Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 190: You’re Splendid

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Chapter 190: You’re Splendid

When Cheng Xi saw Tian Rou’s proud face begging for a compliment, she really…… wanted to pull all her hair out!

Cheng Xi didn’t say anything, wordlessly pushed Tian Rou away, and walked outside. After just a few steps, she turned around and said, “All of you can leave now. Though, you should remember to get all the money Miss Tian promised you!”

And then, before either Miss Tian or the men could react, she hauled Tian Rou away.

Tian Rou tried to stop her. “What do you mean by you’re leaving!? You can’t leave!” But when Cheng Xi put her mind to it, she easily suppressed Tian Rou’s attempts to escape.

So what if Tian Rou was stronger than her? Cheng Xi was skilled at anatomy, and there were a number of nerves that she could pinch to control Tian Rou. After just a couple moves, Tian Rou collapsed into a heap and begged for mercy. “Alright, alright! I’ll leave, alright?! Please don’t pinch me any more!”

And she was then obediently led away by Cheng Xi.

Of course, Tian Rou had acquiesced so quickly partly because she was afraid of Cheng Xi’s expression. In all the years that she’d known Cheng Xi for, this was the most furious she’d ever seen her.

“Why are you so mad?” Tian Rou pursed her lips as she aired her grievances. “I was just trying to help you!”

Cheng Xi turned around. “Did I ask for your help?” Her expression was furious, and so was her tone. “Tian Rou, I remember telling you that I’m not lacking in men, and neither do I need men to prove my self-worth! I don’t need wolf pups, milk pups, female pups, or any kind of pup to make me feel better, alright?”

Tian Rou weakly replied, “There aren’t female pups here.”


“There are wolf pups, milk pups, and wild pups here, but no female pups.”


Cheng Xi turned back around to face forward as she massaged her forehead. She seriously did not even want to look at Tian Rou right now.

Tian Rou tugged pathetically on Cheng Xi’s sleeve. “Please don’t get mad…… Cheng Xi, don’t you know how insecure I am? When I see women as outstanding as you and Shen Wei trip due to a relationship, how can I feel secure about mine?”

This sort of logic……

Cheng Xi shook off Tian Rou’s hand and once again turned around to look at her. Originally, she wanted to yell at her some more, but she hesitated when she saw Tian Rou’s fearful and pleading face.

This wasn’t the Tian Rou that she knew, the Tian Rou who acted boisterously, laughed freely, and horsed around all day, the Tian Rou who was wild, carefree, and free of worries.

Love could really change a person.

Cheng Xi let out a deep breath, and her expression became more gentle. “Don’t look at me like that, alright? It really doesn’t suit you.”

Tian Rou let go of Cheng Xi as she demurely lowered her head.

She was serious.

Cheng Xi prodded her forehead with one finger. “Aren’t you being silly? What do Shen Wei and my failed relationships have to do with yours? Why would you lose so much confidence in yourself because of this?”

Tian Rou pitifully replied, “But the two of you are so much more qualified than me! You’re talented, skillful, and pretty, but what about me? No matter how much money I earn, people will just call me a lass from the countryside, and I have nothing besides my personality. Why did Baldy even start dating me? You might not know this, but I looked up his past girlfriend. She’s a real goddess, that one. She’s young, already one of the top ten fashion designers in the US, pretty, and elegant. How can someone like me possibly compare to someone like that?”

Cheng Xi frowned. “Who’s comparing the two of you? Baldy?”

“No. I just feel uncomfortable inside sometimes.”

Tian Rou had fallen into a truly vicious cycle. Cheng Xi didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad for Tian Rou—probably happy, because over the course of one’s life, it was hard to find someone who was so willing to love, be loved, and truly loved.

“Does Baldy know about these thoughts?”

“What would I say?” Tian Rou turned around, her tone dismal. “It’s enough if I look down on myself. Why would I want him to do so as well?”

Cheng Xi sighed.

She had originally been very mad because Tian Rou had interfered in her personal matters. Given Lu Chenzhou’s frightening possessive tendencies, her actions could have truly caused a lot of trouble for her. But Tian Rou’s current behavior wasn’t something that she could stay mad at.

