Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 244: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life II

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Chapter 244: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life II

Chapter 244: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life (II)

Tian Rou immediately video-called Baldy. He was honestly hard at work, but when Tian Rou insisted that they video-call, he thought that something major had happened. In the end, after the call connected and Tian Rou looked at his background, she simply said, “Sorry. Nothing’s wrong.”

And then she hung up.

Baldy was completely befuddled by her seemingly random actions.

Later that night, she tried to video call him again. Baldy’s schedule was packed, and he was either resting or meeting with potential business clients, which meant that Tian Rou’s sudden and spontaneous requests for a video call made Baldy even more anxious than usual. He was so perturbed that afterwards, he even called Shen Wei and asked her, “Please check in on Rou for me. I feel like something’s disturbed her emotions, but she refuses to tell me anything.”

He truly cared for her quite a lot.

Shen Wei had originally been very angry at Baldy, and the reason why she had helped Rou track down the whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend was for Rou’s own good—after all, she didn’t want Rou to end up hoodwinked like she had. But right now, even she couldn’t help but feel sympathetic towards Baldy’s plight. “Perhaps it’s really just a coincidence. Maybe there’s actually nothing going on? If you’re still suspicious, then why don’t you just ask Baldy about it? If you keep thinking about it, you’ll only become more and more stressed without any hope of relief.”

Ask him? Tian Rou felt like at that point, she might as well fly over and see for herself if Baldy was being unfaithful.

After all, while men might lie to me, my eyes won’t.

And so, Tian Rou casually packed a couple sets of clothes and then headed off to where Baldy was. Since she didn’t call him in advance, she unsurprisingly couldn’t find him; the event had ended before she even arrived. Luckily, one of Baldy’s subordinates was still at the hotel. He had attended their wedding and thus easily recognized Tian Rou. So when she said that she was looking for Baldy, he even offered to call him on her behalf and bring her over, but Tian Rou refused.

Actually, when Tian Rou arrived at the hotel, her haze of anger had already lifted, mostly when Baldy’s subordinate mentioned that something had gone wrong at this branch location. She realized that her actions were truly rash—after all, she was a business owner herself, albeit of a small one. If she thought about this from Baldy’s position, or if he suddenly appeared at her company out of nowhere to check up on her, then she wouldn’t be all too happy about the situation either.

So Tian Rou felt the urge to leave right away, but since she was already here…… In the end, she tossed out a random excuse, saying, “That’s alright. Since he’s not around right now, I’ll just go and work on my own affairs for now. You don’t have to tell him that I’m here. I’ll contact him once I’m free.”

“Working on her own affairs” actually meant hiding in the corner of their company and pacing back and forth as she thought to herself, Should I leave? Not leave? Leave? Not leave?

Tian Rou didn’t know how long she spent agonizing over this decision, but eventually, she saw Baldy’s shiny bald head and a pretty face by his side.

The woman was wearing a long, flowing dress, and her body swayed back and forth as she walked at his side. Tian Rou’s eyes instantly turned green with envy, but she had no choice but to admit that this was an unparalleled beauty.

Unlike Cheng Xi’s subdued and subtle beauty, Baldy’s ex-girlfriend was more like a radiant sun, whose demeanor made others instinctively orbit around her. Tian Rou watched on as Baldy said something, and then the woman leaned her head against his shoulder. Baldy clutched her hand and said something else before finally letting go of her.

The two were smiling throughout the entire conversation. And the smile on Baldy’s face was one that Tian Rou was intimately familiar with: it was uninhibited and had a slight tinge of deviousness, as if he were about to do something indecent; to Tian Rou, that was when he was at his most charming.

Tian Rou closed her eyes and slowly placed her forehead against the wall even as she held back her tears. Why in the world had she come all the way over here? Just to suffer while she watched the two of them flirt back and forth? She didn’t even want to jump out and catch them in the act—why would she show such a pitiful and vile side of herself, and why would she want strangers to see how she had been abandoned?

