Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 212: Shiver In Fright, You Nobodies!

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Chapter 212: Shiver In Fright, You Nobodies!

Cheng Xi had only been to Lu Chenzhou’s place once, which was when he’d gotten septicemia and the serious cold that had forced him to spend a whole month in the hospital.

Of course, at that time, the situation had been better because the rest of the Lu family had known the passcode to the front gate. But now, when Cheng Xi entered the passcode that she’d written down in her phone, she found that it had been changed.

Cheng Xi was caught unprepared by this turn of events.

She looked expectantly towards Lu Chenming.

Lu Chenming quickly shook his head. He didn’t know the passcode either; honestly, this was his first time coming to Lu Chenzhou’s place. “Let me ask my grandmother.”

Cheng Xi didn’t expect her to know either; and as expected, his grandparents also only knew the old passcode. “The last time we came here, we simply walked inside because we thought that he wasn’t there. But to our surprise, he was actually at home. But after that, he changed the passcode and we were never able to return.” But Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother was nonetheless still very happy to see that Cheng Xi had returned. She even made Lu Chenming hand her his phone so that she could directly say, “Cheng Xi, it’s good that you’re back. Zhou will definitely get better once he sees you. Thank you, Cheng Xi.”

Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother was particularly worked up by Cheng Xi’s return. For some reason, she seemed to believe that, as long as Cheng Xi was here, her grandson would be all right again.

Cheng Xi didn’t know how to respond to their blind devotion, but Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother simply kept going without waiting for a response. After talking aimlessly for quite a while, she turned back and said to her husband, “Old man, we don’t have to worry anymore. Dr. Cheng’s back, so everything will return to normal soon.”

Cheng Xi’s senses were keen, and she immediately picked up on the fact that Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother didn’t seem to be at their home. After Lu Chenming’s grandmother hung up, she asked him, “Is your grandfather in the hospital?”

“That’s right.”

Cheng Xi was slightly surprised to hear him say this in a lofty tone. “What happened?”

Lu Chenming noticed that Cheng Xi’s tone wasn’t too happy, and he was at a loss for how he should reply. Eventually, Cheng Yang had to step in, and he said, “It’s nothing major. He’s just a little old and had too much on his plate lately. So, the doctors recommended that he spend some time at the hospital.”

Cheng Xi understood from his veiled words that this was most likely a ploy to bait Lu Chenzhou from his house. And despite its failure, in order to prevent his grandson from catching on, Lu Chenzhou’s grandfather could only remain in the hospital for a while.

The three of them stood outside Lu Chenzhou’s front gate somewhat helplessly. Neither pressing the doorbell, calling for Lu Chenzhou, nor shouting loudly worked; Lu Chenzhou didn’t show any signs of coming out. Instead, the community management came over: apparently they’d received complaints from the other residents about the noise they were making. If they didn’t immediately leave, they’d call the police.

“Who made the report? The person staying here?” Cheng Yang pointed at Lu Chenzhou’s house.


Cheng Xi sighed. Honestly, given Lu Chenzhou’s personality, it’d be a miracle if he cared enough about this noise to call and get rid of it.

She immediately stepped forward and said, “I’m sorry, but we were invited here by Mr. Lu. He doesn’t seem to have returned yet. We’ll make sure to not make a big fuss and wait for him here quietly.”

It took some more persuasion before the management personnel finally left them alone. Then after just a few minutes, Cheng Yang was the first to grow impatient. “What’re we waiting for? If he doesn’t open the gate, then we should leave! He’ll be fine for another day or two! You shouldn’t unnecessarily worry yourself like this.”

Since his sister was right in front of him, he didn’t say anything excessive, but he really didn’t understand why she was so concerned for Lu Chenzhou. Hadn’t his sister been hurt enough by him? If not for her superiors at the hospital looking favorably upon her, Cheng Xi might have lost all of her hard-earned reputation and credibility as a skilled doctor.

They’d even gone so far as to come over and check up on him. So if he didn’t want to see them, then what was the point of trying? Why didn’t they just leave?!

Lu Chenming also began to hesitate. “Why don’t we…… leave? My brother doesn’t like it when people disturb him.”

Like Cheng Yang, he also wasn’t overly worried that something bad would really befall Lu Chenzhou. More importantly, for him, he truly believed with all his heart that his brother was the most capable person in their household. In Lu Chenming’s mind, his brother was daring and able to do anything; it never even crossed his mind that there could be something that even his brother couldn’t deal with.

