Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 186: If You Want To Catch Me

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Chapter 186: If You Want To Catch Me

Lu Chenzhou ignored Baldy and instead handed him a tennis racket. “Let’s play.”

Baldy waved the racket around with a dead-tired expression. “Are you sure? If you’re already this tired, then I’ll win even if I don’t do anything!”

Lu Chenzhou chuckled.

Baldy quickly found that he was wrong; their scores proved that, despite how weary Lu Chenzhou appeared, he insisted on winning, and he also had the ability to do so.

His tennis was particularly sharp today. After just two rounds, Baldy felt even more tired than Lu Chenzhou seemed.

At that point, he had also collapsed onto the ground. “Stop, stop, stop. I’m done.” Baldy tried to stop the game halfway, but his protests were useless, as tennis balls continued to fly at him like miniature cannonballs. If he didn’t want to end up battered and bruised like Lu Chenzhou was, then he’d have to give it his all.

When their game finally finished, Baldy was so tired that he forcefully dragged Lu Chenzhou away from the tennis court. “Let’s go do something else, alright? We can play mahjong, go racing, or even mess around with some women! Anything besides this!”

Lu Chenzhou’s expression remained disinterested until Baldy said, “mess around with some women.” At those words, he suddenly nodded and said, “Alright.”

Baldy was momentarily at a loss for words. “……”

He blinked and then, as if afraid that Lu Chenzhou would change his mind, quickly pulled him to his car. Only after they were both inside did Baldy ask, “What did you say you want to do?”

Lu Chenzhou looked outside the car window, his gaze insouciant. “Women.”


Baldy rubbed his ears in disbelief. “You sure?”


Baldy glanced at him through the backseat mirror, saw that he was serious, and clicked his tongue faintly. Dr. Cheng’s not bad. She even fixed him up to this extent…

They had known each other for many years now, but this was the first time that Lu Chenzhou had ever expressed interest in women.

But Baldy didn’t know too much about how to mess around with women either. Xu Po and Xie Ziming, on the other hand, were much more familiar with things like this; the two of them combined had dated enough girls that they could make a chain around the entire city. He immediately called the two of them, ordering, “Find a quiet place and get a few pretty girls to come around.” And then he secretly sent the two of them a WeChat message as well: Boss Lu broke up with his girlfriend. Make sure that the girls are pure and fresh!

Xie Ziming was busy, but Xu Po handled it all calmly. He casually reserved a good place, one that was surprisingly quiet and elegant. He then called a few girls over, one of whom bore a striking resemblance to Cheng Xi. She was wearing a dark blue floral dress, had skin as white as snow, a tall body, and a refined and graceful demeanor.

Baldy’s heart thumped as soon as he saw her, and he couldn’t help but poke at Xu Po. “Where’d you find someone like her? She looks just like Cheng Xi!”

Xu Po smiled as he glanced at that girl. “Are you blind? She looks nothing like her!” He then turned to Lu Chenzhou. “Is there anyone you like in particular?”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t even look up, indifferently saying, “Just pick any two.”

“Just any two……” Xu Po didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he nonetheless picked out two girls to accompany them, one of them the girl who looked like Cheng Xi.

The two girls sat down by Lu Chenzhou, one on each side. It was dinnertime, and they all had a meal together. With so many girls at the table, it was bustling with noise and excitement.

Lu Chenzhou had either completely stopped caring or finally become a common man, as he wasn’t picky or disdainful about the food at all. However, he was still as reticent as ever, and he only ate and drank whatever was placed in front of him.

As everyone else joked around, Lu Chenzhou poured himself a glass of wine. He was about to drink it when a jade-like hand stretched out in front of him. Her skin was particularly white, her fingers were as slender and thin as green onions, and her fingernails were painted in vibrant colors. All in all, the hand was so beautiful that it could have been a piece of art.

That gorgeous hand lightly held onto Lu Chenzhou’s glass, and then the owner of the hand said, “You seem to be injured. It’s best not to drink alcohol.” Then, ignoring the looks of the people around her, she poured him a glass of water. “Why don’t you have some water instead?”

