Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 235: In The Future, You'll Be Mrs. Lu

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Chapter 235: In The Future, You“ll Be Mrs. Lu

Lu Chenzhou’s disapproval was clearly evident from his tone. “I haven’t even proposed to you yet.”

Everyone made a 囧 face again. The bureau workers all laughed and said, “It’s alright! You can still propose to your girlfriend after getting a marriage license, and then focus on preparing for your wedding ceremony.”

But the main reason why Cheng Xi had come here with Lu Chenzhou today was because she wanted to get the marriage over and done with! He was making the whole affair too complicated for their own good. But if they said something like that to him, then what were her actions worth?!

Unfortunately for her, Lu Chenzhou seemed to be very interested, and he asked back, “That’s possible?”

“Of course! Most people get their marriage license first before actually dealing with the wedding.”

“Don’t you need to propose first still?”

The bureau employee looked at Lu Chenzhou, and then back at Cheng Xi. She tried to hide her smile as she teasingly replied, “You’re so handsome that I’m sure that your girlfriend will want to marry you even if you don’t propose to her.”

Cheng Xi’s face became even more exaggerated. Now they were making it look like she was rushing into marriage because she had been enticed by his looks!

And Lu Chenzhou actually turned to Cheng Xi and asked, “Is that true?”

Cheng Xi was slightly worried that he might actually leave if she responded incorrectly, so she could only reply, “It’s true. You’re handsome, so you can do whatever you want.”

Lu Chenzhou pursed his lips and relaxed into a satisfied smile. He took the proffered pen and filled in the marriage license, signed his name, and even politely thanked the employees for their efforts.

He was handsome, well-dressed, and had excellent manners. So when he thanked everyone, the female employees all blushed. The vice-deputy chief was even somewhat worried, and asked Cheng Xi while the groom was occupied with the other employees, “Dr. Cheng, your husband isn’t an ordinary man, is he? After your marriage, will he be okay with you staying here?”

When Cheng Xi had suddenly called in the morning, told him that she wanted a marriage license, and then asked what documents she would need, the vice-deputy chief had secretly thought that a local handsome lad had managed to catch Cheng Xi’s heart and lay claim to this spectacular Dr. Cheng. Wouldn’t it be great if her temporary relocation became permanent?

But when the two of them finally showed up, his heart went cold. Cheng Xi’s soon-to-be groom didn’t look like a local at all, and he was clearly far more than just an ordinary man. Wouldn’t this sort of person drag Cheng Xi away from her before too long?

And if Cheng Xi left too quickly, then what would happen to all the work that they had done over here?

The vice-deputy chief was truly worried about the future of the organization that she was championing.

Cheng Xi clearly understood what was plaguing his mind, and she smiled and preemptively said, “Don’t worry. I won’t discard this project halfway.”

Upon hearing this, the vice-deputy chief finally relaxed and earnestly wished the both of them well. With his help, Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou’s submission process went very smoothly. And as they left, Cheng Xi even invited him to have dinner at her place that night. Mr. Lu was sitting in the driver’s seat, and when he heard her extend this invitation, his joyous mood dimmed slightly. “Why do we have to invite other people to dinner?”

When he asked that question, he still didn’t know that Cheng Xi had already invited the head nurse, Ceng Xing, her new colleagues, and the new students that had just arrived to dinner. In his mind, this was the perfect opportunity to spend more alone time with her alone and enjoy the process of truly incorporating another person into one’s life.

Cheng Xi looked at the vice-deputy chief’s back, and started sweating as she was afraid that Lu Chenzhou would say another shocking statement. She quickly hugged him and kissed him on the lips to distract him. “A wedding celebration, of course. Neither of our families are here, so if we invite them over, then we can get some red packets.”

Lu Chenzhou glared at her suspiciously. “Do you not have enough money?”

“......No! But we have to receive some blessings for our wedding, don’t we?” Cheng Xi racked her brains hard for another way to mislead him. “It’s traditional to get other people’s blessings when you get married. Why else would everyone have extremely complicated marriage ceremonies that require months of preparation? It’s all done to receive everyone’s blessings, so that the couple will then live together blissfully and forever.”

