Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 192: Just Who Do You Think You Are?

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Chapter 192: Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Lu Chenzhou carefully scrutinized the unfamiliar girl in front of him, comparing her reaction to Cheng Xi’s after he asked to kiss her. As he watched on, the girl in front of her quickly blushed, lowered her head and eyes, and then softly accepted. “That’s fine.”

But Lu Chenzhou didn’t move. The girl hesitated for a moment. Then, she leaned over, inclined her head slightly, and moved in to kiss him. But right before she was about to reach him, he poked her forehead with a finger. “Wipe the makeup off of your face first.”

The girl’s blush deepened, and she bit her lips and shot him a glance, looking particularly wronged.

But Lu Chenzhou remained indifferent. He had actually grabbed a napkin and was wiping his finger down—yes, her makeup was pretty thick, and some of it had gotten on his finger. But the harder Lu Chenzhou tried to wipe it off, the worse it felt. In the end, he gave up and decided to just wash his hand, ignoring the coquettish glances the girl was throwing at him. When she saw her advances being snuffed, she shot Lu Chenzhou another supercilious look, opened her bag, and started to remove her makeup. She was still very beautiful even without it; it was just that her countenance was a bit too pale without it.

She didn’t know whether Lu Chenzhou was satisfied or not, because it took him more time to wash a single finger than it did for her to remove her entire face’s makeup. After he finished, he then picked up a cloth and started cleaning his whole body fastidiously before finally sitting back down in his original seat, looking at her coldly.

His expression was so cold that it felt like he wasn’t looking at her at all, as if she were just another bystander.

The girl, however, thought to herself that, as long as she could conquer him, all of this would be worth it!

After all, he was famous for his mysophobia, and almost never allowed any physical contact; it was already quite unusual for him to ask for a kiss!

And so, she leaned over for the second time, but she was still unsuccessful. She was still a fair distance from Lu Chenzhou’s lips when his forehead scrunched up and he said, “Your body smells bad.”

The girl’s face didn’t turn red this time. It turned green!

Since she knew that she would be accompanying him, she had spent a huge amount on authentic Chanel perfume! All of the other perfume she had was low-quality, alright? But despite everything, he still found her scent unpleasant?!

The worst thing was, Lu Chenzhou was being serious. He had no intentions of teasing or insulting her. He was just trying to be truthful, telling her, in a matter-of-fact tone, that She! Did! Not! Smell! Good!

Alright, she’d have to bear it some more!

The girl barely restrained her anger, turned around, and went back inside the bathroom again. This time, she undressed herself and took a very, very long bath. When she felt satisfied, she covered herself in a towel and then admired her own figure in the mirror—she was tall, her waist thin, her breasts large, her legs straight, and she had washed herself until she smelled good everywhere. If animation effects were real, she’d probably have stars sparkling all over her body.

In her opinion, even if her body couldn’t blind Director Lu, it could still at least arouse him to the point of something happening. But! Something! Still! Went! Wrong!

This time, she did manage to kiss him. Their lips met and touched, and then…… and then that was it.

Lu Chenzhou leaned back slightly, avoiding her. Then, as if he’d just given her a great boon, he pompously declared, “Alright, you can leave now.”

……Was he joking?

The girl tried to shed some crocodile tears. “What’s the matter? Did I not do a good enough job?”

“No.” Lu Chenzhou was frowning slightly. “I feel no sexual desire towards you.”

……Critical hit!

If he didn’t feel anything towards her, then why had he asked to kiss her? The girl barely held herself back from shouting at him, and she swallowed her anger and instead asked, “Why don’t we do something else instead?” She looked bashfully at his lower body. “I can do even more for you.”

He looked back at her, smiling.

The girl smiled back in response, blinked, and prepared to take action. But then, the man in front of her picked up his phone, dialed a number, and said, “I have someone who doesn’t understand human speech in my room. Please send someone over and drag her away.”

The girl was speechless. “……”

After he finished his call, he looked at her arrogantly. “I don’t want to hit women.”

……What the hell!

She stood up, her face intermittently flushing red and green. This time, she was unable to bear it any further, and she exploded, throwing her towel at his face. “You asshole! Who do you think you are?!”

