Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 200: Your Saliva Stinks!

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Chapter 200: Your Saliva Stinks!

Lu Chenzhou didn’t say anything to Cheng Yang, only looking at him with an overbearingly haughty expression.

Cheng Yang, on the other hand, was furious. He quickly sobered up, clutched his forehead, and gasped out loud. “What kind of gaze is that?! Are you blaming me for disrupting your sleep?” By this point, Cheng Yang’s anger had built up so much that he had to laugh to release some of the pressure. Then, he pointed at the door and said, “Scram, scram, scram! I’ll forgive you this once on account of Lu Chenming, but if you ever return to this apartment again, I’ll report you to the police!”

“Scram!” Lu Chenzhou was much more authoritative than Cheng Yang. His tone was cold and deep as if it were a punch thrown at his face.

Cheng Yang thought that he’d heard wrong, and in his anger, even his tone changed. “What?”

Lu Chenzhou’s face was dark and stormy. He slowly enunciated, one word at a time, “Get the hell out of here!”


Cheng Yang had never met anyone this shameless in his entire lifetime! He jumped up from the floor and loudly yelled back, “Where’s your pride? Your face? Do you know whose house this is? Huh? This is my sister’s apartment, and I helped pay for it! You want me to scram? Are you asking for a beating?”

Lu Chenzhou continued to ignore him.

Cheng Yang rolled his sleeves up. “You asked for it!”

He leapt up and was about to grab Lu Chenzhou’s neck and drag him out. However, the reason why he had managed to hit Lu Chenzhou last time was only because Lu Chenzhou hadn’t expected it; this time, Cheng Yang wasn’t as lucky. Before he could even get close, Lu Chenzhou had kicked him back onto the floor.


Since Cheng Yang was drunk, he was also a lot more bullheaded than usual. He thumped the floor with his fist before stubbornly leaping onto the bed again. This time, he was also prepared and managed to stop himself from being kicked off. Instead of trying to grapple Lu Chenzhou’s upper body, he aimed for Lu Chenzhou’s legs, and once he had a grip, he bit down on Lu Chenzhou’s exposed thigh with a savage howl.

Mr. Lu was currently only wearing his underwear.

Cheng Yang’s bite caused a shudder to run through Lu Chenzhou’s entire body—he didn’t expect that Cheng Xi’s twin brother would be so shameless as to actually bite someone! No, no, no. To Lu Chenzhou, being bitten wasn’t the main point; rather, the main point was that Cheng Yang had woken him up. Lu Chenzhou’s recent nights had been restless and devoid of sleep. Then, today, he had suddenly thought of sleeping in Cheng Xi’s bed. As he finally had a peaceful sleep for the first time in a long while, he dreamed of doing…… certain things with her, until he was roused by a foreign touch.

When Lu Chenzhou first felt that foreign touch, he honestly thought for a brief moment that Cheng Xi had returned. His heart ached for her, but he instantly noticed that something was off. Cheng Xi’s hand seemed much larger and coarser than he remembered! It wasn’t her!

And so he had ruthlessly kicked the offending person off of the bed.

Lu Chenzhou was so angry that his fury could burn down a mountain. After all, not only did Cheng Yang try to chase him out, he even tried to beat him up! Mr. Lu’s eyes turned red, and he pounced on him.

One was enraged and the other drunk. The two of them roughly tussled about on Cheng Xi’s bed, fighting tooth and nail. Under normal conditions, Cheng Yang didn’t stand a chance at winning against Lu Chenzhou. Even though their height and weight were similar, Cheng Yang didn’t exercise very often, which meant that his body was in worse condition. However, his shamelessness helped keep him in the game; if he couldn’t beat Lu Chenzhou in terms of strength, then he’d bite and lick him. Cheng Yang’s tongue was unusually long, like a frog’s, and it was just as flexible and disgusting. His strategy revolved around licking Mr. Lu to induce an opening and then socking him in a weak spot.

