Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 154: Mr. Lu, That’s Enough!

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Chapter 154: Mr. Lu, That’s Enough!

Lu Chenzhou returned home quite late that night, and by then, Cheng Xi had already had dinner and finished a round of yoga. Currently, she was taking a bath. She had been working very hard recently, and this was her little reward. But while she was enjoying herself, Lu Chenzhou suddenly intruded on her space, abruptly pushing the door open and dominantly striding in. He scared her so much that she almost drowned herself in the bathtub.

She couldn’t help herself from becoming furious. “Why are you in here? Get out! Get out!!”

No matter how close they were, she wasn’t even close to being ready to bathe together, and she even had unfinished business to talk to him about. If they did this now, she wouldn’t be able to discuss it with him later.

But before she could say another word, he interrupted her. As he lazily leaned against the doorframe and completely ignored her attempts to chase him away, he asked, “Did you test yourself today?”

……Mr. Lu was perhaps the only person who could ask something like this with a straight face.

Cheng Xi immediately understood what his intentions were, and she definitively replied, “Yes! We can’t!”

But Lu Chenzhou didn’t react to her unfavorable response. Instead, he stretched out his hand and opened his palm, revealing a square-shaped piece of paper that he then slowly unfolded. “Then why is this blank?”

Cheng Xi swore in her head. ……Crap!

She had forgotten that besides ovulation strips, the box that this fellow had sent her in the morning also contained a little note, which detailed the results and times at which she would have to test herself.

If her students had seen this demeaning note, she would have lost all authority as a teacher. How could she have tested herself there?! She couldn’t! So she had no choice but to bring them home to throw them at his face, all right?

But Cheng Xi had never expected him to come home at this time, or that he would question her about the tests while she was taking a bath.

The poor Dr. Cheng was rendered speechless.

Having gained the upper hand, Lu Chenzhou smiled coolly. “You didn’t test yourself, did you?” He rolled up his sleeves and walked inside. Cheng Xi curled up pitifully in the bathtub, looking at him warily. “What are you doing?”

Lu Chenzhou stooped down, stretched out his hand, and swirled it in the water. Not long after, Cheng Xi noticed that the water level was diminishing rapidly. Then, Lu Chenzhou’s long and slender fingers snapped in the air as he said, “The water’s dirty. You should change it.”


Cheng Xi remained silent for a moment, and then said, “Thanks, but I don’t need your help. Can you go out first, please?”

But if he obediently listened to her words, then he wouldn’t be Lu Chenzhou anymore. He looked at her and earnestly asked, “How can I go out?” As he said that, he actually started taking off his clothes.

Cheng Xi gave up, and said, “In that case, then please go shower first. You can just ignore me, as if I’m the air.”

There’s a shower outside! Go shower over there, go!

Lu Chenzhou didn’t respond, and neither did he move towards the shower. Instead, he curled up his lips, threw his shirt down, undid his belt, took off his pants, and climbed into the bathtub naked, all in quick succession.

Cheng Xi jumped up in rejection. “If you’re going to bathe, then I’m going to shower.” She tried to clamber out of the bathtub.

But just like their tennis match, she was still unable to defeat Lu Chenzhou. Even though she rushed out as fast as a bullet, Dr. Cheng’s speed was still slower than Lu Chenzhou’s. He simply moved his feet a little, and then Cheng Xi “rushed” directly into his lap.

His stance was surprisingly solid, not even going off balance when Cheng Xi ran into him. He hugged her tightly and stood steadily in the bathtub.

Her skin, which had just been soaking in water, was still wet and slippery, and its texture was so pleasurable that Lu Chenzhou couldn’t bear to stop squeezing Cheng Xi. His hands lightly caressed her back, and his mouth playfully licked her ear. “You can’t run.” His tone was surprisingly serious. “If you’re bad, then you’ll be punished.”

Cheng Xi was frightened by his antics. Honestly, it wasn’t like she didn’t want to do it, but she was scared of him. Why did his current expression remind her so much of that night when they had first had sex?! After that endless night, she had been sore for the next few days, ok?!

Even though he had terrible technique, he insisted on doing weird things with a weird posture…… Lu Chenzhou, that’s enough!

