Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 180: Birthday Presen

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Chapter 180: Birthday Presen


Cheng Xi didn’t dare tell her parents the truth, and just gave an ambiguous excuse, saying that something had come up. She quickly dropped her things and hurriedly ran to the hospital.

The department head and assistant head were both in the department head’s office. When Cheng Xi arrived, the head immediately handed her a pile of documents. “Look this over, and then prepare to defend yourself. People from the Bureau of Internal Affairs are going to be interviewing you soon.”

Cheng Xi opened the folder and found that the folder just contained a report that Cheng Xi herself had written regarding Lu Chenzhou’s mental state, as well as a few intimate pictures of her and Lu Chenzhou together.

The contents may have been simple, but its implied meaning struck Cheng Xi like a hammer.

As she looked through the files, she felt like her head had caved in, and she was so dazed that she didn’t even want to think about the possible consequences.

She had only ever made two copies of Lu Chenzhou’s diagnosis: one was held by the hospital, and the other was given to Lu Chenzhou. When she had copied out the diagnosis for Lu Chenzhou, she had made a mistake and scribbled out a word; that scribble was on this copy, and it was so clear that it couldn’t have been a photocopy.

As for the photos…… There weren’t many photos of her and Lu Chenzhou together, and the ones that did exist had all been taken by her. And after she took them, she would always send them to him, sometimes praising him with a comment like, “Look at how handsome you are when you smile!”

And sometimes, she felt helpless and exasperated, and had to force him into taking a photo. Those times, she would caption the photo as something like, “A serious-looking Lu Chenzhou trying to pick me up. He makes me want to bite him.”

At that time, she had thought that it was a normal thing for couples to do, but now, it had become evidence against her. These files with his fingerprints all over them felt like he was arrogantly declaring, “Look, I’m the one who reported you!”

Cheng Xi glared at the offending items in front of her for quite a while. After the initial wave of dizziness in her head retreated, she apologized to the head. “I’m sorry, but can I make a call first?”

When the head saw her strained expression, he sighed. “As you wish.” But his tone was clearly still very upset.

Cheng Xi went out to make a call, and happened to encounter the head nurse on her way out. “Ah, so you’re here even when you’re on vacation. Are you going to treat us to a meal?”

Cheng Xi forced out a smile, and didn’t even know what she said herself. She then hurriedly found a secluded area to call Lu Chenzhou; the call connected, and he sounded like he was at the airport as he was slightly out of breath and there was the pleasant voice of an attendant reminding him to board the plane in the background.

“What’s the matter?” His cool and clear voice was invigorating.

Cheng Xi swallowed her saliva as she tried her best to make her voice calm and clear. “The hospital received an anonymous report. Inside it is the diagnosis I wrote for you when you were at the hospital, as well as a few photographs. Did you know about this?”

“I had someone send it over.” His tone was particularly calm, and she could almost imagine the justified and aloof air about him as he said this with his head held high.

She tried to tamp her fury down. “Why did you do this? Lu Chenzhou, do you understand that I might be fired from the hospital because of this?”

“That’s fine. I can take care of you.”


Take deep breaths, take deep breaths. You can’t get angry with him! After calming herself again, Cheng Xi asked, “Tell me why you did this.”

“I love you. Is that enough?”

“Lu Chenzhou!”

She could imagine him smiling lightly in response. “Cheng Xi, I already told you, I don’t like my things being marked by other people. If you can’t bear to leave them, then I’ll have to have you leave your job. It’s fine. I can give you all of my money. You don’t have to worry.”

And then he hung up, likely because he’d gotten on the plane, leaving Cheng Xi unable to contact him anymore!

Cheng Xi returned to the head’s office. By this time, the officers from the Bureau of Internal Affairs had already arrived, and the head immediately announced, “While you’re being investigated, you will stop all of your work in the interim. As for any time sensitive issues, I’ll have someone else take over.”

As the head said this, the expression on his face became complicated. Although Cheng Xi hadn’t worked at the hospital for that long, she had already entrenched herself in multiple difficult problems, and everyone who knew her also knew of her passion and ardent love for her work.

He also knew about this, but what was the point even if he knew? Like his earlier warning, it was fine for this sort of romance to happen in any department other than psychiatry; it might have even been a whirlwind romance anywhere else, but in psychiatry, it was a disaster! Even if both parties consented to the relationship, the most important part was how the whole situation was perceived. Due to the special power dynamic between a psychiatrist and their patients, this sort of thing was honestly nearly analogous to pedophilia!

And so, he could only hint to her, “You should go and find that patient of yours. However, you better not threaten or mislead him!”

Upon hearing this, Cheng Xi could only smile bitterly in response. Was the head trying to tell her to mislead Lu Chenzhou into giving a favorable testimonial for her?

Hah. It was a pity that Lu Chenzhou wasn’t someone that she could control.

The officer from the Bureau of Internal Affairs was expressionless, perhaps because he didn’t catch onto the deeper meaning behind the head’s words. When he saw that the two of them seemed to have finished talking, he brought Cheng Xi over to the bureau.

Cheng Xi’s phone was turned off for the whole ordeal, and when she finally returned home, it was already very late at night. As she entered the apartment, she saw Lu Chenzhou standing in the living room together with her parents, although he was somewhat aloof and distant from them. He seemed to also have just returned, as a thin jacket was draped over his shoulders.

When the three of them heard the door open, they all looked over simultaneously. Her mother was the first to walk up to her. “Why did you come back so late?”

As Cheng Xi moved through the room, she finally saw what they had been looking at; it was a painting dominated by shades of white and pink, as if it were depicting a charming and gentle dreamland. The painted sunlight filtered through the almost three-dimensional leaves, forming a warm halo of light. A pair of green eyes shone out from the shadows, quietly looking at the pair of hands illuminated by the mottled light. It was a woman’s hands, with long and slender fingers, with an appearance like jade in the soft glow of the sunlight. There was also a petal that had landed on the fingertips, and the combination of deep and light pinks gave off a deeply sensuous feeling that left Cheng Xi’s scalp numb.

The first thing she saw was that hand, and only then did she see the signature of the artist underneath the drawing. Cheng Xi’s mother curiously asked, “Who’s Jiaman? An artist? She seems to be quite accomplished.”

Cheng Xi smiled bitterly. When her father noticed her fatigued expression, he quickly rolled up the drawing and said, “You must be exhausted. Go wash up, and then we’ll have a meal.”

Cheng Xi nodded and obediently returned to her room with Lu Chenzhou. As she changed her clothes, Cheng Xi saw that he was holding a folder in his hands.

He looked at her, as if gauging her emotions, and then handed her the folder.

Cheng Xi’s brows arched upwards. Given what had happened at work today, folders were now somewhat traumatizing to her.

“What is it?” She didn’t take it from his hands.

“A birthday gift.” He shoved the folder into her hands, and then turned to enter the washroom.

After hesitating for a moment, Cheng Xi finally decided to open it. Inside was a contract, or more accurately, a prenuptial agreement regarding the transferral of assets. To be specific, beneath the main heading was an exhaustive list of Lu Chenzhou’s current assets. As long as Cheng Xi signed her name on the bottom, all of it would be hers!

There was so much wealth and assets that she likely wouldn’t be able to amass this much even after a few generations; however, it could all be hers if she just signed her name.

All hers!

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