Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 153: Lu Chenzhou, Get Over Here!

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Chapter 153: Lu Chenzhou, Get Over Here!

When Cheng Yang saw Lu Chenzhou standing outside, he subconsciously sprung upright in his seat and rolled down his sleeves, as if he hadn’t said anything provocative at all.

Cheng Xi noted her brother’s disappointing behavior from the corner of her eyes and gave him a supercilious look. Then, she amiably said to Lu Chenzhou, “Come in.” She pulled a stool over for him, let him sit down, and then asked, “Why are you here?”

Lu Chenzhou responded by looking at Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang quickly said, “I invited him over.” But when faced with his own sister’s gaze, he coughed somewhat uncomfortably before continuing, “Oh, I forgot to tell you: Mom wanted me to call him over to discuss his marriage with you. After all, our parents are still working. Thus, it’s a bit inconvenient for them to be here.”

Lu Chenzhou looked at Cheng Xi. “Marriage?”

This time, it was Cheng Xi who was uncomfortable. She gave her own awkward cough before trying to brush it off. “That… well… Old folks are always more impatient, you know.”

Lu Chenzhou nodded in agreement. “We should talk about it.”

Cheng Yang looked at him in shock.

Lu Chenzhou restated, “We should indeed plan out our marriage.”

Cheng Yang’s mouth was now open so wide that any more and his jaw would just drop off of his face.

And then Lu Chenzhou said, “After all, you’ve already made love to me.”

Cheng Xi: -_-||

Cheng Yang: ⊙o⊙

Cheng Yang weakly asked, “Director Lu, surely you mean, ‘I’ve already made love to you?’”

Lu Chenzhou’s tone was cool as he replied, “No, I don’t. I’m living at her place; it’s not her living at mine.”

His logic was so formidable that Cheng Yang actually couldn’t refute it. He immediately said to his sister, “Since you’ve already made love to him, then you should take responsibility and—ouch!”

Cheng Xi had forcefully pinched him under the table.

His sudden shout and distorted face made Lu Chenzhou look at him curiously.

Cheng Yang tried to hold back his tears as he randomly said, “Oh, oh, oh, I just remembered. My money isn’t ready yet, so don’t have the ceremony too early.”

Lu Chenzhou nodded slightly. “Perhaps in the fall. It’s too warm in the summer, and as for spring…… We probably wouldn’t make it in time.”

Cheng Yang was like a little chick pecking at grains as he repeatedly nodded up and down. “Fall is good. Fall is quite good.”

And so, the two of them settled the issue just like that. They even decided on when the two parties’ parents would meet before the two men asked Cheng Xi as a superficial courtesy, “Is that alright?”

Cheng Xi had just been eating her dinner while they had conversed. “Heh, congratulations to the two of you. I hope you’ll have a long-lasting marriage and give birth to a child soon.”

“Feh!” Cheng Yang almost choked on his soup when he heard Cheng Xi’s sarcastic jab, whereas Lu Chenzhou looked at her calmly. “You don’t want to get married.”

He was certain; it wasn’t a question.

Cheng Xi knew that he was being serious, and so seriously responded, “No. I just feel that we don’t have to be in such a rush. What’s more, after we get married, our lives will only get more troublesome. For example, there’ll be more events that both of our families will have to attend, and if we end up getting a divorce, then the division of our assets will also be problematic.”

“Why would we get a divorce?”

“I’m just saying, if we do.”

“There is no if.” Lu Chenzhou’s tone wasn’t intense, but he spoke as if it were a self-evident truth. “As long as you can be faithful in our marriage, I won’t ever divorce you.”

At this point, even Cheng Yang couldn’t accept his logic, and on behalf of his silly little sister, he argued, “And what if you don’t?”

“Then there won’t be any division of assets.” Lu Chenzhou looked him square in the face. “Before our marriage, I’ll itemize my entire estate, and if I’m disloyal, then all that I own will go to her.”

Upon hearing his drastic words, Cheng Yang quietly clicked his tongue, and rubbed his jaw as he did some mental calculations. What a profitable venture! If Cheng Xi marries into this family, then regardless of what happens, she’ll take over at least half of Donglai Corporation!

While his eyes turned into dollar signs, he heard Cheng Xi ask, “And what if I’m unfaithful?”

Lu Chenzhou’s voice, as still as water, resonated within the room. “Then I’ll take your life.”

His voice wasn’t loud or fierce, but it was precisely his calm and unwavering tone that scared Cheng Yang so much that his mental abacus cracked. He pondered over what he should say for quite a while before finally gently consoling, “That isn’t fair, is it? If you can’t do it, then all you have to do is pay some money, However, if she can’t, then she has to give you her life?”

