massaged her forehead, very much regretting her mouth that had despised his lack of skill! When he finished his call, she said quite earnestly, “Your technique is already quite good. You don’t have to study, really.”

Cheng Xi didn’t actually think that watching adult videos were that bad; she also looked at them when she had nothing better to do, to be fair. However, for someone like Lu Chenzhou, who seemed to be seriously watching it to improve his technique, and then who even asked around for more resources and things like that…… she really couldn’t bear to watch or think about him doing it afterwards.

Lu Chenzhou raised his eyebrows. “Then let’s try it.”


Throughout the night, Cheng Xi was forced to try some of the new things Lu Chenzhou had learned. She didn’t know if Lu Chenzhou had ended up satisfied, but she was so “satisfied” that she was about to die!

The next day, Cheng Xi felt like she had woken up into a nightmare, as she had to climb out of bed and go to work after such a night. She had intended on catching up on sleep in the evening when she got home, but Cheng Yang came over to find her before she could do so.

But before Cheng Yang met up with Cheng Xi, he had first called Lu Chenzhou. He didn’t know Lu Chenzhou’s personal number, so he had called his office. Lu Chenzhou’s assistant responded, and didn’t confirm whether or not Lu Chenzhou was free in the evening .

Cheng Yang was just following orders; honestly, he was a lot more relaxed when he heard that Lu Chenzhou wasn’t around. So, he didn’t say anything about this to Cheng Xi. Out of consideration for Cheng Xi, who didn’t have a car, he found a restaurant close by the hospital to eat dinner at.

When the two of them sat down, Cheng Yang immediately noticed her dispirited face. Unwilling to let go of the opportunity, he joked, “Looks like Lu Chenzhou isn’t just a pretty face!”

Cheng Xi annoyedly responded, “……Can you be more serious? I’m your sister!” And then she asked, “Why did you come to find me?”

“Em, according to mother’s wishes, I’m here to ask, ‘How’s the marriage planning coming along?’ Also, shouldn’t the Lu family meet with us about now? Mom said that she would reimburse them for your apartment’s renovation. She also said that when you two get married, she’ll also give you a car. Anything within 600,000 yuan.” Then, Cheng Yang’s tone turned bitter as he complained, “And when I asked her what she’d give me when I got married, she said, ‘A whole bag of debt. Do you want it?’ Aren’t we twins? Didn’t we both climb out of her stomach? Why is the difference between us so big then?”

Cheng Xi hesitated for a moment. 600,000 yuan, in addition to the cost of the apartment, would be about half of her parents’ savings, wouldn’t it? She said somewhat agonizingly, “I don’t need it. I can make my own money.”

“Oh, what’s this? Mom’s gotten you this worked up over just 600,000 yuan?”

Cheng Xi pursed her lips. “It’s not that.” She refused to admit to her softheartedness. “I just feel wronged. It feels like Mom can’t wait to get rid of me.”

Cheng Yang shot her a supercilious look. “Alright, stop it. If she spent 600,000 yuan to get rid of me, then I’d leave our house right away.”

“Feh!” Cheng Xi spat at him, but she did end up laughing from his antics.

Then, Cheng Yang said, “Pick out a car you want. Lu Chenzhou’s got a pretty good eye, so you can probably just let him choose one for you. And if it’s a bit over 600,000 yuan, that’s fine. I’ll put up another 400,000 yuan, so as long as it’s within a million yuan, it’s fine. Of course, if you exceed it by a little, that’s fine too. Just look around and choose something you like.”

Cheng Xi shook her head as she rejected his offer. “I don’t want your money. And I’m really not going to get married this early.”

Cheng Yang yelled, “Early? You’re about to turn thirty!”

Cheng Xi glared fiercely at him, and Cheng Yang immediately mimed zipping his mouth shut. “I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I meant to say that you’re about to turn eighteen, so you’re right of age to marry someone now.”

“Do I have to marry someone like that just because I can?”

“What do you mean ‘just like that?’” Cheng Yang fidgeted with his sleeves. “Are you saying that Lu Chenzhou isn’t a good person?”

At this time, the door was pushed open, revealing the aforementioned Lu Chenzhou who was suspected of not being a good person. As he stood outside, he coolly asked, “Can I come in now?”

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