If she weren’t trying to seduce this famed gold mine, then why would she swallow her anger and keep doing as he demanded?!

Lu Chenzhou was dazed after the girl threw her still-warm towel at him.

Yup, he’d never been treated like this before in his life.

The strange thing was, Lu Chenzhou actually didn’t get mad. He removed the towel from his face, lay down on the bed, looked at the ceiling, and started smiling lazily again.

The girl felt like she was about to go mad from anger. She hurriedly put her clothes on and ran off.

After she left, she even posted her experience online, as an article on a forum titled “The stupid nouveau riche I just met!” In it, she cursed all the men she’d ever encountered in her line of work, including Baldy and Lu Chenzhou. Of course, she focused most of her attention on Lu Chenzhou, since she had interacted with him the most recently and also because he was why she had written the article. She described him as “fussy and picky,” “having a paralyzed face,” “fastidious about cleanliness,” and “low sex drive.”

Of all these, “low sex drive” was the worst, and in the end, it somehow evolved into “erectile dysfunction.” Then, a new post came out, titled, “Shocking! The most eligible bachelor, the head of Donglai, suffers from erectile dysfunction!”

This post went viral and made its rounds through social media, eventually landing on Baldy’s feed. When he saw it, he almost choked. “Who started all this?” When he finally found the original post, he made a comment on the article: If Boss Lu really suffers from erectile dysfunction, then why would he buy a whole box of condoms? And along with that comment, he attached a picture of a receipt for the condoms that he had bought for him, as well as the whole box of condoms.

But Baldy wasn’t done yet, and he added another comment: This is how much he used in three months. :)

The thread exploded.

But by then, Baldy was feeling very pleased with himself, thinking that he had helped Lu Chenzhou exterminate a rumor. He even considerately looked up the source of the rumors. When he saw who it was, he cursed aloud and called Xu Po. “What kind of woman did you find? Look at what she’s saying about Boss Lu!”

After Xu Po finished reading the post, he too was furious. The girl had been recommended by some other fellow who’d known her for quite some time. Both her temperament and character were good, and she even looked a little like Dr. Cheng. While he hadn’t dared to show her to Lu Chenzhou before, when Baldy told him that Lu Chenzhou had broken up with Dr. Cheng, he had finally brought her over. Originally, it was just to see what sort of reaction Lu Chenzhou would have. He never expected that he’d actually call the woman over, but that was still all right—however, what was this mess all about?

Could the woman have possibly been a spy sent over by one of his rivals? Xu Po wanted to deal with her, but Lu Chenzhou was the one who had suffered the most from this incident. Thus, Xu Po ran over to first ask him how he wanted to deal with the affair. This was a woman that he’d brought over, after all, so he had to take responsibility.

But after Lu Chenzhou listened to him describe the entire affair, he casually asked, “Who’s that?”

Xu Po was speechless.

You kept this girl by your side for so many days, but you still don’t even know her name? So this girl became so furious because you didn’t respond to her?

Xu Po immediately lost all intention to deal with the problem.

While Xu Po’s emotions were in turmoil, a thirty-something year old man suddenly broke into Lu Chenzhou’s office, ignoring his assistant’s cries to stop.

It seemed as if he knew Lu Chenzhou, because he waved at the assistant as he apologized.

The assistant let go of him, and the man who’d walked in unannounced loosened his collar and walked over with a cool expression on his face. Xu Po admired how daring this man was to treat Lu Chenzhou with such disrespect, but it turned out that he was even more daring than that. After walking up to Lu Chenzhou, he actually raised his arm and punched Lu Chenzhou right in the face.

Xu Po was frozen in place.

What was this world coming to?!

But he still had to stop him. He, along with Lu Chenzhou’s assistant, immediately grabbed the man and restrained him.

That man didn’t try to struggle. He just glared contemptuously at Lu Chenzhou, spat at him, and shouted, “You bastard! I can’t believe you’re trying to ruin my sister’s career even after breaking up with her! My sister must have been blind to get together with you!”

Xu Po: …… o(╯□╰)o

Dr. Cheng’s brother was actually even more ferocious than she was!

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