Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 215: I Am Ill

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Chapter 215: I Am Ill

“Then there’s nothing I can do.” Cheng Xi’s voice was still soft, but it carried a gloomy undertone. “If that’s the case, there’s nothing I can depend on when it comes to you.”

“You’re lying!” He fiercely bit down on her earlobe. “You clearly know that you can count on my love for you!”

Cheng Xi opened her eyes wide, ignoring the wave of pain emanating from her ear. This sort of romantic cliché…… She suddenly quieted down and glared at him critically. She looked past his long eyelashes and black brows and saw a hint of weariness in his cool gaze. He was missing his usual severeness and coldness, and the pride and arrogance that she was so accustomed to seeing was also gone.

Of course, he was still dangerous, and especially so because of that thing attached to his lower body. However, this current Lu Chenzhou was much easier to deal with than she expected—he was completely devoid of his old ruthlessness and depression, and the gloominess and aloofness that seemed to have been imprinted deep in his soul were also missing.

There was only a faint weakness left that made her heart ache.

She couldn’t help but call out, “Lu Chenzhou!”

He didn’t answer. His dry and cool lips lingered on her ears.

Cheng Xi forcefully endured the numbness spreading from her ear as she truthfully said, “I’m very happy.” Clearly, her actions in the past hadn’t been completely useless because he had truly softened significantly.

“Cheng Xi, you were successful.” He said this with a sense of certainty, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. And as he said this, his fingers caressed the tender skin on the back of her neck. “I now know what it feels like to love and be hurt. When you left and didn’t come back, I felt like I could have done anything if it meant that you would return. It’s just that…” Lu Chenzhou hesitated for a moment as he lightly nipped at her skin. When he started up again, the grievance in his tone was much more pronounced. “You came back so late.”

Cheng Xi recalled his previous words—“I’ve waited for you for so long”—and the compulsion to cry welled up within her. She nodded tearfully and then hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry.” She had clearly stated that she only wanted to be his doctor right now, but she couldn’t help herself from kissing his forehead.

It was a gentle and apologetic kiss, completely free of any sort of desire. But it seemed to flip a switch inside Lu Chenzhou. He immediately broke free of her grip, hugged her tightly, and brought her to the sofa. He laid her down and mounted her, gripping her tightly with his legs as one hand maintained its position on her waist and the other slid underneath her clothes.

He kissed her so fervently and passionately that she didn’t have any time to resist or even think about what was happening. Caught by his whirlwind of desire, she even thought to herself, Alright, I’ll let him do whatever he wants for now.

But even though she stopped resisting, he stopped moving all of a sudden. Cheng Xi opened her eyes, looking at him through a bleary haze.

Her eyes were wet and lustrous, as if hazy with desire. Lu Chenzhou couldn’t help himself from kissing her again. Then, he turned around, fished out his phone, tapped on an image, and showed her his screen. “Who’s this?”


He’s asking this now of all times?! When we’re half-dressed and in the middle of something?

Cheng Xi was astounded by Lu Chenzhou’s actions, but she still looked at the picture. When she saw the image clearly, she was a little surprised. “Did Tian Rou send this to you?”

It was the photo of her with the vice-chief of Gansu’s civil administration bureau; she never expected that it would show up here on his phone.

Lu Chenzhou harrumphed lightly.

“Did she tell you that he’s my new boyfriend?” Cheng Xi couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “She was joking. He’s a friend I met in Gansu, and his kids are already teenagers. What’s more……” Cheng Xi wanted to hug him, but he was squeezing her too tightly, so she could only rub against his body. She leaned close into his ear and seductively whispered, “I don’t think any woman who’s had a man like you would ever want anyone else.”

Lu Chenzhou turned his face aside, not saying anything, but the tips of his ears flushed red.

Cheng Xi’s heart melted into a puddle of warm water. When she saw this adorable side of him, anything was worth it.

Only after a long while did Lu Chenzhou turn back around, his eyes slightly red. He pressed his forehead against her. “You can do whatever you want. However, you have to do it as my girlfriend. Not as a doctor, but only as my girlfriend.”