Cheng Xi said in an indignant and justified manner, “I’m not done bathing!”

But he merely pushed her down and refilled the bathtub with water.

Cheng Xi started begging him. “……I haven’t tested myself, but today should still be dangerous for me.”

“That’s fine,” he said as he kissed her tenderly. “I won’t shoot inside.”


Between then and when they finally got in bed, Cheng Xi didn’t have a single chance to speak a complete sentence.

What had happened to getting angry with him over what he’d sent her?

At any rate, that night, it was Cheng Xi who was given a fierce lesson by him. But unlike before, she actually did feel an entirely different level of both comfort and oppression.

When she was finally allowed to sleep, she couldn’t even move her toes anymore. As for criticism and education, they paled in comparison to her desire to sleep.

For the rest of the night, Cheng Xi dreamed of trying to catch a car. Perhaps it was because Cheng Yang had bothered her about it in the morning, but she had spent some time looking at cars earlier. And that night, she dreamed that Lu Chenzhou had found her a car, a bright red one. She had then brought her whole family out for a day of fun, but on the way back, her car had disappeared. She pressed the alarm button on her car keys continuously, but the car key was acting strangely. Then, out of nowhere, her new car had zoomed out, twisting and turning onto a big road outside.

She had chased after her car, trying to get it to stop, but it moved erratically and drove itself very quickly. There were quite a few moments where it was about to hit either a pedestrian or someone else’s car.

Cheng Xi’s heart was exhausted, and she chased after that car in her dreams for the entire night. When she woke up, she still felt a bit dazed. Lu Chenzhou had gotten up before she did, and was leaning by the side of the bed while browsing through his phone. After Cheng Xi’s eyes fluttered open, the first thing out of his mouth was, “You didn’t give me money this month.”


Oh, that’s right. She owed him money and paid installments to him every month. But because she had been extra busy this month, she had forgotten to send him anything.

Out of extreme exhaustion, Cheng Xi casually threw her phone at him. “The passcode’s 652847. Transfer the money yourself.”

She was still thinking of that car in her dreams. Her dreamscape had been extremely strange, but the out of control car was a metaphor for her feelings—something was gradually going out of control, as if it didn’t belong to her anymore.

But it wasn’t all that bad. People aren’t always rational, Cheng Xi thought to console herself. Then, she turned to Lu Chenzhou, who had actually logged into her bank account and was currently transferring money to himself.

Cheng Xi defiantly asked, “Didn’t you say that if we got married, that all of your money would be mine? What’s the point of transferring it over?”

Lu Chenzhou continued to tap at her phone as he answered, “It makes me happy.”

“……It’s more that you feel happy when you see my empty balance, right?”

Lu Chenzhou lowered his head, slightly smiling at her.

His smile actually reminded Cheng Xi of what she was going to do last night. She immediately sat up straight, turned around and saw that the box of testing strips was still on the shelves by the bedside, picked it up, and threw it into his lap. “Lu Chenzhou, I forgot to tell you last night, but next time, you’re not allowed to send something weird like this to my hospital!”

Lu Chenzhou picked up the box and curiously asked, “Is this that weird?”

“Isn’t it?” Cheng Xi sat down in front of him. “Who would send something like this to their girlfriend, and at their workplace at that? Do you know who opened this? It was my students. Ha, do you know what they said? They said, ‘Professor, we must be seeing things, right? These are actually gold bars wrapped in testing strips, right?’”

Lu Chenzhou picked up a random strip. It seemed like he had also picked up the art of lying recently, because he effortlessly said, “……It does seem like it.”


She leapt on top of him and fiercely bit him as she yelled, “You dare! My goodness, don’t you think that I want to throw my face away? Don’t you think that my authority as a teacher is important? Uuuu, Lu Chenzhou, you’d better compensate me!”

“Hehehe~~” Lu Chenzhou unexpectedly suddenly started laughing. Even though they had been together for so long, this was the first time that Cheng Xi had ever heard him laugh. It was so soft that she almost thought that she had misheard him.

Her entire body was on his lap, and after a momentary hesitation, she stretched out her hand and grabbed his face. “Are you laughing at me? Then keep laughing. Keep doing it!”

And he really did. His laugh wasn’t very loud, but it was filled with a genuine happiness.

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