Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 181: No title

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Chapter 181: No title

Chapter 181: [No title]

Cheng Xi clutched the absurd piece of paper as she grit her teeth and reminded herself, He’s a patient, a patient, a patient! Patients who suffered from emotional detachment were normally petty, selfish, and aloof. Lu Chenzhou was clearly trying to salvage their relationship by trying to give all his money to her after reporting her!

Honestly, he might have been trying his hardest to mollify her, but his actions couldn’t have enraged her more!

Cheng Xi put the contract down and had to chat with her parents for a while before she finally calmed down.

Lu Chenzhou came out not long after Cheng Xi; for him, that was a very fast shower. Only after everyone settled in did Cheng Xi’s birthday celebration finally begin. Cheng Xi’s parents seized this opportunity to anticipate the future. “If you got married this year, had a baby the next, and then twins the year after that…… That’d be wonderful, wouldn’t it?”

Unfortunately, they only received two cold stares in response.

Cheng Xi’s parents didn’t respond either. “……”


Cheng Xi would behave like this whenever this topic was brought up, so her mother plastered a fake smile on her face and shifted targets to Lu Chenzhou instead. “Chenzhou, don’t you want kids?” Why’s your face so cold?! Do you not want to have children with my daughter?

Lu Chenzhou bluntly replied, “No.”

“You don’t want my daughter to give birth?”

“I don’t want children.”

Cheng Xi’s mother sucked in a deep, cold breath as she glanced at her husband. “Don’t you have a large family property? If you don’t have heirs, then who’s going to take over your business?”

Lu Chenzhou’s face remained cold. “It’s not all mine, and what I do have, I’ve already given to Cheng Xi.”

Cheng Xi’s parents were stunned. “What?”

Cheng Xi had been daydreaming, and she only came to her senses when her parents burst out in confusion. While she was still catching up, she heard Lu Chenzhou say, “The reason why I married her wasn’t so that she could make babies for me.”

Cheng Xi was struck speechless. “……”

Lu Chenzhou had a rare talent of somehow making her feel moved while also making her want to strangle him to death.

Cheng Xi’s parents couldn’t understand his logic of wanting to marry but not wanting to have any children. However, this wasn’t the part that caught their ear. “Did you really give all your property and assets to Cheng Xi?”

Lu Chenzhou nodded. “She signed the contract, so I’ll have my lawyer start the transfer proceedings tomorrow.”

Tomorrow…… He said all this calmly and evenly, and Cheng Xi’s mother became curious. Just how much money he was worth? He couldn’t only be worth about a million yuan or so, right? Her lack of wealth somewhat restricted her imagination; thus, Cheng Xi’s mother decided to not mention money at all, opting to instead ask, “Why? What made you decide to do this? This isn’t a small thing. How could your family agree?”

As she peppered him with all kinds of questions, she even pinched Cheng Xi. You little wench! It wasn’t you who asked him for all this, was it?

Cheng Xi didn’t even want to respond. In the first place, she hadn’t accepted anything, all right? So no matter what they said, none of it was going to happen!

“They will agree. This is nothing much. I’m giving my assets to her so that, even if she loses her job, she’ll still have money.”

Hmm? Cheng Xi’s parents were bewildered. “Why would she lose her job?”

Cheng Xi tried to stop this conversation in its tracks before her parents became even more shocked. “Don’t listen to him. He’s just spouting nonsense.” Lu Chenzhou had already made a huge mess, and she didn’t want her parents to be wrapped up in it too.

Lu Chenzhou ignored Cheng Xi. He sat upright with his palms placed on his stomach, looking like the perfect obedient child; however, his next words almost shocked Cheng Xi’s parents to death. “I reported her.”

……There was silence.

After a lengthy pause, Cheng Xi’s mother asked her husband in confusion, “I heard wrongly, right? He reported whom?” And then she asked Lu Chenzhou, “You’re joking, aren’t you?”

