Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 243: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life, I

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Chapter 243: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life, I

Baldy and Rou decided to get married after two years of dating.

After making that decision, they promptly met each other’s parents, arranged a banquet, and got married without any hassle. But not even two months after their marriage, before Tian Rou had even printed the photographs she took during their honeymoon, she found out that Baldy’s ex-girlfriend had returned to the country.

Baldy’s ex-girlfriend was a truly impressive and intimidating woman; she was one of the top ten upcoming new fashion designers in the United States, a genius, and even a beautiful woman.

After hearing the news, Tian Rou secretly tore her pillow to pieces from her frustration. Why did her life feel so dramatic?! Why did Baldy’s ex-girlfriend have to return now of all times?!

And then, she found out that his ex-girlfriend was still single!

Spurred on by a new fit of rage, she destroyed the other pillow as well.

When Baldy came home and found that their pillows were both shredded apart, he curiously yet tentatively asked, “What happened?”

Rou looked at him and put on a false smile. “Wangcai happened.”

Wangcai was a dog that Tian Rou was raising, and she was a mongrel. When she heard Tian Rou call her name, the dog happily wagged her tail at Tian Rou, her teeth bared in a facsimile of a smile.

That was when Tian Rou realized that she had misspoken—if she pushed the blame onto Wangcai like that, wasn’t that equating her behavior to a dog’s?

Tian Rou felt very vexed with herself, but Baldy misinterpreted it as her worrying about the pillows. He arrogantly waved his hands. “So what if they were torn to pieces? I’ll just have someone order more tomorrow. Then, she can bite as many of them as she wants.”

He was behaving like a stereotypical rich person.

Tian Rou wanted to laugh at him, but she didn’t have a chance to—right after saying this, Baldy went into the bathroom to take a shower.

At that time, even Tian Rou noticed that something was amiss. The only person who would change their clothes and get into the shower right after entering the door was Lu Chenzhou. Baldy, on the other hand, usually had to be forced to shower; in the winter, Tian Rou almost had to pull out a leather whip to force him to take one.

When Baldy came out of the shower, Tian Rou was waiting for him on the sofa. “You seem to be very particular about your hygiene lately.”

He sat down next to her as he smiled in an ingratiating manner. “Isn’t that because I want to be with you forever? I’m afraid that you’ll grow tired of me if I don’t.”

Tian Rou looked at his dripping wet hair, and a sinking feeling filled her heart.

Due to her personality, Tian Rou didn’t have that many close friends. She was too blunt, and the only people who were willing to stay around her were the ones she had grown up with.

In her heart, she only had two best friends, Shen Wei and Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi wasn’t here, so when she was unhappy, Tian Rou turned to Shen Wei.

But Shen Wei was currently busy with her son. He had just turned one, and was a raucous little chubby tiger who was constantly running and jumping around.

Ever since Shen Wei had her son, she had stopped attending as many events as she used to, and she had even started to slowly transfer control of her company away. She didn’t lack money or social standing, and even though she had divorced Fu Mingyi, the Fu family still treasured her and her child.

After all, Fu Mingyi was the only son of the Fu family, and her son might very well be the only grandson of the Fu family.

Shen Wei’s days were even better than before her divorce.

When Shen Wei heard Tian Rou bring up the matter with Baldy and his ex-girlfriend, she laughed coldly, put her son’s toy car aside, and had the nanny bring him downstairs. “Give me a moment. I’ll help you investigate.”

Shen Wei had far more connections than Tian Rou did; after all, the two inhabited different social circles, so she was also able to find out much more than Tian Rou much quicker. “The two of them did meet up during a social gathering last night. Even Lu Chenzhou was there.”

Shen Wei had even somehow obtained a photograph of that gathering. In it, Baldy’s ex-girlfriend seemed to be illuminated by a spotlight as she sat perfectly in the middle with Lu Chenzhou to her left and Baldy to her right. Just looking at the photograph made it clear that she was clearly a winner in life.

Tian Rou couldn’t stop herself from grinding her teeth in agitation.

