Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 155: Why Are You So Stupid?

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Chapter 155: Why Are You So Stupid?

Cheng Xi lay down against Lu Chenzhou’s chest, feeling the movement of his diaphragm through his skin as she held her breath involuntarily. However, her hands didn’t stop moving, continuing to tease him. “Lu Chenzhou, do you dare to smile any wider?”

She didn’t know why he was smiling, because she didn’t find this situation funny at all. However, when she saw him act so happily, she actually…… didn’t want to make a big fuss about it anymore.

Lu Chenzhou caught her hand, twisted it around, and pressed her against him. After locking her in place, he held her there for quite a long time as he freely laughed. Cheng Xi’s hands and legs were both restrained, so she could only helplessly watch on as he pressed himself against her and laughed.

In the end, she gave up all resistance, and just laid there and felt his happiness.

When Lu Chenzhou raised his head next, she saw that even his eyes were filled with mirth. His gaze had always been somewhat cold and severe, but now, it was as if a green bud had appeared on a snow-filled plain, with its own calm charm and liveliness.

Cheng Xi couldn’t resist pulling his head down and then passionately kissing him. Lu Chenzhou never seemed to let an opportunity go; he immediately responded by grasping her head and kissing her back even deeper, ignoring the fact that the two of them had just woken up and hadn’t washed up yet.

After a whole night’s rest, Mr. Lu was feeling hale and hearty. Cheng Xi detected something amiss and tried to struggle free in vain. But her struggles only worsened the situation, as Lu Chenzhou used her struggles to remove all of her clothing.

Cheng Xi hastily yelled. “I still have to go to work!”

He ignored her, raised his “spear,” and pointed it inwards in a very practised fashion. At the end, when they climaxed, he hugged her tightly and whispered into her ear, “Cheng Xi, why are you so stupid?”

His voice was still filled with mirth.

Cheng Xi shoved him aside. “Dear, at this point, people usually say, ‘I love you!’”

He started laughing again, and the vibrations from his chest shook Cheng Xi’s body, making her feel particularly uncomfortable. “I’m going to die if you keep crushing me like this!”

He childishly pushed down on her even harder for a brief moment, before getting up and letting her lie on top of his chest instead. Cheng Xi looked at his happy countenance and couldn’t refrain from asking, “Are you really that happy?”

He nodded.

“Alright.” Cheng Xi looked at him again before lightly pressing her lips to his. “You look too charming when you’re laughing. If you laugh more in the future-” she paused for a moment as she leaned over “-I’m liable to become an incapable ruler, and give you whatever you want.”

Lu Chenzhou raised his eyebrows slightly. “Really?”

Cheng Xi nodded and then said, “Mr. Lu, when you’re happy, always remember to smile. You’re very handsome, so it’s an inherent advantage of yours.”

She said those words very seriously because she really did wish that he would smile more—no, to display his emotions more. She wished that he would laugh loudly when he was happy, cry a little when sad, and overall just learn to express his emotions, so that he could better understand life’s ups and downs, love and hate, and gloom and fear.

Emotional detachment could be simply described as one locking up all of their emotions; if there was no love or hate, then there couldn’t be happiness or despair either.

Lu Chenzhou asked her again. “Will you really do whatever I want?”

“Of course.”

“Then, don’t go to work today,” he said as he hugged her tightly. “I haven’t touched you for so long…… I want to spend an entire day having sex with you.”


She looked at him and simply said, “Then smile for me.”

Lu Chenzhou smiled, but Cheng Xi suddenly covered his face with a palm. “Your smile is clearly fake.” Then, she pushed down on his chest and escaped from his grasp. With her newfound freedom, she swiftly picked up her clothes and then made a run for it.

Still on the bed, Lu Chenzhou looked at her sorry figure, smiling soundlessly.

Because of Mr. Lu’s capricious mood, Cheng Xi didn’t even have breakfast after she washed up—of course, it was also because she was about to be late. Although she hurriedly rushed to the hospital, she was still a little late to work, and when she arrived at the hospital, everyone else was already there. All of them had even gathered in the big meeting room, and, when they saw her arrive, looked over simultaneously.

