Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 174: I’m Jealous!

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Chapter 174: I’m Jealous!

“Could you tell me why?” Cheng Xi’s tone was gentle; she was trying her hardest to refrain from sounding interrogative.

Lu Chenzhou hesitated for a moment. He looked at her as he replied in an indescribably derisive tone, “Didn’t you say that he was there to see her? If Chen Jiaman leaves the hospital, then he no longer has a reason to visit the hospital anymore.”

Cheng Xi grabbed his hand, her expression serious. “Lu Chenzhou, did I do anything to make you misunderstand something? Do you really distrust me so much that you think that I would have an illicit relationship with a married man?”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t even think about it before nodding affirmatively. “Yes, you would.”

“……Am I that morally depraved in your mind?”

But Lu Chenzhou was already growing impatient. “I want to~ make~ love~” He retrieved his hand and started to unbutton and strip. “Take your clothes off!”


Cheng Xi caressed her forehead weakly. “Will you at least let me finish first? Lu Chenzhou, this is a serious matter. If we don’t discuss this properly…… Hey, I haven’t showered yet!”

But even her dirty sweat wasn’t enough to dissuade him. Lu Chenzhou grabbed her wrists and pushed her beneath him before she could finish protesting. It was only then that Cheng Xi realized that he was about to go into a frenzy; his insistence on sex wasn’t because he didn’t want to discuss this subject with her.

At any rate, it wasn’t like he would ever discuss a decision that he’d already made with her.

This truth was difficult for Cheng Xi to accept. What’s more, she didn’t even know how she’d aroused him—he was even more bestial than usual tonight. She’d drenched herself in sweat to set the mood for a serious conversation and not to arouse him, alright?!

Cheng Xi gloomily tried to resist him. She pushed on his chest as she said, “Lu Chenzhou, I’m very tired.”

An appeal to emotion: unsuccessful.

“I don’t want to do it tonight. Can you respect me?”

A serious objection: unsuccessful.

By now, Lu Chenzhou was almost done stripping her naked.

Cheng Xi felt helpless and exasperated, and she mustered up enough resistance to shout out one last appeal. “Then, can you at least let me say somethin—Oh!”

He had suddenly bitten down on the flesh by her waist, and Cheng Xi almost jumped out of bed in shock.

In the end, she wasn’t able to say what she wanted to. Instead of talking about Chen Jiaman’s affairs, she ended up furiously shouting, “Lu Chenzhou, you pig!”

The aforementioned pig then flipped her over and, with great effort, sowed the fields for the entire night. Cheng Xi fell asleep with a weary, gloomy, and emotionally repressed heart.

When Cheng Xi woke up the next morning, she wasn’t sure if it was due to last night’s yoga session or Lu Chenzhou’s subsequent torture, but either way, her waist felt as if it was about to break in half! When Cheng Xi sensed him stir, she crawled over, hugged his wrists, and tried to continue last night’s conversation. “Lu Chenzhou, let’s have a long, serious talk about Chen Jiaman.”

He looked at her.

Cheng Xi forged ahead. “She’s at the most crucial period of her recovery. If she is forcibly relocated to a completely unfamiliar place right now, then just a slight misstep could negate everything that I’ve done. Do you understand this?”

“What does any of that have to do with me?” he responded coolly as he sat down and peeled Cheng Xi’s hands from his wrists.

Cheng Xi looked at his back in a daze. “But I remember that you cared about her well being a decent amount in the past.”

Lu Chenzhou’s voice was devoid of any inflection as he said, “No. I was only ever interested in you.” Then, he turned his head around and shook his finger at her, his figure so handsome that Cheng Xi felt like biting him. “I never cared about her. Don’t mistake my actions for affection.”

“......Alright. Then, do you care about me?”

“Of course.”

Thank goodness. Cheng Xi relaxed slightly. Then, she waved her finger at him, beckoning him over. “Come here.”

Lu Chenzhou tilted his head, glanced at her, and ultimately deigned to move closer to her. Cheng Xi then asked, “Lu Chenzhou, as someone that you care about, can I make a request?”

