Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 173: Exchange

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Chapter 173: Exchange

When Lin Fan’s mother and Chen Fuguo’s lawyer came to take Chen Jiaman away, Lin Fan didn’t go with them. It was only when Cheng Xi realized that the transfer was about to be irreversible that she called Lin Fan.

But he didn’t answer, and he only called back after his mother had finished all of the transfer proceedings.

When he heard that his mother had come to pick Chen Jiaman up, he was also very surprised. At the same time, he said that he would try to think of another method to coax his mother to drop the matter. However, not long after that, he called Cheng Xi again, and that was when he made the aforementioned despairing proclamation.

Cheng Xi instinctively rejected his words. “Are you sure that it was him? Lin Fan, Lu Chenzhou isn’t someone who would meddle in others’ affairs.”

If Lu Chenzhou didn’t have to, then he wouldn’t even care about his own family’s affairs, let alone an outsider like Chen Jiaman.

“You trust him a lot, don’t you.” Lin Fan started chuckling ominously. “Do you know where I am right now? XX city. I came here to interview for a job, and I thought that they had offered me the interview because of my expertise. However, my mother just told me that this opportunity was given to me by Mr. Lu, in exchange for Chen Jiaman. I’ve also confirmed this with him. Cheng Xi, he really does put in a lot of effort for you. He’s even banished me away forever; though this new job’s a bit further than I’d like, the prospects and compensation are both far better than Longchang’s, to the point where neither my mother nor I can even think about rejecting it.” After saying all this, he lowered his voice letting a few motes of self-mocking and frustration drip out. “I never even knew what I meant to you.” However, Cheng Xi didn’t hear this last sentence; honestly, when Lin Fan had brought up Lu Chenzhou coldheartedly carrying out a transaction with Lin Fan’s mother, Cheng Xi had already started to believe him. After all, Lu Chenzhou…… was someone who truly liked making transactions.

His transactions, whether just or unjust, were always fair for all parties involved.

After the conversation with Lin Fan, Cheng Xi couldn’t stop herself from thinking back to what he had said on that day. “I don’t like my things being marked by other people.”

So this hadn’t been an explanation, but rather an announcement, an announcement of his displeasure towards her actions.

Cheng Xi rubbed her temples, apologizing to Lin Fan before hanging up. “I’m sorry.”

She didn’t have a better explanation, and she wouldn’t even know where to begin if she did have one. After hanging up, she went to see Chen Jiaman one last time. The nurse assigned to her had already cleaned everything up, and Chen Jiaman was calmer than expected even though she had already been informed that she was about to leave the hospital. Although she was still somewhat fearful, Cheng Xi could also feel her faint expectation.

Lin Fan’s company during the past couple of months had had a very clear effect on her.

She was currently tugging at the nurse’s sleeve; when Cheng Xi entered the room, Chen Jiaman swapped to pulling on Cheng Xi’s sleeve as she called out weakly, “Dr. Cheng.”

Cheng Xi smiled wryly. “Congratulations. You’ll be heading home soon.”

Since Cheng Xi couldn’t display negative emotions in front of Chen Jiaman, she could only be happy for her instead.

Chen Jiaman pursed her lips, and a visible gloominess welled up within her eyes. This action of hers actually reminded Cheng Xi of Lin Fan.

Chen Jiaman then motioned for Cheng Xi her to lean in closer, so Cheng Xi obediently bent down and looked at her.

Chen Jiaman’s fingers, which were tugging at her sleeve, were starting to turn slightly pale. “Dr. Cheng, I still feel a bit bad for my grandmother.”

Cheng Xi understood what she meant. Chen Jiaman blamed herself for her grandmother’s death, and that translated to her feeling like she didn’t have the right to be happy in her lifetime. Her earlier shame, unease, gloom, and depression most likely all stemmed from this.

Cheng Xi reached out and caressed Chen Jiaman’s head lovingly. “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Your grandmother loved you, and I’m sure she’d hope for you to lead a good life in the future regardless of what happened. Jiaman, when you return home, remember that seeking happiness is a natural thing for humans, but encountering difficulties is a staple of life. As long as you remain brave and persevere, you will eventually transform all the vicissitudes of life into your gains.”