And, just like a hormonal teenager, she completely forgot about her bold words earlier. “Alright!”

“If there ever comes a day when I hurt you again, then run far, far away from me and never come back.”


And with that, Lu Chenzhou started kissing and hugging her in earnest once again. His kisses were deep and passionate, and just as the two of them were getting into the mood to embrace each other intimately……

Dong! Dong! Dong! Someone knocked on the door. Cheng Yang shouted loudly from outside, “Cheng Xi, are the two of you done yet? It’s been so long. You can come out now!”

Lu Chenzhou and Cheng Xi were both stunned by the interruption. “……”

And before the two of them could react, the doorknob turned.

Cheng Xi’s face turned pale whereas Lu Chenzhou directly threw his phone at the door as soon as it opened by a sliver. “Scram!”

With a loud big Thunk! the door closed again, and Cheng Yang didn’t make any more noise. Lu Chenzhou hugged her and coldly said, “Let’s continue.”


What do you mean, continue?!

She put a hand up as she advised, “There are always accidents in life, and we have to adapt to them as they come.” She then dragged him upright; the intimate atmosphere that had been building up earlier had been shattered to dust by Cheng Yang’s rude interruption.

After they had lunch together in the afternoon, the atmosphere became very awkward. Lu Chenming didn’t say anything, and Baldy chuckled quietly to himself from time to time. Meanwhile, Lu Chenzhou and Cheng Yang seemed to be having a competition over whose expression was worse.

Only Cheng Xi seemed to be fine; she tried to relieve the tension by telling Baldy to calm himself and when Cheng Yang went outside as he went to take a call, she followed him. “Brother, why’re you so angry? Do you want me to give you a red packet?”

Whenever someone interrupted a couple being intimate, it was a tradition of their hometown for the interrupter to give the couple a red packet to avoid bad luck. It was a nonsensical superstition, but Cheng Yang still abided by it as a businessman.

Even though she was quite certain that Cheng Yang hadn’t seen anything then.

Cheng Yang looked at her as if she were crazy. “Is this what you think I’m concerned about?”

Cheng Xi blinked in confusion.

“Don’t make that innocent face at me!” Cheng Yang fiercely replied. “Here, I’ll tell you what I’m angry about. There’s two things: one, Cheng Xi, can’t you have a bit more of a backbone? Even after Lu Chenzhou treated you that maliciously, you’re going to just sidle up to him like that all over again?” He laughed coldly before going on to say, “I didn’t know that my sister was someone who believed that all men needed to be saved, and that she was their guardian angel!”


After a moment of silence, Cheng Xi asked, “What’s the second point?”

Cheng Yang’s face turned to one of shame and regret. “The second thing is, I knew that you were doing something that you’d regret, but I was cowed by his actions. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself at all—”

He couldn’t continue, because Cheng Xi had suddenly leapt forward and hugged him, her eyes curving up into a smile. “Brother, I’m really touched by your thoughts. However—” She looked at him with a mischievous smile. “I still won’t tell you why I’m doing this, though.”


He was tired of dealing with her!

But Cheng Xi went on to say, “In the future, I’ll have Lu Chenzhou tell you himself. I’m hopeful that he’ll be able to do so one day.”

“There’s no need to wait.” Lu Chenzhou’s cold voice rang out from behind them. He slowly emerged from a corner and looked at the two of them coolly. “I can tell him now.”

Cheng Xi was shocked. “Lu Chenzhou!” she cried out in an attempt to stop him. “No, there’s no need to do so now.”

Lu Chenzhou pursed his lips, his eyes dark as he steadfastly said, “Didn’t you want me to face the truth? I’ll do it now.” He faced Cheng Yang and in a cold and flat tone, said, “I reported her and chased her away because if she stayed, I’d kill her.”

“The reason why she stuck to me all this time and why I wanted to hurt her isn’t anything special. It’s because I am ill.”

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