Cheng Xi was stunned by the reception. “……”

“Did something happen?” she asked with a tremble.

“Mmm. Someone just called, and we’re getting ready to pick up a patient.” Ceng Xing spoke up first.

Cheng Xi made a quiet “Oh” sound, and was about to walk inside, but another doctor smiled and said, “Dr. Cheng didn’t sleep very well last night, it seems. Her eyebags are showing.”

“And she’s even wearing a scarf. Today’s highest temperature will be 33°C. Dr. Cheng, are you sure that you won’t be too warm, dressed like this?”

“Don’t worry! You’re in the honeymoon phase, aren’t you? We won’t laugh at you.”

In truth, these people had been laughing at her as soon as she arrived. Even the head nurse couldn’t help herself from doing so, but she at least pretended to ask considerately, “Can you keep going like this?”

Her students were even worse; they gave her a large turtle as soon as she walked into the lecture hall, saying, “Professor, this is for your body. It’s a female, so it’s the most nourishing!”

Cheng Xi: o(╯□╰)o

She really wanted to drag Lu Chenzhou over here and give him a fierce spanking in front of everyone!

She couldn’t deal with her colleagues, but she had plenty of methods to deal with her students. She accepted the turtle gracefully, and then she said with twinkling eyes, “During this period, you’ve already learned about quite a few mental illnesses. On account of the turtle, I’ll be nicer. So, choose one mental illness that you’re familiar with and write a detailed illness observation report about it. It must be no less than five thousand characters. If it’s less than that, or if there’s anything that’s factually incorrect, your practicum grade will look quite disheartening.”

The students were all speechless. “……”

As she saw their faces all turn green with regret, Cheng Xi finally felt like she’d gotten back at someone. Afterwards, her head remained high and her chest out as she went on with the rest of her day.

After a completed therapy session with a patient, she found that everyone in the department was making a big fuss. The head nurse was currently trying to clear out a confined medical ward, and everyone else looked as though they were anticipating a serious problem. Cheng Xi hurriedly asked, “What’s the problem?”

Before the head nurse could speak up, a small nurse by the side said somewhat agitatedly, “Dr. Ceng and the others are bringing back a patient who’s infected with AIDS, and a particularly infectious strain at that. Isn’t this frightening? If it were just a mental illness, that wouldn’t be so bad. However, she has AIDS too…… My goodness, it’s fearsome just thinking about it!”

The head nurse hurriedly stopped her from speaking any more. “Stop speaking nonsense, and quickly go prepare.” And then, somewhat exasperatedly, she went to Cheng Xi’s side and explained, “According to what we know, this patient’s hobby was to kiss strangers in a crowded public area. Allegedly, quite a few people tried to take advantage of that, but after they found out that they were infected, they’re about to go crazy.”

Cheng Xi was struck speechless at the disaster. “……”

“This is really a tragedy.” At that time, she didn’t think further of it, only getting a little uncomfortable at the mention of AIDS.

The rumored patient arrived quickly. At the beginning, Cheng Xi didn’t even recognize her as Gong Hengjin because when she was admitted, she was wearing a black dress with her hair in disarray, thick makeup caked on, a big and thick mask clamped over her mouth, and her hands tied down. Even worse, she was brought in while strapped to the gurney.

Cheng Xi stood by the side, observing with her students and directing them to make a preliminary diagnosis based on the patient’s behavior. But then, she suddenly heard Ceng Xing call out, “Can Gong Hengjin’s family members please come over here to fill out the admission procedures.”

Only then did she look over in shock, only to find that, no matter how hard she looked, she was unable to equate the maniacal patient struggling on the gurney to the tender, gentle, and beautiful Gong Hengjin that she’d seen at Shen Wei’s wedding.

Cheng Xi couldn’t even imagine that this person in front of them was the same person who had waited in front of Shen Wei’s house, the same Gong Hengjin who had looked as pitiful as a white lotus.

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