Cheng Xi looked at the two of them quietly. But before she could respond, Baldy arrived. When he saw the three of them standing in front of the gate, he asked Cheng Xi, “What’s the matter? Even you can’t get in?”

He seemed to be frustrated at Cheng Xi’s uselessness.

Cheng Yang couldn’t help but mock him right back. “What, do you think that my sister can just open gates with a wave of her hands?”

Only then did Baldy glance at him. “Your sister? Oh, you must be Cheng Xi’s brother, Zhou’s wife’s older brother.” He spread his hands magnanimously. “Alright, I’ll forgive your rudeness.”

Cheng Yang was struck speechless by his shamelessness. “……”

Everyone around Lu Chenzhou was crazy! He coldly replied, “My sister has nothing to do with that fellow. Don’t try to implicate us in his affairs, thanks!”

“What do you mean, ‘implicate?’ Your sister’s the only person who’s ever slept with Zhou! Are you going to deny it?”

Cheng Yang immediately shouted back, “My sister’s slept with countless men! What’s one more?!”

This time, it was Cheng Xi who was struck speechless by their shamelessness.

Lu Chenming also looked at them speechlessly.

Cheng Xi turned around, deciding to simply ignore the two crazy fellows behind her. Instead, she began rashly mashing the doorbell, ringing it again and again. When there was no response, she took a couple steps back, surveyed the walls around the house, pulled Lu Chenming aside, and surreptitiously asked him, “Have you seen people climb walls before?”

Lu Chenming didn’t respond.

But Cheng Xi was already starting to scrunch up her dress. Luckily, she’d predicted that today wasn’t going to go as smoothly as she hoped, so she’d worn knee-high leggings in advance. As such, she didn’t feel embarrassed about hitching her dress up to her waist. After warming up and stretching her arms and legs, she then grabbed Lu Chenming’s shoulders as she said, “Sorry. Please help give me a hand.” Cheng Xi smiled at him as she continued to say, “I might be a bit heavy, so please bear with me, alright?”

By the time Baldy and Cheng Yang realized that something was going on and ran over, Cheng Xi was already half over the top of the wall and about to jump down onto the other side.

Cheng Yang shrilly yelled, “Cheng Xi, you’re crazy!”

But she had already jumped.

The three people on the other side of the wall were stunned.

Baldy yelled out, “Dr. Cheng, I’ll admire no one else but you in the future!” The wall was around two meters high, and for a petite girl like her to actually climb it and jump down……

Jump down!

Just thinking about it made Baldy’s heels hurt!

Meanwhile, as Baldy shouted those words, Cheng Yang also yelled out, “You’re alright, aren’t you?”

Cheng Xi didn’t answer, instead answering by opening the front gate for them.

She had let down her dress, once again the warm and gentle Dr. Cheng.

Baldy was stunned by her extreme shift in demeanor.

What kind of strange people did Tian Rou hang out with at university?

But the most shocking thing happened later on, when they reached the porch. As expected, the front door to the house was also locked. Cheng Xi tried to call out to Lu Chenzhou again. “Lu Chenzhou? I know that you’re inside. Will you open the door?”

There was no response.

Baldy felt that her voice was too soft, so he cupped his hands together and yelled out as loudly as he could. “Zhou! Boss Lu! We’re here to see you!”

There was still no response.

Baldy turned around and saw that Cheng Xi had pulled out some sharp drill bits from nowhere. She prodded Lu Chenming aside, who was still a little dazed, and commanded, “Make way.” Her face was so determined that it seemed that blood would definitely be shed if they didn’t obey.

Baldy was shocked. “What’re you going to do?”

Cheng Yang, who had realized her plan as soon as he saw the drill bits in her palm, clutched at his forehead weakly.

He didn’t expect that Cheng Xi would be this prepared.

Cheng Xi didn’t explain either. After everyone else backed off a considerable distance, she walked forward and “lightly” scored the glass of the living room window with the steel drill bits in her palm. After a full circle was formed, the thick and sturdy window shattered into a million pieces.

Cheng Xi stood in front of the glass shards and casually explained, “The four edges of a reinforced glass window are actually quite fragile.” She then waved the steel drill bits at them as she said, “You can break them just by scratching them with these little things.”

Baldy, Lu Chenming, and Cheng Yang were all shocked once again.

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