Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 240: Finale, I

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Chapter 240: Finale, I

When Cheng Xi saw Lu Chenzhou duck his head back into the bathroom, she couldn’t stop herself from laughing out loud.

His mood instantly soured, and after he was done washing up, it felt like the aura of repulsion around him had suddenly tripled in intensity. Cheng Xi felt that repressing emotions like what Lu Chenzhou was currently doing was a bad way to deal with problems, so she continued to tease him. “Are you mad? Don’t ignore me just because you’re mad.”

Lu Chenzhou glanced at her coolly.

Cheng Xi sucked in a cold breath. “Don’t put on such a sullen face either! It scares me.” Although she said that she was scared, she intimately touched his face and then suggested. “In the future, if you’re upset, then let me pamper you, but you’ll reply to me, alright? If you’re happy, talk more. If you’re unhappy, talk less. Alright?”

Lu Chenzhou felt that she was being very childish right now, but she really did lean on his shoulder and sweetly say, “Darling, don’t be so upset. Why don’t I put your clothes on for you?”

And, she did just that, albeit clumsily. As she removed his pajamas, her face turned red, and she buried her head into his neck. “Lu Chenzhou, you really have a wonderful figure.” She started touching him all over. “I never expected to marry such an attractive man.”


He glanced at her, his voice somewhat hoarse. “Are you planning on going out today?”

Cheng Xi quickly turned obedient as she haphazardly finished dressing him before irresponsibly saying, “Alright. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

And then she quickly ran away to wash up.

Lu Chenzhou hadn’t initially planned on doing anything to her; rather than a burst of debauchery, he’d much rather plan out how they should spend the three-day honeymoon that they had. Deciding on something and then not carrying it out would only make people upset.

Unexpectedly, when Cheng Xi finished washing up, she suggested, “Let’s go to Kanas Lake then?”

Lu Chenzhou looked at her. “Do you know how far away it is?” He lowered his head, typed something on his phone, and then showed her his screen. “It’s almost 2,000 miles away, and it’ll take almost 30 hours to drive there. You only have three days of vacation. Are you sure?”

His voice didn’t have any inflections, but the fact that he had said so much all at once made it clear how serious he was about their honeymoon.

Cheng Xi pushed the phone away, sat down next to him, and hugged him. “Who cares? At any rate, I’m on vacation. As long as you’re happy, I’m fine with doing whatever you want.”

When Cheng Xi really wanted to humor someone, no one could stop her. Lu Chenzhou tightly hugged Cheng Xi back. “Cheng Xi, stop humoring me. Otherwise, I’m going to take your word for it.”

She smiled slightly as she responded, “Then do so. My words from before are still in effect: if you don’t give up on me, then I won’t leave you. So, if you want to go, then I’ll do everything I can to accompany you.”

Lu Chenzhou looked at her. She had just finished washing up, and she didn’t have any makeup on. Her hair was held back with a simple light pink hairband, and her pristine body reminded him of a peeled egg. The soft elasticity of her skin gave him the urge to bite down fiercely, to hide her away, and let nobody else see her.

He leaned over and bit her face, but then let go just as quickly to avoid hurting her. Then, he shifted positions to suck on her lips, licking them ravenously as he kissed her.

In between his kisses, he murmured, “I won’t give up on you.”

He didn’t want her to suffer for him; he simply wanted her to stay with him for all his life.

Cheng Xi liked this sort of kiss, one that was gentle but passionate. She kissed him back of her own accord, causing the tip of her tongue to wrap around his. Originally, she just wanted to respond to his emotions, but her actions stirred Lu Chenzhou up even further—when Cheng Xi tried to break free of the kiss, Lu Chenzhou pressed his head against hers, refusing to let her leave. His other hand had already snuck into her clothes.

Cheng Xi reminded him with some difficulty, “Didn’t we say that we were going to leave early?”

Lu Chenzhou swallowed his words without stopping, indistinctly saying, “We’re not in a hurry.”

When Cheng Xi was finally dressed properly and ready to go out, the sun was already shining brightly outside. Her father even came over to knock on their door to remind them, “It’s time for breakfast.”

Naturally, their plan of leaving early had failed miserably, and the two of them had no choice but to join everyone else for breakfast.