Shen Wei looked at her seriously. “What? Do you want to rush back home and fight with Baldy?”

Tian Rou immediately deflated. If she wanted to fight him, then she’d have done so last night instead of waiting for today.

In the end, even though love could give people unlimited courage, it could also fill them with unlimited cowardice.

“Don’t act like that! The Rou that I’ve known for so long would never be this indecisive. Listen to me. Men and marriage aren’t the only things left in the world. The more you care about them, the less they think of you. So if you stop caring, then you might actually reap unexpected rewards. Of course,” she continued, “The public perception of me is that I’m a loser just because I’ve gotten a divorce. However, if you really want to protect your own interests and tear apart a relationship between a bastard and a vixen, then let me know. But I think that you’re still in love with Baldy, and it wouldn’t hurt to get Cheng Xi’s opinion either.”

Tian Rou exasperatedly replied, “Cheng Xi’s not around, and she’s very busy.”

“Don’t worry. No matter how busy she is, she’ll always make time for you.”

These words were so comforting to Tian Rou that she immediately called Cheng Xi. However, Cheng Xi didn’t pick up, and she only called back at 1PM. “What’s the matter? Sorry. I was in a ward just now, and I didn’t have my phone on me.”

This was normal for Cheng Xi, and Tian Rou and everyone else who talked to her regularly had gotten used to it. However, right then, Tian Rou couldn’t help but feel slightly wronged, and she dramatically said, “Cheng Xi, I think that this might be the end for me and Baldy.”

Cheng Xi was shocked. “What’s the matter?” After Tian Rou recounted her story, Cheng Xi automatically started massaging her forehead as she could tell a headache was oncoming. “You might just be overthinking it……” She knew that beneath Rou’s outwardly blunt and rough behavior, there was a hidden fragile interior. “Don’t worry—Lu Chenzhou’s around, so let me ask him about it first.”

Tian Rou quickly instructed, “Don’t let Baldy know.”


Not long after, Cheng Xi called her back. “I asked Lu Chenzhou about what happened, and he said that everyone had just gotten together to have a meal, and that nothing happened afterwards. And then I asked how he felt about that woman.”

Tian Rou anxiously asked, “What, what’d he say?”

She was on speakerphone, so Shen Wei also looked over curiously.

And then, Cheng Xi said, “He said that he only remembered that she had a very strong perfume smell about her, which unfortunately gave him an allergic reaction.”

“Haha!” Shen Wei and Tian Rou couldn’t help themselves from bursting into laughter at the same time. Even though Lu Chenzhou hadn’t said anything about her, they already felt much better after hearing that.

Cheng Xi continued her story, “So Baldy probably took a shower immediately after returning home because that woman’s perfume was too strong. He didn’t want you to overthink things.”


“Yes.” Cheng Xi’s tone was exceptionally gentle over the phone. “Rou, you did a good job not getting mad before understanding exactly what had occured. For a relationship to work, the couple must invariably trust each other. Now that you’ve become aware of this and have started doubting him, rather than worry about it in your head, why not just ask him about it?” Cheng Xi paused for a moment before continuing to ask, “Rou, have you really thought about why he truly loves you? Perhaps it’s because of how blunt you are. So, no matter how much you love someone, never throw away your own personality.”

Tian Rou and Shen Wei both thought that Cheng Xi’s words were very sensible, but nothing in the world ever seemed to go according to plan. Tian Rou was prepared to calm down and have a good heart-to-heart chat with Baldy. However, before he could get home, she got a call from him. “Dear, I’m going out on a business trip. It’s an urgent matter, so I can’t come home tonight. I’ll talk to you over the phone.”

Tian Rou asked him where he was headed, and Baldy gave her the location. She didn’t think much of it at the time, but on the next day, Shen Wei asked her via WeChat, “Did Baldy go here?”

She then sent Tian Rou an image of a plane ticket of Baldy’s ex-girlfriend. Although it was one day apart, the destination was exactly where Baldy had said he was going for his trip.

Tian Rou dryly laughed once. “Ha.”

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