Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 238: Covetous

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Chapter 238: Covetous

Cheng Xi liked the feeling Lu Chenzhou was giving off now, a warm and soft image, so she disregarded his exploitation of Cheng Yang.

While she was thinking of what side dish she could make to mitigate a hangover, someone suddenly clasped her hand tightly. Lu Chenzhou leaned in close to her and said, “Follow me.”

Cheng Xi looked at him curiously.

Lu Chenzhou’s face was as serious as could be, causing her to actually think that something was up, So, she got up from the table and walked off with him. At the same time, everyone’s attention was drawn away by Cheng Yang’s drinking competition against a multitude of challengers. Only a few people noticed the two of them slink off, and those that did merely smiled at each other, not saying anything.

Lu Chenzhou dragged Cheng Xi straight up the stairs and into their bedroom. As he opened the door, Cheng Xi saw that there was a big red bouquet of roses on the bed and a bunch of romantic candles that had been arranged into the shape of a heart on the ground.

Oh, so he had learned how to create a romantic atmosphere now.

Cheng Xi was just about to praise him when she saw Lu Chenzhou pinch his nose and then gloomily say, “Ah, the smell is as saccharine as I expected.” He had followed Baldy’s suggestions even though he knew that they weren’t reliable. Forget about the people who said that fresh flowers and candles were necessary for newlyweds—the room was so cloying that he couldn’t focus on making love!

In consideration for the wind possibly extinguishing the candles, the bedroom had been shut tight. The isolated environment meant that the combined aroma of the scented candles and roses gave off a very heady scent.

Lu Chenzhou’s expression was somewhat ugly, and Cheng Xi couldn’t help herself from smiling at his predicament. She even ruthlessly taunted, “Who told you to do all this?” She knew that his skin was particularly sensitive, and given his germophobia, doing something like this was really just going to cause more trouble for himself.

Lu Chenzhou’s expression became even uglier, and he felt a slight urge to go to a different bedroom. But when he saw Cheng Xi hold her stomach due to how hard she was laughing, he couldn’t stop himself from holding her tightly against the door and kissing her fiercely.

He had planned on saying something romantic given the atmosphere, but he could no longer hold himself back.

Actually, when he first saw Cheng Xi walk down in the red gown that he’d bought, Mr. Lu had barely restrained himself. Whenever he saw her wear a red dress, he became particularly stirred up.

Cheng Xi didn’t know what to say to this preference of his. When she saw his inability to control himself, she only exasperatedly said, “If we’re going to just get straight to it, what’s the point of decorating this room like this?”

Lu Chenzhou tried to moderate his breathing as he replied, “I did all this to propose to you.”

Cheng Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. To buy herself some time, she held a hand over his mouth as she murmured, “Then at least clean up the bed first.”

His skin was so sensitive that if they actually rolled around on a bed of roses all night, there was a very real chance that she would have to get up in the middle of the night and drive him to the hospital.

The same scenario popped up in Lu Chenzhou’s mind, so even if he didn’t want to, he had to agree.

And so, with Lu Chenzhou’s blessing, Cheng Xi started cleaning up the room. She was too scared to let Lu Chenzhou help out, and she naturally couldn’t call anyone up to help her. Thus, it fell on her alone to open the windows, blow all the candles out, gather all the roses up and dump them in a neighboring bedroom, and then finally replace the bedsheets.

As she did all this, Lu Chenzhou stood at the door, observing her closely. Cheng Xi was particularly beautiful today due to Tian Rou and Shen Wei’s services; her soft hair was piled up on her head, revealing her white and long neck, and the vibrant red silk dress accentuated her womanly frame.

As Cheng Xi worked to replace the bedsheets, she ended up with half of her body on the bed, leaving the hem of her dress hiked up to her knees. Due to her position, it perfectly revealed her long and slender white legs, which were like well preserved exquisite jade carvings. Just an accidental glimpse left Lu Chenzhou filled with a covetous and lustful desire.

The usual Cheng Xi was the warm and gentle Dr. Cheng.