Lu Chenzhou capriciously replied, “If you can take my life, then feel free to do so.”

Cheng Yang was at a loss for words. “……”

Damn, for a second, he had actually thought that Lu Chenzhou was being serious. This guy was really horrifying, huh? He threw a glance at Cheng Xi, wordlessly asking, This guy’s joking, right?

Cheng Xi ignored him, because Lu Chenzhou was still talking. “If we get married, then we’ll sign another contract. This time, it’ll be much harder for you to breach the contract, so I’ll give you some time to think about it.”

And then Cheng Yang saw his silly sister think about it for a moment before decisively nodding. “Alright.”

He was about to cry himself to death!

After dinner, Cheng Yang dawdled around until Lu Chenzhou left, and then rushed up to Cheng Xi and asked with trepidation, “Sister, the contract that Director Lu’s talked about, when he said that he wants your life…… That’s all a joke, right? The law doesn’t allow for such a thing, right?”

Cheng Xi didn’t think at all that Lu Chenzhou was joking; would a man like him even care about the legality of such a contract? But when she saw how serious Cheng Yang’s anxiety and fear was, she didn’t want to scare him, and so she said, “It’s true that he doesn’t want to get married, but all of you are forcing it. Are you actually scared of the conditions that he proposed? If so, then be nice, go back home, and tell mom not to push us that hard. I’ll figure out my own affairs on my own.”

With a sullen face, Cheng Yang had no other choice but to watch Cheng Xi rush off to work, feeling that his sister finding a man like this was akin to her committing a sin.

But Cheng Xi wasn’t scared of Lu Chenzhou at all. Perhaps it was because she was still subconsciously treating him like a patient, and that she believed that once his condition improved, he would have a different perspective on romance and marriage. At that time, perhaps all this nonsense about a contract and him giving her all his assets in exchange for her life would just be a joke for them to laugh about.

She truly wasn’t even going to consider marriage in the short term, or at least, not before Lu Chenzhou’s mental illness was fully treated.

She went to work, did what she was supposed to do, and then when she returned home at night, she discussed the topic of marriage with Lu Chenzhou again. She asked him, “Why do you want to get married?”

Lu Chenzhou’s response was simple. “That’s the best promise a man can give to a woman, isn’t it?”

That’s right. It was the best promise, but to him, this was just the next step in the flowchart that was their relationship. As such, Cheng Xi threw all thoughts of marriage out of her mind, but she still engaged in romantic activities with him.

After Lu Chenzhou finished expressing his viewpoint on marriage, he too didn’t take their conversion to heart, and instead focused on improving his technique. Over the next few days, he went through multiple Japanese and Western adult videos, until he finally found something that he was able to watch—erotic Korean movies. During this period of time, Cheng Xi was quite busy, and she had also entered the danger zone with regards to her fertility. Additionally, Lu Chenzhou had also gone on a business trip, so Cheng Xi initially didn’t realize that he hadn’t given up on improving his technique.

But one day, Lu Chenzhou, who was out on a business trip, suddenly sent her a message: I’m coming back today. And then, at around 10 AM, a man who identified himself as Lu Chenzhou’s assistant called Cheng Xi and said that Lu Chenzhou had something to give to her.

When Cheng Xi received the call, she had just finished bringing her students around the medical wards, and they were currently in the office discussing medical cases. After hearing that Lu Chenzhou had something to give to her, she casually said, “Then please bring it up.”

And so the assistant did, and even specially told her, “Director Lu says to please use this in a timely fashion.”

Use it in a timely fashion…… Everyone was curious about what it was, and when Lu Chenzhou’s assistant left, all the students began to create a ruckus about the delivery. “Was the person who sent this to you your boyfriend, Professor? What did he send you? Look at this colorful wrapping! Professor, please open it. Let us all see it too.”

Cheng Xi didn’t mind her students’ curiosity, primarily because despite the box’s somewhat small size, its design was quite exquisite. She even thought that Lu Chenzhou had bought some little trinket or gift from afar, and was feeling pleased that he had learned to send her little surprises.

And so she handed the box to one of the louder girls, saying, “Alright, you guys can open it.”

But she regretted her decision just a few seconds later as she saw her students take a set of ovulation testing strips out from the box. As doctors, even though they were all just future psychiatrists, which one of them wouldn’t recognize these things?

The students’ eyes were so wide that they were about to fall out of their sockets. “Professor, are our eyes mistaken? Are these actually gold bars wrapped in testing strips?”

Cheng Xi: o(╯□╰)o

Lu Chenzhou, you’d better get back here! I promise that I won’t beat you to death!!!!

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