Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 195: Who Did You Sleep With When You Were Drunk?!

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Chapter 195: Who Did You Sleep With When You Were Drunk?!

Cheng Xi’s cup of alcohol was too full. After her blaze of glory, Cheng Xi was so dizzy that she almost collapsed onto the floor in a daze.

As she left the celebration, she still managed to wave goodbye to her colleagues normally, which caused them all to shoot an askance look at her. “So you’re actually a good drinker, huh? Have you just been pretending to have a low alcohol tolerance all this time?” They very much wanted to drag her back and have another round with her.

Still light-headed, Cheng Xi replied, “Let’s go, let’s go! I can drink a few more glasses.”

She smiled vibrantly, her dimples filled with irresistible sweetness. However, that expression of hers only made it even more clear that she was actually about to fall into a drunken stupor. The head nurse pulled her back. “Alright, stop it. If you drink any more, we’ll have to carry you back.”

Cheng Xi was dissatisfied. “I’m still sober!” And to prove that she wasn’t lying, she refused to let anyone send her home and instead took a taxi all by herself. But on the way back, she nonetheless ended up asking the driver to stop the car so that she could vomit by the roadside. Her head was a complete mess by the time she finished, and she had to call Cheng Yang and ask him to pick her up. “Brother, I’m drunk! Wait for me at the foot of the building.”

Cheng Yang didn’t respond, so Cheng Xi muttered, “Don’t tell mom……she’ll scold me.”

After a brief pause, she went on to say, “When I’m gone, don’t make mom mad anymore. It’s fine even if you don’t make as much money, as long as you don’t overwork yourself for nothing.”

Then, after another pause, she said, “Don’t do bad things.”

And, “Don’t go looking for trouble with Lu Chenzhou either. Brother, I still like him a lot, and it hurts me to see you fight him.”

She kept on babbling as she was worried that if she stopped, then she might fall asleep. And then the taxi driver might take advantage of her…… She felt like she was still very self aware, and she even remembered to tell the driver, “Let me know when we arrive. My brother’s waiting for me.”

She even knew to tell Cheng Yang: “If you can’t find me, go and look for the head nurse. She took a photo of the taxi’s license plate.”

Her logic was very clear.

Cheng Yang didn’t say anything during the entire phone call, but he didn’t hang up either. Cheng Xi sunk into the side of the seat as she cradled her phone, completely forgetting everything she had said. She fell asleep for an unknown amount of time. When she woke up, the taxi had stopped, and she heard the driver ask, “Are you her brother?”

Cheng Xi heard a cool and clear voice reply as the taxi’s door opened. She tried to open her eyes. “Brother?”

The person gripped her arm and hoisted her up as he softly grunted.

It was a familiar voice, and as she leaned on him, she smelled a familiar scent. Cheng Xi relaxed, let her eyes droop shut, and she flopped down in his lap, incoherently muttering, “Lu Chenzhou……”

The hands holding her up tightened, and the rest of her memories of that night were a blur. She thought that she had gotten home and fallen asleep in a drunken daze, but then she seemed to stumble into a shameless dream. In her dream, Lu Chenzhou embraced her passionately. He was so aroused that he pressed his body up against hers, pinned her against the front door, and then started kissing her right then and there. Her body went limp, and he held her up even as he continued to kiss her from behind. They became wilder and more passionate with each kiss, until they were scalding, burning hot.

She clearly didn’t care about his supposed new girlfriend, but in her dreams, she pursed her lips and said, “Lu Chenzhou, I don’t want to be a mistress.”

He panted into her ear, “You’re not.”

She was very dissatisfied. “Liar. You already have a new girlfriend, and soon, you’ll even have a new fiancée.”

He shamelessly replied, “Who’s that?”

Cheng Xi couldn’t say anything in response, because even she didn’t know who his supposed girlfriend was. All she could remember was that this supposed girlfriend was a young girl, even younger than her, and probably prettier too.

Her heart felt constricted. “Well, you’ll get one in the future…… I’m moving to Gansu, and I’ll be far away from you, so after a while, I’m sure that you’ll forget about me and meet someone new.” She leaned against the front door, and after revealing her true thoughts, the urge to cry welled up inside her. Then, like a dam breaking loose, tears started rolling down her face. She couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to, and the sobs and sniffles poured forth ceaselessly.

