Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 245: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life III

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Chapter 245: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life III

Chapter 245: Extra - Tian Rou: The Records Of A Winner In Life (III)

At this point, Baldy didn’t even want to talk to her anymore. Instead, he stood in front of the door to her store and blocked it with his body, as if he were a gangster extorting her employees for money. “Call Tian Rou out! Otherwise, I won’t let a single employee into the store today!”

In the end, her employees were utterly unable to deal with Baldy and had no choice but to call Tian Rou. However, Tian Rou really was unable to be at the store for some reason or another, and when she heard about what he was doing, she had no choice but to relent and ask him to come to her.

But Baldy was still furious that she had blocked him, so when the employee relayed Tian Rou’s words to him, he indignantly twisted his head around and staunchly replied, “I’m not going. Have her come find me!”

The poor employee had no choice but to serve as a human telephone, constantly conveying Tian Rou’s words to Baldy and vice versa. In the end, Tian Rou was also riled up. She unblocked him and directly called him. “What in the world do you want?”

Baldy snorted. “Call me ‘brother’ and I’ll reluctantly forgive you.”


She slammed her fist onto a table in anger. “You bastard, do you want to die? If you do, then I’ll gladly fulfill your wish!”

Baldy instantly deflated. “Alright, alright, calm down…… Where are you? I’ll go and find you, alright? Dear, you’re the best. I’ll listen to everything you say.”


She was so mad that even her liver was inflamed now!

But when Baldy saw Tian Rou, it was his turn to be furious again. The reason why Tian Rou was occupied was because she was busy having tea with her male idol, Lin Fan!

Baldy stopped right next to her, sat down, and glared at Lin Fan. “What’re you doing here?”

Crap. He looks even more handsome than before! Perhaps it was because Lin Fan had finally had some considerable business success, or perhaps it was because he had truly let go of the burden that he had been carrying for all his life. Regardless of the reason, he gave off the image of the quintessential cultured businessman, complete with tortoiseshell glasses.

Even his demeanor seemed more high class than before. He calmly sipped at his tea, ignored him, and said to Tian Rou, “Your husband’s quite rough, isn’t he?”

He was ignoring Baldy the exact same way that he had ignored him the first time they met.

Baldy was so angry by now that he felt like his lungs were about to burst. He slammed the table. “You really think you’re all that, don’t you? Where do you think you’d be without the Meng family, hmm?” Baldy then leaned back in his chair, his face disdainful as he continued his harangue. “I remember that you used to like Dr. Cheng, right? But while the two of you were together, didn’t you suddenly start a relationship with Meng Qingyang? And now you’re trying to like a genteel and cultured man?”

The smile on Lin Fan’s face instantly vanished.

Cheng Xi was the biggest regret of his life. She was a wound that no one else could touch, but Baldy had ripped the scab off just like that.

After a moment of shock, Tian Rou regained her senses and glared at Baldy. “Gao Ge, you’re crazy!”

Baldy bullheadedly retorted, “I think that you’re the crazy one—you’re trying to divorce me to get with a man like him! Have you gone blind, woman?”

“You’re talking crap!”

Baldy turned around and pointed his ass at her.


Tian Rou turned around, her face ashen. “I’m sorry. It seems that we won’t be able to talk about business today. I’ll come and find you some other time.”

Lin Fan nodded calmly as he got up to leave.

Baldy chased after Lin Fan as he left, yelling, “She won’t come find you! Just try to seduce my woman one more time! I’ll peel off your skin! Not just yours, but your slutty mother’s, and-”

Lin Fan stopped moving and his whole body started trembling.

“Are you crazy?!” Tian Rou heavily smacked Baldy across the face.

The three all stood still for a charged moment before Lin Fan broke the equilibrium and continued to silently walk away.

Meanwhile, Baldy looked at his own wife as if he couldn’t comprehend her actions. “You really hit me? For that pitiful husk of a man?”

“Is he a husk? He’s much better than you! He doesn’t constantly curse, threaten to skin other people, or act like a hoodlum on the streets! Aren’t you even slightly disgusted by your own behavior?”

