Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 216: Just An Acciden

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Chapter 216: Just An Acciden


As soon as Lu Chenzhou finished speaking, Cheng Yang’s face changed. “You’re mentally ill?”

“No, he’s not. It’s just a psychological impediment,” Cheng Xi hurriedly rephrased.

“Ha!” To the general public, “psychological impediment” and “mental illness” meant the exact same thing! What was the difference?! He didn’t want to listen to Cheng Xi’s nonsense any longer. The hair on the back of his neck was prickling with dread, and he looked cautiously at Lu Chenzhou. “Do you still want to kill or hurt her?”

“He’s already improved a lot.”

“Shut up!” “No, I haven’t.”

The first response was Cheng Yang yelling at Cheng Xi, and the latter was Lu Chenzhou responding to Cheng Xi’s comment that he had improved. The two of them spoke almost simultaneously, and then both of the Cheng siblings looked at Lu Chenzhou.

Lu Chenzhou looked at the two of them and then coolly said, “Can the two of you release each other? I don’t like seeing the two of you hug each other.”


Cheng Xi quickly let go of Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang glanced back at her, his heart overflowing with indescribable emotions. Did she have to obey his every word? She’d never been this obedient in front of him! What’s more, his sister had fallen in love with a maniac—even though he seemed alright at the moment, who knew if he’d suddenly go crazy in the next?

This was a truly terrifying thought! Cheng Yang didn’t want to spend any more time in this maniac’s presence, and he tried to drag Cheng Xi out. “Let’s go. We can talk when we get home!”

But he wasn’t able to drag her away because Cheng Xi tripped him, giving Lu Chenzhou the time to catch up to them and grab him by the hand. “Let go of her!”

His voice was just as cold as normal, but Cheng Xi found that, for some discernible reason, he was more intimidating than usual. On the other hand, Cheng Yang’s flaring anger gave him the momentary courage to refute Lu Chenzhou. “What’re you going to do if I don’t? Punch me?”

He let go of Cheng Xi, raised his fists, and prepared to punch Lu Chenzhou.

Cheng Yang was pretty deliberate with where he punched. SInce his sister was a doctor, he had naturally learned by osmosis the weak points of the body. He only wanted to teach Lu Chenzhou a small lesson, so he subconsciously avoided the most dangerous spots—the face and the stomach, for example. His fist landed on Lu Chenzhou’s shoulder.

And then he kicked him.

After Cheng Yang struck out twice, he tried to pull Cheng Xi away again, but Cheng Xi was still trying to break free from his grip. “Brother…” She was quite surprised that Lu Chenzhou hadn’t defended himself, but as she turned around, she saw that Lu Chenzhou was only making his move then. She was so shocked that she forgot her next words, only focusing on throwing herself between the two of them to block Lu Chenzhou from hitting Cheng Yang.

Due to Cheng Xi’s reactionary movement, Lu Chenzhou’s fist landed on her stomach. Luckily, she was prepared to take the block and had partially blocked it with her hands. But even so, the pain was unimaginable. She curled into a ball and fell prone at Cheng Yang’s feet, sweat beading on her forehead.

Cheng Yang was already furious, but when he turned around and saw Cheng Xi take a blow for him, all of his fury turned into shock, and he howled at Lu Chenzhou, “Lu Chenzhou, you bastard!” He cradled Cheng Xi as he desperately asked, “Cheng Xi, Cheng Xi, are you okay?”

But in the time it took him to do all this, Cheng Xi had already clutched her stomach and started throwing up.

She was shorter than Cheng Yang, and Lu Chenzhou’s blow had also directly landed on her stomach. Since she had just eaten, the food easily came back up. It poured out from her mouth; that combined with her pale and bloodless face made for a terrifying sight.

Lu Chenzhou took a few steps back when he saw this scene. At this time, Lu Chenming and Baldy had heard the earlier commotion and rushed out, only to stand still, dazed, when they beheld the current ghastly sight. “What’s the matter?” Baldy rushed past Lu Chenzhou and crouched down near Cheng Xi, supporting her as he continually asked, “How did this happen? Dr. Cheng, are you okay? Ah, what’s going on?!”