The two of them actually ended up in a strange equilibrium until they both fell back onto their half of the bed, exhausted. Lu Chenzhou’s lower jaw was swollen and Cheng Yang had a black eye, Lu Chenzhou’s face had a long scratch on it and Cheng Yang’s nose had almost been bent out of shape…… there were many other small wounds all over their bodies.

Neither of them had gained much of an advantage in their fight.

Cheng Yang had completely sobered up by now. His body was too battered to move, but that didn’t stop him from talking. “I’m going to go learn martial arts so that I can protect my sister from bastards like you! Shit, do you think that you can do anything you want just because you’re rich? And that, just because you’re rich, that my sister would aim for your money? What kind of logic is that? And what’s the point of you coming over here like this, huh? After harming my sister, you then want to come back to her place and reminisce about the past? Why don’t I stab you and then shed a few tears for you at your grave, hmm? I’m telling you, I don’t like the look of you at all. You’d better not show up in front of me again, or I’ll keep fighting you whenever I see you!”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t say a single word in response. He merely lay there cold and silent, almost to the point of not breathing. It was as if he was dead. He only showed signs of life when Cheng Yang said, “You know what I hate the most about you? If you had actually caused my sister to lose her license, that would have been fine! But instead, she’s been reassigned to some godforsaken remote outpost…… My sister’s all but lost to me now, and she won’t be able to come back if she doesn’t settle down there. Meanwhile, you bastard, you’re just doing whatever you want, aren’t you? Leading a comfortable life and playing with beautiful women while she’s there eating sand…… what’re you doing?”

Lu Chenzhou had suddenly sat upright, clutched his chest, and started breathing shallowly, as if he were in agony.


Damn, I didn’t beat him up that hard, did I? Though Cheng Yang didn’t like Lu Chenzhou, he didn’t want to kill him either!

“You, you…… you, I’m only going to say this once! You’d better not be pretending to be fragile! I’m the one who was hurt worse, alright?!” As he said this, Cheng Yang rolled around in bed, exaggeratedly shouting, “Ouch, ouch!”

His voice was so loud and obnoxious that anyone listening would feel the compulsion to rip out his tongue.

But Lu Chenzhou seemed to be oblivious to the screeching noise. After holding his hand over his chest and sitting upright for a while, he quickly ran out of the bed and into the washroom.

Cheng Yang followed him to the door, enduring the aches screaming from every part of his body. He put his ear to the door and eavesdropped, but all he heard was the sound of running water.

He relaxed, and then quickly became angry at Lu Chenzhou for frightening him. How could he be in the mood to shower right now? Cheng Yang crawled back into bed and thought about splashing Lu Chenzhou with a basin of water used to wash feet. He even prepared such a basin, but Lu Chenzhou never emerged from the bathroom no matter how long he waited.

He didn’t drown in the bathtub, could he? My god, this is really…… Cheng Yang felt like he must have owed this man something huge in his past life. Even though it was Lu Chenzhou who had broken into his private residence and beaten him up, Cheng Yang was now the one worrying about him—how strange was that?

Cheng Yang felt worse and worse the more he thought about it, When he could no longer stand the distress in his heart, he finally ran over and knocked on the bathroom door. However, before his fist touched the door, the door abruptly opened on its own, revealing Lu Chenzhou standing at the door, wrapped only in a towel. His body was wet, causing his taut muscles to glisten magnificently. He was calmly looking at Cheng Yang with an incomparably sexy but cool gaze.

Cheng Yang was struck speechless.

His shoulders were broad, his waist narrow, his legs long and shapely, his muscles taut and well defined, and his skin sleek…… It was no wonder even someone as picky as Cheng Xi would end up being attracted to him! Cheng Yang stared at Lu Chenzhou’s body evilly. “You took so long to wash yourself. Do you think that water’s free?!”

Lu Chenzhou mildly replied, “Your saliva stinks.”

Evidently, he had to spend a lot of time to wash the stink off.


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