Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 213: I Waited So Long For You

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Chapter 213: I Waited So Long For You

Cheng Yang, Baldy, and Lu Chenming all looked at Cheng Xi as if she were a monster. Cheng Xi didn’t seem very concerned by their horrified looks as she calmly returned the drill bits in her hand to her bag. “Wait here for me. I’ll go in first.”

She then pushed the thick curtains back and gingerly stepped into the house, avoiding the glass shards scattered all over the ground.

Only after she entered did Baldy snap his jaw closed—it had actually started aching from how long it had been open. He nudged Cheng Yang and tentatively asked, “Has Dr. Cheng…… always been so…… valiant?”

Lu Chenming, who was standing to the side, unconsciously nodded his head. Clearly, Cheng Xi’s actions just now had shocked him to the core.

Cheng Yang shot an askance look at them as he laughed cockily. “Ha, ha! By the time she was twelve, she was already chasing me around with a kitchen knife for ten whole blocks!”

What she had just done was nothing compared to that.

Baldy fell silent and inwardly pledged that he would strive to treat his girlfriend better in the future. After all, compared to someone like Dr. Cheng who would go as far to scale walls, break doors open, and slash at people with kitchen knives, Tian Rou was far gentler!

By now, Cheng Xi could no longer hear what the three of them were discussing outside. Lu Chenzhou’s house was furnished sparsely. The bulk of the ground floor was a large living room, and in the center of the living room, there was an equally large swimming pool. The water was clear, limpid, and amazingly blue as it scattered the light of the midday sun.

The entire house fely empty because of how tidy it was. The tables were bare and all the furnishings and decorations were hung up neatly. It was as though the house was actually an exhibition hall for furniture; although it was decorated neatly, it was completely devoid of human presence.

Cheng Xi barely glanced at the living room before going upstairs.

There were four doors on the second floor that were distributed evenly along a single corridor. The doors were identical to each other, and every one of them was tightly shut. She couldn’t tell which room Lu Chenzhou had sequestered himself in, so she could only check each of them one by one.

She didn’t expect to guess right on her first attempt, but she saw him almost as soon as she opened the door.

The room was in a study, and it was decorated in a similar style to the first floor: the classic boring gray palette. There was a wide reading table and tall, sturdy bookshelves that were filled to the brim with books.

Cheng Xi expected to find Lu Chenzhou in an unusually dejected or reticent state, but he looked perfectly normal. He was dressed in a white shirt and black pants and was perfectly groomed. Even his hair was trimmed neatly, and there was no trace of stubble on his face.

His legs were splayed across the sofa in front of the reading table, his back towards her. He was engrossed in…… a mobile game.

That’s right. Cheng Xi only realized that he was playing a game on his phone when she walked closer; it was a game with cartoonish graphics, similar to Flappy Bird. His mechanical taps on the screen continued; he was so serious and dedicated that he hadn’t even noticed the commotion downstairs when Cheng Xi had broken into his house and entered the room.

She lightly called out, “Lu Chenzhou.”

He completely ignored her, his finger continuing to incessantly tap on the screen.

Cheng Xi slowly walked over, leaned down, and faced him.

How long had it been since they had last seen each other? Almost a year by now? It wasn’t too long a period of time in the grand scheme of things, but if one counted it day by day, it wasn’t a short period either.

Lu Chenzhou didn’t turn to look at her as he instead continued to silently focus on tapping at his phone. His eyes and tightly pursed lips both emanated coldness, but his beautiful facial features and exquisite aura were so handsome that it almost overwhelmed his cold demeanor.

Time was the best catalyst for reconciliation. It had filtered away all the unhappiness in their relationship, and the current him in front of her seemed even more outstanding than before.

As she turned away from his face and towards his screen, she noticed that his score had reached an unimaginably high value.

This sign was how she was so sure that he’d been so engrossed in the game to the point of forgetting about everything else.

Because of this, she didn’t try to interrupt him. Instead, she settled into her position to watch him play. Finally, the small cartoon bird crashed into a green pipe and the words “Play again?” appeared on the screen.

Cheng Xi lightly moved her hand to cover his. “Lu Chenzhou, I’m back.” Her voice was soft—soft and gentle.

He lowered his gaze, still refusing to look or react to her, and then silently restarted the game.

But this time, Cheng Xi didn’t let him. She placed her palm directly on top of his phone and her face slowly turned serious.

“Lu Chenzhou, if you’re willing, then I can wait here for you for as long as you want. But I’ve dropped everything at Gansu to come back here just to see you, so I don’t have much time to wait.”

“I’m here to ask you one thing. Do you need me? If you do, then I’ll stay by your side. If you don’t, then I’ll leave immediately and never come back. It seems that the pain and anguish of separating from me wasn’t enough to rein in your possessive streak. If so, then for my own safety, all I can do is stay as far away from you as I can. I would never see you again, or let you see me again.”

She looked at him, her grip on his phone tightening as she poured her heart out. “I’ll count to three. If you don’t ask me to stay by then, then I’ll leave.”

With that, she let go of him and started counting. “One.” She counted very slowly, deliberately giving him time to make a decision, but he didn’t respond.


My feet went numb again! Cheng Xi gritted her teeth in agony. Even if I have to crawl out of here, I’ll do so with grace and poise!


He’d already started up a new round of the mobile game, and the annoying bird began flapping again. Cheng Xi didn’t say a single word afterwards, only standing up nimbly. As her soft red dress brushed against the sofa, its flaming red color was unintentionally reflected in his eyes.

Cheng Xi had barely taken a step out of the room when something pulled on her dress.

She turned around and saw that he had tightly grabbed onto a corner of her dress. From her point of view, she could only see his pale forehead and his long eyelashes. In that moment, those two features made him look particularly vulnerable.

Outside, Baldy and Cheng Yang were still standing next to the broken window, waiting.

Baldy was getting bored, so he teasingly proposed, “Wanna guess what the first thing Boss Lu’s going to say when he sees Dr. Cheng?”

Cheng Yang volunteered, “‘Scram!’”

Lu Chenming simultaneously said, “‘Get out!’”

Baldy clicked his tongue and shook his head sagaciously. “No, no, no. You’re both wrong. I don’t think that he’ll say anything at all. Rather, he’ll just grab her and start kissing her madly.”

……Cheng Yang and Lu Chenming both turned away from him in disdain.

In truth, all three of them were wrong. After Lu Chenzhou pulled Cheng Xi back into the room, the first thing he said was, “I waited for so long for you.”

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