But no one paid any attention to him; Cheng Yang was at an utter loss for what to do as he held Cheng Xi up. He wanted to cover her mouth but didn’t dare to do so, and in the end, he almost burst into tears from the anxiety. “Cheng Xi, don’t scare me like this!”

Cheng Xi…… Cheng Xi was actually just fine. After the initial burst of pain faded away, she was slowly returning to normal. It was just that she felt somewhat weak, but mostly ashamed—this was the most embarrassing and wretched situation she had ever been in her entire life.

At least Lu Chenming was thoughtful, being the only one who rushed back into the house to get some napkins and water for her.

Cheng Xi herself was too weak to do anything, and Cheng Yang had to personally use the napkins to wipe her mouth, and rinse her mouth with the water. Only after she was cleaned up did he lift her up together with Baldy.

One of them accidentally brushed against her hand, but the slight touch caused pain to arc through her body as she had used it to block Lu Chenzhou’s blow. But she grit her teeth and silently bore the pain because she saw Lu Chenzhou when she lifted her head. He was standing behind everyone else, propped up against a wall as if he’d lost his ability to stand, and was staring looking at his fist in shock.

After almost a year, Cheng Xi once again saw the same expression that he had made when he almost strangled her to death: a horrified amalgam of shock, fear, and anxiety.

With a debilitating sense of helplessness pervading through it all.

She coughed, and called out to him. “Lu Chenzhou.”

He turned around and looked at her, completely distraught.

“Can you help me up?” She had taken a heavy blow from him, and her face and lips were still stark white.

She was so pitiful that Cheng Yang thundered out, “You still want him to help you?! Do you want to die?!”

He was truly so angry he felt like he was about to explode at any moment, but his outrage was only exacerbated by Cheng Xi’s next words. “Brother, please leave.”


If it weren’t for the fact that Cheng Xi was so weak that he couldn’t drag her away, he almost would’ve dragged her back home, and then cleared her head up for her!

Cheng Xi had already pushed him aside, and was now barely standing upright with Baldy’s help. She looked at Lu Chenzhou and asked in a slightly ridiculing tone, “Do you want someone else to carry me?”

Her taunt was effective, and Lu Chenzhou slowly walked over before helping support her somewhat stiffly.

“Are you…… alright?” His mouth was bone-dry, and it was hard for him to even talk.

Cheng Xi even joked back, “It’s not too bad. At least you only hit my stomach. If it were a bit further to the left, I wouldn’t have gotten away with just vomiting. I’d probably have to pay the ER a visit.”

Her tone was relaxed, but her words were the truth; based on how hard Lu Chenzhou had hit her, it was very, very fortunate that his fist hadn’t landed on her spleen.

Perhaps Lu Chenzhou understood what she meant, because his face paled some further.

Baldy and Lu Chenming were both dazed. According to Cheng Xi’s words, doesn’t that mean that Lu Chenzhou was the one who hit her?!

…The world’s moving too quickly. It feels like I can’t keep up!

Lu Chenzhou didn’t even dare to reach out and touch her, so Cheng Xi could only fall into his embrace and lean against him weakly. “It was only an accident. Lu Chenzhou, hug me.”

She truly wanted to say that she was alright, but her body just wouldn’t listen to her. She was already starting to feel light-headed, her dress was drenched in sweat, and her body trembling out of control. She was very familiar with this feeling because she had experienced it once before when she had donated her blood in high school.

So she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stand up for much longer.

But she didn’t want to just fall over. Her vomit was still splattered on the ground, and if she landed in the pool of her own vomit…

Luckily, Lu Chenzhou responded quickly; as she began to fall down, he hugged her tightly. In the moment right before her vision went black, all Cheng Xi could see was Lu Chenzhou’s pupils, wide in shock.

Cheng Yang yelled out shrilly, both frightened and angry, “Cheng Xi!”

I’m alright. I just need to lie down for a little.

But no one could read her mind. As she fell, she prayed that Lu Chenzhou wouldn’t be too scared and that Cheng Yang wouldn’t be so overtaken with anger that he’d try to pick another fight with Lu Chenzhou; there was no way he would win!

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