And so, Tian Rou ran away without even looking back. When she reached the airport, however, she found that the earliest plane back was the next morning. Without any other options, she spent the night in the airport, watching the planes depart one by one as the cold night slowly enveloped the sky.

At around 8 PM, Baldy called her. “You came to the branch company?”

Tian Rou quietly replied, “That’s right.”

He calmly asked, “Where are you right now? Why didn’t you call me? If Director Guo hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have even known that you were here. Where are you? I’ll come and pick you up.”

“It’s fine. I’m already on the way back.”

Baldy clicked his tongue, clearly dissatisfied. “You came here without telling me and now you’ve left without letting me know. Hey, hey, hey—do you care about your man at all?”

Tian Rou didn’t reply. She had to admit that, compared to his acting abilities, hers were nothing.

She wiped the tears that had pooled up by her eyes away and hung up without another word. And Baldy actually believed what she said about coming here purely for business, and then leaving in a hurry.

He had always been someone who took things at face value.

Over the next few days, Tian Rou didn’t call him once or send him a single message. Baldy, on the other hand, was busy handling business affairs; he was hard at work in the day and busy entertaining clients at night, so he was often drunk by the time he got home, causing him to fall asleep almost as soon as his head hit his pillow. Although he felt it was slightly weird that Tian Rou had stopped pestering him, he didn’t think too much of it.

When Baldy finally returned home, he didn’t notice anything amiss as he was so exhausted he instantly fell asleep. When he woke up, it was already dark. He finally noticed that something was wrong when he called out for Tian Rou. He got up and wandered around the living room and the master bedroom for quite a while before finally realizing that all of Tian Rou’s things seemed to be gone, including that annoying dog who constantly shredded their blankets, pillows, and even him at times.

Tian Rou didn’t respond to his calls or his messages either. When he called her workplace, an employee picked up and said, “The boss has already left for the day, and I don’t know where she is. May I ask whom you are?”

Baldy was so angry that he yelled, “I’m her husband!”

And the employee hung up.

With a horrendous premonition in his heart, Baldy called Shen Wei, who lazily answered, “Why would you think I would know anything about your wife vanishing? Do you think that she’s strapped to my belt?”

Peng! She also hung up on him.


Tian Rou finally returned his call the next day. Her tone was light and airy as she said, “Something came up last night. What’s the matter?”

Baldy was furious by now. “Even if you were busy, couldn’t you have called me back?” He then fiercely asked her, “Tell me the truth. Did you do something bad and hide it from me?”

This was how they usually communicated with each other, but today, Tian Rou fell silent for a moment before laughing. “Aren’t guilty people the ones who try to blame others the most?”

What? “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you can have the apartment. I’ve already taken all of my things away. You don’t have to try to guilt my conscience or anything. As for the divorce papers, just send them over and I’ll sign it. At any rate, we don’t have any messy issues regarding property or children, so it should all be pretty straightforward.”

Baldy had no idea what was going on. “Tian Rou, have you gone crazy?”

Peng! She too hung up on him.


Baldy angrily rushed over to Tian Rou’s store. She wasn’t inside, and Baldy tried to wait for her patiently, but eventually he gave up and just called Tian Rou. “Where are you? I can’t find you anywhere.”

Tian Rou icily replied, “If you’re here to hand me the divorce papers, then just drop them off there. Once I get back, I’ll sign it and mail it back to you.”

Baldy’s anger spiked once again. “Ms. Tian, what are you up to? Why do you keep talking about divorce when we’re just two months into our marriage? Are you crazy?!”

Tian Rou chuckled dryly. “I’m trying to save you some face so that you can get back together with your ex-girlfriend, but you’re calling me crazy?”

“When did I ever get back together with her?!”

“Go on, keep acting! But I have no interest in acting along with you. Gao Ge, if you’re truly a man, then just sign the divorce papers. We won’t ever cross paths again.”


Tian Rou hung up on him yet again.

Not only that, she blocked him this time as well.


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