Cheng Xi led Tian Rou to the car, and then began giving her advice. “Why are you trying to compare yourself to his old girlfriend?”

Tian Rou refused to answer.

“Does he keep mentioning her in front of you?”

Tian Rou nodded.

“How? Does he talk about how she’s talented and you’re not, or how she’s gentle and kind while you’re rough and frightening?”

“Not really, no.” Tian Rou put her palms together as she revealed, “It’s just that…… sometimes he talks about how if he hadn’t behaved that way, then perhaps they’d have a kid by now…… And then he’d tell me to not do that to him, and to be nicer to him.”

Fortunately, Baldy wasn’t as trashy as Cheng Xi expected him to be. Cheng Xi relaxed slightly as she consolingly said, “Don’t say that I didn’t tell you this, but this isn’t how you treat a relationship. When two people love each other with all their heart, they have to treat each other with an appropriate amount of respect, and also with honesty. If you don’t like what he’s saying, or if you’re unhappy, then you need to talk to him about it, and explain why you don’t like it. Tian Rou, you only tell yourself that you’re not a wonderful woman and that there’s nothing worth liking about you because you haven&#apos;t realized how amazing you are.”



Tian Rou gazed at Cheng Xi as if she were waiting for Cheng Xi to praise her, but all Cheng Xi did was open her palm expectantly. “Where are the keys?”

“Hmm? Oh, here.” Tian Rou handed the keys over, but Cheng Xi still didn’t say anything. She wordlessly started the car and started driving out of the parking lot. Then, she asked, “Where’s Baldy?”

“What’s the matter?”

“We’re going to find him, tell him that you’re unhappy, ask him why he likes you, and then have him tell you how amazing you are.”

“Directly? …...I’m a bit shy.”

Cheng Xi glanced at her incredulously.

“What if I can’t say anything?”

Cheng Xi calmly replied, “Then get into a fight with him. When you’re angry, you can say anything without feeling embarrassed.”

Tian Rou was the one struck speechless this time.

And, just like this, Tian Rou’s blind date party for Cheng Xi had morphed into Cheng Xi helping Tian Rou seek Baldy out for validation.

While the two were running around, Baldy was currently so anxious his legs were involuntarily spasming, but he couldn’t call the two of them because Lu Chenzhou was sitting right in front of him! When Tian Rou had sent him that image of hers, he had been playing mahjong, and in a fit of shock, he had actually discarded the wrong tiles!

And then Tian Rou even had the gall to text him: It’s a little wolf pup that Dr. Cheng found. Show this picture to Lu Chenzhou. Look at how well Dr. Cheng’s doing after leaving him!

Jesus! Baldy firmly shut his phone, making sure to not let Lu Chenzhou see a single thing!

But he also had to message Tian Rou back and tell her to not do anything like that…… Baldy was anxiously worrying about what he should do, but he also had to remain calm and play mahjong with Lu Chenzhou. Multitasking these high-difficulty tasks was beyond him, and he had lost miserably!

But he couldn’t leave halfway, as he had suggested to Lu Chenzhou that they should play more mahjong than tennis. Thus, they had already arranged to play a few games today…… However, Baldy had received this shocking text message from Tian Rou during the first round, and if he left now, then they’d all beat him to death.

Baldy braced himself to keep playing. Luckily, Tian Rou called him, and after checking the caller ID, he said, “Something came up at work. I need to take a call.” Then, he let Xu Po’s girlfriend temporarily take over as he ran out.

After Baldy heard that Tian Rou was heading over to find him, he felt quite satisfied—he’d have to lecture her in-person for doing something like this! And so, he immediately gave her his address and said, “I’ll wait for you outside!”

He was prepared to give her a big talking-to. Honestly, how reckless could she be? She even tried to provoke Lu Chenzhou!

But when Tian Rou’s car arrived, Baldy instantly saw Cheng Xi, and he cursed without thinking. “Why are you here?”

Cheng Xi and Tian Rou were both stunned speechless. “……”

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