Baldy felt like his heart was about to break in two. “You despise me?”

“That’s right. I hate you! I don’t know what possessed me and made me marry you in the first place! I don’t want you anymore! Scram, scram, scam! Go fly off into the night with your old girlfriend. Just stay away from me!”

“And what good are you, huh? Who else but me would ever want you? You don’t have big breasts, and you’re not pretty either—the only reason why I married you was because I pitied you!”

Tian Rou’s face turned bone white. She clutched her chest and shut her eyes, unable to retort. After recovering, she took out a notepad from her bag, and then a pen. It only took her a few seconds to draft out a rough statement of divorce, and then she threw the notepad at him. “You don’t have to feel bad for me. I’m letting you go. Scram!”

“I will! God!” Baldy yelled back at her as he signed his name on the piece of paper, blinded by anger.

But by the time Baldy regained his senses, he had already left the teahouse. Besides the divorce papers in his hand, he had gotten nothing out of their meeting.

The emotionless wind cut at his face, hurting as much as if razors were digging into his skin. He had stormed off quite a distance before he finally remembered that he had driven here. What was he doing, trying to walk off like that?

He then ran back to the teahouse to get his car.

But as soon as he got into his car, he realized that he couldn’t bear to leave the situation like that. He ran back to the room that they were in before. Tian Rou was still in there, writing something on her notepad very seriously.

Her eyes were brimming with tears.

Baldy’s face was cold as he asked, “What’re you doing?”

“Writing a proposal for money.”

“Given your intelligence, you might as well scrap it. Honestly, you’re lucky to even have what you have today.” Baldy couldn’t seem to stop mocking and ridiculing her.

Tian Rou almost snapped the pen in her hands in half. She wiped her eyes dry and raised her head. “Did you come back just to taunt me? I’m warning you—if you don’t leave right now, you won’t get away with just a slap this time.”

He walked right up to her, until his face was right in front of hers. “Then hit me. I dare you!”

She couldn’t be bothered to deal with him, and instead started packing up before leaving without a word.

Baldy grabbed her by the handhand.

“What are you-”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything!”

He dragged her outside and then stuffed her into his car.

Tian Rou tried to resist, but when Baldy saw that she was struggling as if her life was in danger, his face darkened as he said, “A divorce agreement doesn’t mean anything! If you really want to get a divorce, then we have to go to the civil administration bureau!”

Those words finally calmed Tian Rou down, and she let herself be taken away. But her actions made Baldy so mad that he clenched his teeth, almost wanting to tussle with her, wrestle her into bed, and……

It had been about ten days since he left, and he really was quite aroused.

While Baldy’s thoughts devolved into sex, Tian Rou was diligently planning out what she would do after the divorce. The first thing she would do was calm her parents down. Then, she would make a bundle of money, a whole cars’ worth, dress herself up nice and pretty, and live a free and unrestrained life, like Shen Wei. She definitely wouldn’t be unhappy with herself at all.

She wouldn’t be upset, not one bit…… As Tian Rou tried to steel herself for the impending divorce, she realized that Baldy was driving to somewhere unfamiliar. She snapped her head around and questioned, “Where are we? Why’d you bringing me here?”

Baldy savagely replied, “To kill you and dump your corpse here! Do you dare to go?”

Curiously enough, his barbaric words actually made Tian Rou calm down. They stopped at a residential area, and she initially thought that it was where his lawyer lived. However, when he knocked on the door, the person who opened the door was actually his ex-girlfriend.

Tian Rou immediately tried to walk away, but Baldy held her in place as he clenched his teeth and smiled at his ex-girlfriend. “Didn’t you want to meet my wife? I’ve brought her here today. Now, the two of you can get to know each other a little better.”

His tone was proud, which made Tian Rou feel slightly touched. Even though she didn’t know what Baldy was planning, their current argument was a private matter solely between the two of them—she wouldn’t fight with him in front of strangers.

Tian Rou calmed down and cordially nodded towards his ex-girlfriend. “It’s nice to meet you.”