He looked at her, tacitly agreeing.

Cheng Xi’s tone was particularly serious as she said, “In the future, if you feel dissatisfied or unhappy with me, then can you tell me directly rather than interfering with my job or my patients? Lu Chenzhou, I don’t like it when you act tyrannically. It offends me.”

“Then who do you like? That pretty boy who’s halfway into the Wang household?”

It took Cheng Xi a moment to realize that “that pretty boy” was actually referring to Lin Fan. This man was so arrogant that he wasn’t even willing to directly say Lin Fan’s name.

She unconsciously frowned. “Those are two separate things.”

“But, to me, it’s the one and the same. Cheng Xi, stop bringing him up.” His eyes curved up, as if they were smiling, but his tone remained icy cold. “I’m jealous.”

He even went on to say, “I’m already trying my hardest to control myself, so don’t make me do anything that’s even worse.”

“……This isn’t how you should act when you’re jealous……”

‘Peng!’ But before she could finish speaking, he had pushed her down even as a fist smashed the pillow by her face.

His expression was as calm as always, but that only made Cheng Xi shiver even more. She was frozen in place, unable to say a single word in response.

Perhaps she had forgotten because of how close they’d recently become, but he was still…… her patient.

Cheng Xi closed her eyes, took a moment to recollect herself, and then said, “I’m sorry.”

He let go of her.

After that, he still made breakfast, a charming dish of spaghetti. Cheng Xi tried her best to finish her portion, and left for work right after.

But when she got off, she couldn’t bear to return, and instead ran to Su Feng’s house. Su Feng was on leave that day, and when she saw Cheng Xi show up at her doorstep out of the blue, she couldn’t stop herself from laughing at her. “Your rich boyfriend’s willing to let you out now?”

Actually, this wasn’t true at all; the reason why Cheng Xi didn’t go out that often was because she was busy, not because Lu Chenzhou wouldn’t let her.

But Cheng Xi had no intention to correct Su Feng’s mistake. Once Cheng Xi entered, she immediately asked, “What room of yours has the best soundproofing?”

Su Feng raised her eyebrows quizzically, and then slowly pointed suspiciously at a room.

“May I enter?”


Cheng Xi took her time shouting her lungs out inside. When she finally came out, Su Feng calmly handed her a glass of water and morbidly asked, “Is this how you psychiatrists relieve your stress?”

“No.” Cheng Xi shook her head. She had screamed so loudly and so much that her throat was already starting to get hoarse, and it only eased a bit after she got a gulp of water. “It’s just that I have too many emotions bottled up in my heart.”

Su Feng instantly latched onto the scent of drama, teasing her, “Bottled up in your heart? When people talk about you these days, they all say that you’ve won at the game of life! You have a rich boyfriend who loves you to death—I mean, he even gave out money as soon as people started calling him ‘Cheng Xi’s husband.’ Your career is also wildly successful, as you’ve treated a severely mentally ill patient by going so far as to create a novel treatment plan—gosh, the hospital’s about to publicize your actions as a model doctor. And yet despite all that, here you are, saying that you have too many emotions bottled up in your heart? You’d better believe that others would beat you to death if they heard that!”

But what truly surprised Su Feng was that Cheng Xi really did look gloomy and depressed, and she clearly didn’t have the strength and energy that she had in the past. Cheng Xi didn’t respond to her teasing comments; she merely finished her glass of water in silence. Then, as if she’d just accomplished something big, she said, “I’m leaving.”

Su Feng was speechless. She watched on in slight shock as Cheng Xi got up and put on her shoes.

Su Feng swallowed the words she was about to say and only squeezed out a “Hey!” as Cheng Xi was about to leave.

Cheng Xi turned around.

“I don’t know what happened to you, and I can’t be bothered to ask. However, you can come scream at my place whenever you want. Also,”—Su Feng patted Cheng Xi’s shoulder—“I have a shoulder you can always lean on.”

Cheng Xi smiled slightly, a bit of warmth finally reappearing her eyes. She waved goodbye at Su Feng, and then left.

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