“No,” he adamantly stated, “The hospital initiated an investigation into her case this afternoon.”

Cheng Xi, who was about to stop him, froze. She involuntarily massaged her forehead in pain.

Cheng Xi’s father became furious. “What the hell has my Cheng Xi done?! Why would you report your girlfriend?!”

After bursting out, he got up and was about to grab Lu Chenzhou’s collar and punch him. However, his wife and daughter quickly got between them and stopped him. His wife was the first to grab him. “Why’re you acting like this? Let’s hear what he has to say for himself first!” She dragged her husband aside, and then stared balefully at Lu Chenzhou. “Why? Tell us!”

Cheng Xi started to speak up. “Lu Chenzhou……” But then her mother shoved her aside.

Lu Chenzhou pursed his lips, his eyes half-closed. “I wanted her to lose her job.”

My goodness, what kind of reason was this? This time, it was Cheng Xi’s mother who lost her calm. “Are you crazy?! What good does it do you for her to lose her job?! …...Stop holding me back! I’m going to beat him until his head clears up!!!”

The roles had swapped; this time, it was Cheng Xi’s father who held his wife back. “Don’t get furious. Don’t get furious!”

But Cheng Xi’s mother just started yelling at her husband as well. “How can I not be furious? Do you know how hard she’s worked to get this job? Is she to throw it all away just because he wants her to? What’s she going to do? Let him raise her like a pet?”

Cheng Xi…… was deeply touched by her mother’s words. But she still stopped her from hitting Lu Chenzhou. In the end, both of her parents had to be sent to the apartment next door to calm down. Cheng Xi went with them. “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t lose my job, and he won’t raise me like a pet either.” Only after many repeated assurances did she finally convince them to not worry about this and to let her handle it.

When Cheng Xi returned to her own apartment, Lu Chenzhou was mopping the floor. She wanted to help clean up, but he had already cleared the table and washed the dishes.

So, she simply waited for him to finish, and when he finished, she called him over. “Come sit down. Can we talk?”

Lu Chenzhou obediently sat down.

Cheng Xi didn’t immediately dive into the report against her; instead, she handed the prenuptial agreement over. “Keep it. Is it that easy to make money? I can’t believe you would hand all of it over to someone else just like that.”

But Lu Chenzhou nodded calmly without accepting the folder. “Yes, it’s easy.”

Cheng Xi wanted to smile but couldn’t. She could only shake her head and gently say, “Even so, I don’t want it. Lu Chenzhou, you’re actually perfectly aware of your own mental condition, aren’t you?”

Lu Chenzhou pursed his lips. Although his expression remained cool, she could see his anxiety building, and her voice softened. “We’ve known each other for so long. If you trust me, then let me help you, alright? Lu Chenzhou, I hope that what ties us together isn’t some sort of contract or financial benefit; rather, I hope that it’s my love for you, and your love for me that holds us together.”

Lu Chenzhou glanced at her as his lips curled somewhat mockingly. “Haven’t you been trying? All this time, you dragged me to play tennis with others, intentionally told me to take care of Lu Chenming, and even to chase you. Didn’t you do all this to cure me?”

Cheng Xi couldn’t refute his accusations.

Lu Chenzhou softly asked her, “Do you love me?”

“Yes, I do.”

He pointed at the folder. “Then why don’t you want that? This is the most precious thing that I have, so why won’t you take it? It seems like you never planned to stay with me. You consider yourself a passerby, a transient part of my life, don’t you? You’ll leave me one day, won’t you?”

Cheng Xi was somewhat frightened by his tone, and she stared at him in shock. But the moment she did that, she realized that she had made a mistake. Although he still had a light smile on his face, his gaze quickly fell in temperature. “You really think that, don’t you?”

He leaned in closer, and his two hands reached up to caress her neck. “Actually, I don’t care if you love me or not. However, I can’t stand the thought of you leaving me, or of anything dragging you away from me. Do you understand?”

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