In front of others, she was still very good at pretending to be a graceful woman. Baldy’s old girlfriend glanced at him somewhat resentfully, but she still put on a smile and led the two of them inside.

Surprisingly, the inside of her house was somewhat messy. Her sofa was piled high with sheets of fabric and stacks of magazines while old chip bags were strewn haphazardly around. Even the floor was covered with half-finished fashion designs, clothes, ornaments, and the like.

Baldy probably didn’t expect that his ex-girlfriend, who presented such a refined appearance to the world, would have such a messy house. He decided not to sit down anywhere, and as she tried to clear out a spot for them, he hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Don’t bother. It’s fine. We just stopped by to have a look. Where’s that boyfriend of yours? If he’s here, then we should all go out for a meal together.”

“Unfortunately, he just left. What’s more, I already have plans for dinner.”

Her voice was pleasant, and her ambiguous accent gave her tone a coy lilt to it whenever she spoke.

Just from her appearance, this woman was an exceptionally alluring and glamorous flower.

Tian Rou still felt that she was dangerous, but her mood strangely seemed to stabilize.

She suddenly realized why Baldy had been obsessed with this woman in the past. She was like an ephemeral fog that swirled around him and tempted him, but would disappear into thin air every time he got close.

After a brief exchange, the two of them quickly left Baldy’s ex-girlfriend’s place. When they were alone, Baldy pressed Tian Rou against the door of the car and said, “Well, did you see that? She already has a boyfriend!”

“Then why didn’t you let me know that she had returned?”

“It’s not like I like her anymore—she’s just a regular person to me now. Wouldn’t it be weird if I specifically brought it up?”

“......But then why was she running after you? When I went down to your branch company that day, I saw the two of you holding hands downstairs as you laughed and flirted back and forth!”

Baldy thought for a moment before exclaiming, “My god, so you did see us! But are you blind or something? Didn’t you see that I was trying to push her away? She’s been in America for too long, and she’s gotten into the habit of drenching herself in perfume. Thus, I was trying to push her as far away as I could, alright?! Is this why you wanted to get a divorce with me? Where’re the divorce papers? Take them out! I’m ripping them apart right now!!!”

Tian Rou naturally refused, and Baldy started throwing a fit. “Are you going to take them out or not? If you don’t, then I’m going to screw you right here, right now!”

“Y- you dare?!”

“Watch me.” He pushed her hard against the door of his car, and she could actually feel something prod her below the waist.

Angry and embarrassed, she shouted, “You sex-crazed bastard!”

“You’re the only one I’m crazy for.” He reached inside her clothes, basically forcing Tian Rou to hand him the papers.

He relaxed as he hugged her, and he said in a reconciliatory tone, “I won’t mind if you talk to your previous male idol if you stop caring about my ex-girlfriend, alright?” When he saw that Tian Rou still wasn’t satisfied, he kissed her and said, “If you keep doing this to me, then you’ll tear my heart to pieces.”

Those words immediately made Tian Rou’s heart soften up. In the end, she loved him as well, and she didn’t want to leave him either.

When Baldy returned home, the first thing he did was frame the divorce document and mount it on the wall of the living room. The caption read, “Proof of my wife’s love for me—she was so jealous that she wanted a divorce, but after she signed her name, she became so scared that she begged me to reconsider.”

He then took a photo of himself standing next to it as he laughed arrogantly. Then, he sent it to all his friends, shamelessly distorting the truth.

A while later, Tian Rou had a pair of twins, a son and a daughter. After being enslaved by his wife, Baldy was next enslaved by his children. In the past, he enjoyed going out to drink and play mahjong every weekend, but he quit both of those hobbies after his children were born.

Tian Rou’s business never became very successful, but she diligently worked hard on it. In everyone else’s eyes, however, she was already a winner in life. A young girl once asked Tian Rou what her secret was, and she smiled as she replied, “Always be true to your heart. Never give up on yourself, and don’t submit to someone else’s whims. Love can only be reciprocated if you stand on equal footing with your lover.”

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