The table instantly quieted down, as everyone stared at Lu Chenzhou and that reckless and daring girl.

Lu Chenzhou was a bit surprised by the girl’s actions, and he shot her a glance from the side with a gaze as still as water. “Remove your hand.” He then put down the glass and called an attendant over. “Get me a new glass, please.”

The girl bit her lips, her face flushed as red as blood. She wanted to leave but didn’t dare to. So instead, she shyly looked over at Xu Po, who had brought her over.

Xu Po didn’t even return her look, and instead whispered to Lu Chenzhou, “She’s quite meddlesome, huh? Do you want a different one?”

“No, it’s fine.” Lu Chenzhou didn’t chase the girl by his side away, instead warning her with a cool expression, “If you really want to hook up with me, then the best thing to do is nothing.”

The girl was struck speechless. How was she supposed to please him if he didn’t want her to do anything?!

But she was also very obedient. For the rest of the dinner, she didn’t do anything, and just sat by his side. After dinner, as Xu Po and the rest planned out the rest of their night, Lu Chenzhou pointed at her. “Come with me.”

The girl was overjoyed upon hearing his words, and she glanced briefly at the girl next to her before blindly following behind Lu Chenzhou. All the girls here had heard of Lu Chenzhou, who was handsome, wealthy, very difficult to catch, but once caught, more generous than anyone else.

The girl naturally thought that she had just been chosen, but from Lu Chenzhou’s perspective, she was just a warm body casually chosen to accompany him in passing.

When Xu Po saw Lu Chenzhou’s behavior, Xu Po also picked one out casually, but Baldy didn’t dare do so—actually, he was about to, but then he got a sudden call from Tian Rou. His finger trembled, and then he waved his hand at the rest of the girls, saying, “All of you can leave now. We won’t need you for the rest of the night.”

Xu Po couldn’t help but turn around in surprise, and Baldy chuckled in response. “Don’t worry. I already have a partner!” He confidently answered Tian Rou’s call, but before he could say anything, she asked, “Are you with Lu Chenzhou?”

Baldy instinctively replied. “Yes……”

“Oh, good. Cheng Xi said that she has something to talk to him about. Send me your location, and I’ll come over with her.”

Baldy was shocked speechless by the turn of events. “……”

He immediately hung up, looked at Lu Chenzhou, who had already walked so far away that Baldy couldn’t even see his shadow, and then cursed a few times. He quickly asked Xu Po, “Dr. Cheng wants to come. Do you think that we should stop her?”

Although Baldy had framed the question like this, his eyes were already starting to gleam; he was very curious about what would happen, after all.

Lu Chenzhou clearly still felt very strongly about Dr. Cheng, but the two of them had broken up all of a sudden. If he hadn’t called Lu Chenzhou’s assistant, then even he might not have known about it!

Of course, the most surprising part wasn’t that they had broken up, but rather that Dr. Cheng had left with her mind and body intact. This was simply a miracle. They had to witness it!

Xu Po also wanted to see what would happen, but he was sly and immediately distanced himself from this decision, lightly replying back to Baldy, “Isn’t that up to you?” Then, he happily watched as Baldy sent out their current address.

Lu Chenzhou had no idea about what the two of them were doing, and he had already brought the girl back to his room and went into the washroom to shower and change. He didn’t actually want to do anything with the girl, and his actions were all done out of habit.

When Baldy and Xu Po went over to knock on his door, he had just finished showering. The girl opened the door just as Lu Chenzhou walked out of the bathroom in a snowy white bathrobe. A large part of his chest and abdomen was exposed, and his image was so sexy that the two men were temporarily blinded.

Baldy squinted at him, and then at the girl, and the sudden feeling that he had made a huge mistake in calling Cheng Xi over welled up in his heart. But since it was too late to back up, he braced himself and asked, “That…… Zhou, Dr. Cheng’s here. Do you want us to call her up?”

Lu Chenzhou hesitated for a moment, looked at Baldy, and then calmly replied, “That’s fine.”

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