He turned her around, and then softly kissed her glistening tears as they rolled down her slightly puckered lips. It was a gentle action, but it carried with it an ineffable sentimentality.

The entire scene was indescribably sad.

He started apologizing to her as he kissed her. “Cheng Xi, I don’t dare to love you too much. I’m scared that I won’t be able to stop myself from breaking your wings, so…… if you can, you should fly far away from me.”

She bit down fiercely on his shoulder. “Lu Chenzhou, you’ll regret this.”

With those words, they mutually stopped talking and started vigorously clawing at each other’s clothes. Their actions were so fierce that it seemed like they wanted to consume each other whole.

They went at it for a long time, moving from the front door all the way to the living room, and then from the living room to the sofa. Cheng Xi thought that, since she was dreaming, she’d indulge herself. There were a few times where Lu Chenzhou wanted to leave and let her rest, but she pushed herself back onto his body. “No sleep! Keep going!”

The end result of her “dream” was that, the next day, when Cheng Xi woke up, she felt like her body had been rolled over by heavy-duty machinery, and she was sore from head to toe.

Cheng Xi was shocked at her ability to dream. Her dream had been so realistic that she could still feel the pain all over her body…… Pain! Cheng Xi immediately sobered up. This sensation was too real—if she kept trying to write it off as just a dream, that’d be too much of an insult to her intelligence.

She quickly jumped out of bed and twisted her head around, looking for Lu Chenzhou. Fortunately, no one else was in bed with her!

But if Lu Chenzhou wasn’t in her bed, then who did she sleep with last night?


A sense of dread and unease flooded Cheng Xi’s heart, and she anxiously lifted her blankets, hoping that it had all been just a dream…… Nope. The bruises and bite marks all over her body were incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

“Cheng Xi! Aren’t you going to get up yet?” Cheng Xi’s mother opened her door in frustration.

Cheng Xi quickly rewrapped herself in her blankets and looked innocently at her mother. “I’m already up……”

“If you’re up, then get dressed quickly. Aren’t you hungry?”

Cheng Xi really wasn’t all that hungry, but feeding her was how her mother expressed her love. During these last few days when her mother was staying over, Cheng Xi hadn’t been able to sleep in even though she didn’t have work because her mother woke her up early every day to eat breakfast. She believed that if they didn’t eat, then they would be hungry.

Cheng Xi took a deep breath to regather her wits. Then, she clambered out of bed with her aching body and a curious satiated feeling, washed up, and then entered the dining room. Her brother and parents had already started eating breakfast. Since Cheng Xi was going to leave soon, all three of them had temporarily moved into the apartment next door without a single stain on their consciences. As her mother had said, “We’re going to stay in his place, use his utilities, and wait for him to come knocking on the door! Then, we can settle accounts!”

But Lu Chenzhou never showed up, and so they had continued to stay there.

Cheng Xi yawned, and her gaze naturally landed on Cheng Yang’s face. Cheng Yang was slurping on his noodles, and when he noticed her stare, he jeered back at her. “You got drunk again last night, didn’t you? Honestly, the fact that you made it back despite you getting drunk off of just two glasses of beer is quite impressive.”

Cheng Xi cautiously asked, “……So when I asked you to go downstairs and fetch me, you never went?”

“Did you call me?” He took out his phone and briefly checked it. “I didn’t get a call from you.”


She immediately turned around and went back into her room to look for her phone, where she eventually found it lying inside her bag.

As she retrieved her phone, she noticed that the area around the front door was particularly tidy. Actually, it wasn’t just the front door; the living room, the bedroom, and actually everywhere that she’d let loose in her “dream” seemed to have been cleaned. Even the red dress that she wore last night had been washed clean, and it was currently drying on the balcony.

With all this in mind, Cheng Xi already had an inkling as to whom she had slept with last night, but she still opened her phone to confirm it. Right there, it clearly stated that her last call had been made to Lu Chenzhou.

Call duration: 43 minutes.

So it hadn’t actually been a dream last night. It turns out that in her drunken haze, she had called Lu Chenzhou instead of her brother and then had a particularly wild night with him.

A sentence suddenly jumped to mind. “No sleep! Keep going!”

Cheng Xi held her phone, still in shock. “……”

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