The department head, Ceng Xing, and her coworkers had long since eaten and left, which meant that only her family and friends were still here. Cheng Xi also didn’t forget about Chen Jiaman this time. She pulled a chair over specifically for her, and then solemnly introduced her to everyone. “This is my daughter…”

“Pu~~” Baldy, who was the only one who didn’t know about Chen Jiaman, had been drinking some soup while she was being introduced, and he immediately sprayed it all out when he heard Cheng Xi’s words. Luckily, he lowered his head in time and didn’t hit anyone with the hot liquid, but he choked himself quite badly.

Including Tian Rou, everyone ignored him.

Cheng Xi continued to say, “She’s a very obedient little girl. Mom, dad, congratulations! You’re finally grandparents now. And brother, you’re now an uncle!” She smiled and loudly whispered to Chen Jiaman, “Call him Uncle. Uncle has a big red packet for you.”

Baldy felt slightly better when he noticed that, even though the Cheng family wasn’t as shocked as he was, their expressions were still stiff, as if they found the news hard to swallow.

Cheng Yang chuckled wryly.

Chen Jiaman softly called out, “Uncle.” And then she glanced at Cheng Xi’s parents before saying, “Grandpa, grandma.”

Cheng Xi had explained everything to them beforehand, so even though they felt somewhat strange about the situation, her parents still calmly nodded and said, “How obedient.” They had also prepared red packets for Chen Jiaman—it wasn’t just Cheng Yang.

This was the first time that Chen Jiaman had ever received a red packet despite how old she was. She drummed up the courage to receive it, curiously rubbing it a few times with her hands, and then turned around and handed it to Cheng Xi. “Mom, for you.”

She was so innocent, and her gaze towards Cheng Xi was filled with tenderness and longing. Everyone at the table instinctively hesitated. Baldy saw this just as he was starting to recover from choking on soup, and he couldn’t stop himself from muttering, “Am I going blind? They actually do look like a parent and child.”

Tian Rou quickly stuffed a piece of cake into his mouth.

On the other side of the table, Cheng Xi didn’t take Chen Jiaman’s proffered red packet. Instead, she stuffed it back into Chen Jiaman’s pocket as she said, “You should keep it. You can buy something for yourself. Also, I probably won’t be around for the next few days, so can you help me take care of Grandpa and Grandma?”

Chen Jiaman looked at Cheng Xi in a daze, and the urge to cry surged within her. Cheng Xi’s mother instantly noticed her teary eyes and quickly intervened. “That’s a good idea! If we have an obedient granddaughter with us, then we won’t need you around anymore, and then you can leave quickly.”

“Oh no! What will I do? My mother doesn’t want me anymore,” Cheng Xi said as she looked at Chen Jiaman. She caringly wiped the tears from her eyes as she asked, “What should I do?”

Chen Jiaman softly replied, “I still want you.”

Cheng Xi smiled. “Then, thank you.”

Everyone began to laugh at the happy conclusion. Shen Wei looked at the two of them, and then at everyone else in the Cheng family, smiled, and then said quietly to Tian Rou, “Cheng Xi’s family is wonderful, isn’t it?” She then looked at Lu Chenzhou, whose expression had warmed up greatly compared to before, and sighed again. “Lu Chenzhou’s truly a lucky bastard, since he was able to marry someone like Cheng Xi.”

Tian Rou smiled happily. “That’s true.” If she were male, she’d certainly have courted Cheng Xi to no end.

What a kind and beautiful woman.

Afterwards, everyone heard that Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou were planning on going to Kanas Lake for the honeymoon. Baldy even coaxed Tian Rou, “Darling, shall we go as well?”

But Tian Rou fiercely slapped him in response. “They’re going there for their honeymoon! What’s the point of us going?!”

“A practice honeymoon before the real thing?”

“To a mountaintop?” Rou was shocked. She then seriously warned him, “I’ll only tell you this once. I only like to relax and be pampered. If you dare to take me to a place like that for our honeymoon, then I’ll beat you senseless!”


He wanted to continue bickering with Tian Rou, but when he checked how far away Kanas Lake was, he felt that staying home wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“There are some pretty fun things to do around here as well. We could stay here for an entire month!”

Shen Wei massaged her forehead when she heard their crazy discussion.

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