Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 201: Battle Strategies

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Chapter 201: Battle Strategies

Cheng Yang raised his middle finger at him.

Lu Chenzhou ignored his provocative gesture as he usually did, coolly picked up his own clothes, and then put them on properly. After glancing one last time at Cheng Yang, who was lying paralyzed on the bed, he left.

As Lu Chenzhou walked through the living room, Cheng Yang heard him make a call. “Prepare a bed and have it brought to the residential area near Renyi…… Yes, tomorrow’s fine.”


Was he disdaining the fact that I laid down on this bed? Lu Chenzhou’s every action aggravated Cheng Yang, to the point where he wanted to run out and start fighting with him again. Did he have to act so arrogantly just because he had money? Cheng Yang was really infuriated!

But Cheng Yang didn’t think things through. The next day, when he came back to Cheng Xi’s apartment, he found that…… He! Couldn’t! Enter!

His fingerprint had been removed from the scanner’s database, and the passcode had been changed.

A wad of disgust welled up from within Cheng Yang’s chest and got stuck in his throat, unable to be swallowed or spat out. It took him quite a while before he calmed down and called Cheng Xi. “What’s the master passcode at your place?”

By then, Cheng Xi had long since arrived at Gansu and had started working. She quietly and obediently listened to her seniors, allowing her beauty, skills, generosity, and calmness to quickly establish a strong foothold for herself there.

Of course, it also helped that the psychiatry department there was pretty weak.

When she received Cheng Yang’s call, she was actually heading to the director’s office. She didn’t ask why he needed the master passcode, and only answered back with a string of numbers before hanging up.

Cheng Yang entered the passcode that Cheng Xi gave him, all the while thinking, Ha, did Lu Chenzhou really think that I’d be locked out if he deleted my fingerprint and changed the passcode? He really looks down on me, doesn’t he?! Well, why don’t you change the master passcode, too.

But it really didn’t do him well to underestimate Lu Chenzhou, because when Cheng Yang entered the master passcode that Cheng Xi had given him, a robotic female voice expressionlessly said, “I’m sorry, but your passcode is incorrect. Please try again.”


He was so furious that he called some of his workers over. “Get two people over here right now. I want to Replace! A! Door!”

Let’s see who wins in the end, hmm?

While Cheng Yang was fighting childishly with Lu Chenzhou, Cheng Xi pushed open the door to the director’s office. Gansu’s psychiatry department head was a forty-something female. She wasn’t too tall and had slightly curly hair. When she was young, she too had studied at Renyi. She respected Cai Yi very much, so she was particularly friendly towards Cheng Xi.

Whenever Cheng Xi ran into her, she would invariably ask, “Are you used to the place yet?”

And then she would follow up with, “If you need anything, just let me know.”

This time was the same, and Cheng Xi smiled and replied, as she always did, “I’m quite used to it already. I’m not a picky person, so I can feel at home just about anywhere.”

This was the honest truth. Cheng Xi had very few needs, so as long as she had something to do, food to eat, and a place to sleep, she would be fine. She had the basic necessities and wasn’t lacking in either mental fortitude or material things.

After hearing her serious reply, the director smiled a little. “You’ve really changed my opinion on young doctors—you’re not pampered or unreasonable at all. Alright, since you’re so used to it, then please take care of this patient suffering from PTSD.”

She then handed Cheng Xi the medical records in front of her.

Cheng Xi slowly started flipping through and reading the dossier. The patient was a thirty-year-old female teacher. After an earthquake in 20XX, she had developed mental issues, and because she didn’t receive any counseling in time, her mental trauma had developed into PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Gansu was located right on top of a fault line, which meant that there were many earthquakes and even more patients like this one. The director said, “This patient was sent over by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Her identity’s a bit special, as she’s both a hero and a victim. In that earthquake, she ended up saving 24 children, but she also lost a leg and her newlywed husband in the process. The ministry regards this patient very highly, and I know that you even treated a very troublesome case of Cotard’s syndrome. Thus, I recommended you to them.”