Lu Chenzhou blinked. “Really?”


Lu Chenzhou smiled. “Even though I know that you’re speaking nonsense with a serious face, it’s still quite pleasant to listen to.”


They had gotten married today, so she didn’t think that it would be too appropriate to shoot him a supercilious look. Instead, she retrieved a small jewelry box from her bag and opened it to reveal two small rings.

She took the male ring out and then asked, “Mr. Lu, will you marry me?”

The two of them were in the streets, just sitting in a car! What kind of sloppy proposal was this?!

Lu Chenzhou was shocked. “Why do you have this?”

Cheng Xi hesitated. She had bought the rings yesterday because that was when Lu Chenzhou had been upset at her for spending more time with Chen Jiaman than him. But she couldn’t explain all that right now, so Cheng Xi simply changed the topic; she pouted at him and then said, “We’ve already gotten our marriage license. Are you going to back out now?”


Was he even allowed to bring up the fact that he’d already found someone to design and forge their wedding rings? It crushed him to see all his preparations being swept aside by Cheng Xi’s impetuous actions, but why did he also feel so happy inside?

Despite his happiness, Lu Chenzhou’s face remained covered by a mask of ice. He glanced at the pouting Cheng Xi, extended his hand, and replied, “Alright. Put it on.”

Cheng Xi wanted to rub her forehead at his frigid tone; it almost felt like he was conferring some great favor upon her. Luckily, she knew him well enough to not mind. “Smile for me first.”

Lu Chenzhou did as he was told.

“Yup, you really do seem happy.” Cheng Xi smiled herself, put the ring on his left ring finger, and then leaned forward to kiss him. “You’re now married to me, so you’ll be my Mr. Lu in the future.”

“My Mr. Lu” was a touching and heartwarming moniker, and Lu Chenzhou’s gaze instantly turned warm. He sincerely placed the female ring on her finger, and then, just like she had, he hugged her, kissed her, and then earnestly said, “In the future, you’ll be my Mrs. Lu.”

As he spoke those words, Mr. Lu felt a happiness spread throughout his body, and even his bones felt lighter. When Cheng Xi called home to tell her parents about the news, Lu Chenzhou, in his relaxed state, spontaneously leaned over and called out, “Father.”

That’s right—it was Cheng Xi’s father on the other end.

But the problem was that the call had just connected, and Cheng Xi hadn’t even said anything yet. Lu Chenzhou’s impromptu greeting left Cheng Xi a little dazed, and her father even more so. Cheng Xi’s father hesitated for a moment before doubtfully asking, “Cheng Yang?”

“Ahem.” Cheng Xi returned to her senses, cleared her throat, and said, “No, that was your son-in-law.”

Cheng Xi’s father immediately sat up in shock. !!!!

Quite a lot of people’s minds were crumbling today. Cheng Xi’s father fell silent for quite a while before finally saying, “Is that you, Cheng Xi? What do you mean, ‘son-in-law?’”

Cheng Xi glanced at Lu Chenzhou, who was sitting still with a calm expression on his face, and then replied, “I mean that I’m married now, to Lu Chenzhou. Actually, we just got our marriage license here in Gansu.”

This time, Cheng Xi’s father jumped up in shock. !!!!

After a significant stretch of silence, Cheng Xi heard her father call out to his wife, “Come over here. Why can’t I understand what Cheng Xi’s saying? Can you come talk to her?”

Cheng Xi’s face instantly turned into a 囧.

Regarding her daughter’s marriage, Cheng Xi’s mother was clearly much calmer than her father. When she heard Cheng Xi recount the day’s events, she only asked, “Why did you sign your marriage license there? Are you pregnant?”


The worst thing was, the ever curious Lu Chenzhou was also listening in, and before Cheng Xi could get a word in, he nodded as he seriously said, “That’s right. We’re planning on having a baby.”


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