But in this moment, in Lu Chenzhou’s eyes, she was the epitome of beauty and seduction.

As Cheng Xi tucked in the last corner of the bedsheets and was about to get off the bed, someone suddenly hugged her waist from behind.

Lu Chenzhou’s body moved on top of hers. Without saying a single word, he lifted up her dress and reached inside with his hand.

Cheng Xi twisted her head around, but he instantly sealed her mouth off with his.

As he kissed her, he roughly removed her underwear. And then, without even undressing himself, he quickly pulled down his zipper and entered inside of her.

It was very rare for Lu Chenzhou to lose control of himself to this extent, but since it was the night of their wedding, and since Lu Chenzhou had put in an extraordinary amount of effort for her this night, Cheng Xi decided to bear with it all. She tried her best to accommodate him, to kiss him back gently.

Lu Chenzhou hugged her tightly as he could. As he closed in on his climax, he called out to her by her ear, just like a little child. “Cheng Xi.”


“Cheng Xi.”


“You’re my wife now.”

She couldn’t stop smiling. “That’s right. I’m your wife, and you’re my husband. I love you.” She hooked her arms around his neck.

His hug tightened. At this point, it really did seem more expedient to demonstrate their affection physically rather than through words. Right now, only the most intimate form of contact could properly express the love and affection they felt for each other.

But Cheng Xi didn’t expect that Lu Chenzhou would be so worked up that she wouldn’t go downstairs again that night.

Truthfully, she wanted to climb down the bed and go downstairs to meet with her friends, family, and coworkers, but Lu Chenzhou stopped her.

“What’s the matter?”

“We have a lot of guests downstairs. I have to be a good host.”

Lu Chenzhou’s eyes were shining bright. “You still have the endurance to do that?” And then he pulled her underneath him and ravaged her yet again.

After that round, Cheng Xi laid there, paralyzed in bed. She didn’t even have enough energy to try to strangle him, and she barely uttered the words, “Lu Chenzhou, it’s not good to be like this.”

“It’s fine. I’ll handle it.”

She blearily opened her eyes. “Really?”

“Yes.” He kissed the side of her cheek.

“Then, thank you.”

She really couldn’t move anymore, and it was a good idea for him to mingle with more people, so she happily fell asleep. But when she fell asleep, Mr. Lu happily hugged her, said, “Good night, Mrs. Lu,” and then fell asleep right alongside her.

What he had meant by “dealing with it” was basically just calling Baldy and saying, “We’re going to go to sleep now. Deal with the rest of the party for us.”

Baldy was half-drunk and had the speakerphone on, so when he heard Lu Chenzhou’s blunt request, he raucously yelled back, “What!? You’re going to leave us like this while the two of you go to bed? Where’s Dr. Cheng?! Let her speak with me!!!”

Then, everyone heard the groom reply in an unbelievably tender tone, “She’s tired, and she’s already fallen asleep.”

And then he hung up.

The entire room looked at Baldy, who was clutching his phone as he vacantly wondered, “Was that a dream just now? When has Boss Lu ever been that gentle? And he was being proud just now, wasn’t he? Wasn’t he?!”

He looked towards Cheng Xi’s parents and Cheng Yang. Their faces were very…… colorful, and then Baldy finally understood. “It wasn’t a dream. My god! Boss Lu drained all of Cheng Xi’s vitality away—she can’t even get out of bed now!”

Tian Rou was almost as blunt as Baldy, but at this moment, she really hated the fact that she couldn’t tape his mouth up, drag him off, and beat him to death!

But before she could say anything, Ceng Xing suddenly stood up. He was so drunk that he was stumbling, but as he got up, he pointed at Cheng Yang’s nose and scolded, “You idiot, do you see what you’ve done?! It’s your sister who’s suffering now!”

A quick glance at a watch revealed that the banquet had only been going on for two or so hours. The fact that Cheng Xi had become so exhausted in this short amount of time that she had fallen asleep immediately…… Just what had Lu Chenzhou done to her?

“That beast!” Cheng Yang thundered as he slammed his fist against the table.


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