Upon hearing the director’s last words, Cheng Xi paused for a moment before shaking her head. “Actually, she hasn’t completely recovered yet. That patient’s still in the hospital, and she appears to have relapsed.”

“I know,” the director said, cutting her off, “I’ve talked with Cai Yi, and she said that it wasn’t your fault. Honestly, if you had a bit more time, you could have done an even better job. So don’t be too modest. I believe in you.”

Cheng Xi couldn’t say anything but “Thank you,” at that point.

In the afternoon, she met her new patient, who was called Qin Shiya. If Cheng Xi hadn’t read through her medical records beforehand, Cheng Xi really wouldn’t have believed that the person in front of her was the same age as her. She seemed more like a fifty-something matron, with dry and partially white hair, thin and emaciated cheeks, and sunken eyes. Her whole body seemed desiccated, and the clothes clung to her slender frame as if they were on a bamboo pole.

Qin Shiya herself didn’t even notice that a new doctor had been assigned to her, only saying, “I don’t want any kind of treatment. I just want sleeping pills. I want to sleep. It’s been so long since I last slept.”

Cheng Xi believed her, because her condition and complexion were both classic symptoms of long-term insomnia.

She nodded concisely. “Alright.” Then, she withdrew two white tablets from a nearby drawer and handed them over.

Qin Shiya looked at those two tablets and expressionlessly said, “It’s not enough. I want more. Ten tablets, twenty tablets—the more the better. If there aren’t enough, then it won’t work.”

The middle-aged woman accompanying her, who had introduced herself as Qin Shiya’s mother, anxiously shook her head at Cheng Xi.

Cheng Xi smiled and focused on Qin Shiya. “I can give more to you. However, as a safety precaution, can I request that you rest by my side? I have a bed here. It’s very comfortable and quiet.”

Only then did Qin Shiya raise her head, carefully scrutinizing Cheng Xi before agreeing. “Alright.”

Cheng Xi got up. “Then let me go and get some more pills for you.” She took out the medicine container in the drawer and showed it to her. “I don’t have enough here.”

As Cheng Xi left, Qin Shiya’s mother hurriedly followed her out. “Are you the doctor that Director Huang recommended? How can you be so hasty? Why would you prescribe her so many sleeping pills? Are you trying to kill her?!”

“Shh~~” Cheng Xi made a shushing gesture with her finger. “Please believe me. I’m a doctor.”

She didn’t offer any further explanation, but because she was young, pretty, and new to the hospital, she seemed too inexperienced to be a good doctor despite all of her qualifications. Honestly, Qin Shiya’s mother had a very hard time believing her words.

She could only watch on angrily as Cheng Xi left and came back, holding what seemed to be a brand new bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. As Cheng Xi entered the room, she asked Qin Shiya, “How many pills do you need?”

It was as if she were handing out candy rather than sleeping pills.

“Are these real?”

“Of course.” Cheng Xi smiled as she took a tablet out. “Do you want to check?”

Cheng Xi’s tone and expression were both calm and steady. Qin Shiya squinted at her for a while before coolly replying, “No, that’s fine. Give me the whole bottle.”

“That won’t do.” After Cheng Xi said this, she poured out a select number of tablets on her palm. “I can only give you this much, as if you exceed the maximum safe dose by too much, then I can’t guarantee your safety.”

But there were still at least ten tablets on her white and elegant palm.

This was really too negligent!

But before Qin Shiya could say anything, her mother lost her cool. She furiously shouted, “What kind of doctor are you? Do you have any sense of ethics or medical expertise?!”

It was so loud that Qin Shiya clutched her head in agony. “It hurts! Stop yelling!”

Her mother was so frightened by Qin Shiya’s outburst that she immediately quieted down, stooped down, and started comforting her. When Cheng Xi walked over, Qin Shiya’s mother pushed her away and angrily glared at her before turning back to Qin Shiya and saying, “Shiya, let’s go home. We’ll find another hospital.”

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