“Furthermore, remember that you can say no. Say no to anything that’ll make you upset, whether it be people, things, or events.”

Chen Jiaman nodded, slightly confused.

The head nurse came over then. “Alright, you’re all set.”

Cheng Xi led Chen Jiaman out of the hospital herself. She had already provided a lot of detailed advice and suggestions on the hospital discharge forms, but when she saw Lin Fan’s mother, she couldn’t help herself from repeating them. “The patient’s feelings are unstable, so please don’t provoke her or push her into any unfamiliar environments. Additionally, it’d be ideal to continue encouraging her to develop her own interests and hobbies. And please, keep having her take the medicine, and bring her back to the hospital for therapy regularly……”

Lin Fan’s mother listened to Cheng Xi’s complete explanation patiently. Perhaps she was feeling particularly good that day, but she didn’t make any mocking jokes, and the only thing that she said wasn’t even unpleasant. “Dr. Cheng, you really put all of your heart into treating your patients.”

Cheng Xi couldn’t tell whether Lin Fan’s mother had meant that as a compliment or not, but she decided to just take it as one.

Chen Jiaman’s departure caused much less of a commotion than her arrival, and only those who were in the know said anything in passing. “Dr. Cheng, you’re truly a miracle worker. You were even able to cure a patient as far gone as her.”

Even the department head said, “With a patient like Chen Jiaman, you could write a whole report about her.”

This was a huge accomplishment for the hospital, as well as her, but the entire affair left Cheng Xi drained and apathetic. In her opinion, Chen Jiaman was far from fully recovering.

Of course, going home could help speed Chen Jiaman’s recovery along, but that was predicated on the conditions of there being a loving environment and people who were willing to patiently guide her.

And Lin Fan’s mother’s…… failed to meet both of these conditions.

Cheng Xi forcefully quashed the unease in her heart and turned her attention to other matters. She successfully distracted herself until it was late at night. Then, Lu Chenzhou returned.

He had had a dinner party that night, so he returned quite late. By then, Cheng Xi had already had dinner and just finished a one-hour yoga session. The weather was getting warmer, and Cheng Xi also hadn’t turned on the air conditioning. Thus, by the end of her yoga session, she had collapsed onto her mat, drenched in sweat as if someone had poured water all over her.

When Lu Chenzhou stepped into the living room, her gaze was automatically drawn to his face. She traced out a line moving from the bottom of his chin to the top of his forehead; she first saw his slim and handsome jaw, and then slowly moved up towards his dark gaze.

A dark gaze that was looking coldly at her.

Cheng Xi immediately bolted up straight.

Lu Chenzhou’s gaze landed on her exposed waist and then focused in on her round belly button; her skin was as white as jade, and as equally tender and beautiful. It roused a primal urge within him to fill his hands with it, to fiercely ravage and break her.

Cheng Xi seemed to be unaware of his morbid and salacious thoughts as she patted the open space next to her and smiled. “You’re back? If you don’t mind, then can you take a seat here?”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t sit down. Instead, he walked over and squatted down by her side. She was still panting slightly, and there were a few rogue strands of hair casually sticking to her temples. Her eyes were lustrous, her lips scarlet red, and her shapely body’s curves were accentuated by the tight fitting yoga outfit. Her vigorous appearance combined with her slight breathlessness meant her entire body was exuding a sensual sense of maturity.

Languid, indolent, and amorous.

He was certain that she didn’t know how appealing she looked right now.

He reached out, rearranged her hair properly, and then leaned down to kiss her. However, Cheng Xi tilted her head slightly, and his lips landed on her cheek.

“Lu Chenzhou, let’s talk.”

She really hadn’t been trying to stimulate him; the reason why she’d deliberately made herself all sweaty and sticky was to ward off any physical advances.

They really did need to have a good talk.

“About what?”

She didn’t beat around the bush, and directly said, “You made a business transaction with Lin Fan’s mother, and my patient Chen Jiaman was one of the conditions, right?”

“Yes,” he answered without any hesitation.

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