Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 248: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I'm With You III

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Chapter 248: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I“m With You III

Chapter 248: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I&#apos;m With You (III)

Cheng Xi was particularly embarrassed because both families’ parents and elders were here. She immediately stopped eating grapes, wiped her hands and mouth, and then lowered her head, prepared for a lecture.

But nobody said anything; after all, it was a good thing that their children and grandchildren loved each other that much.

But they still had to be cognizant of their surroundings. Cheng Xi escaped unscathed from her elders, but Lu Chenzhou wasn’t satisfied yet. After wiping his hands clean, he peeled a grape himself and then tried to feed it to her.

Cheng Xi softly refused him. “It’s fine. I don’t want any more……”

But he forcefully fed her the grape anyway.

When he saw that the corners of her lips were still clean, Lu Chenzhou fed her another one. Cheng Xi ignored him, but he held the grape up against her mouth and squeezed it until its juices dripped onto her lips. Only then did he remove the grape, lightly wipe the corner of her lips with his own finger, and then lick the collected juices off.


By Cheng Xi’s side, Chen Jiaman had long since twisted her head away. I’m just a little kid. I don’t understand what’s going on. Nope, nope, nope. I don’t understand!

Lu Chenzhou seemed to find this very entertaining, because he continued doing it over and over again. Regardless of whether or not Cheng Xi ate the grapes he peeled, he’d get something out of it……

Cheng Xi’s father was the first person to break, and he spoke up when he was unable to bear it any further. “It looks like you’re a little tired, Cheng Xi. Do you want to leave and rest first?”

All Cheng Xi had done after arriving was eat; why would she be tired? Cheng Xi’s father had said that purely because he didn’t want to see Lu Chenzhou feed her any more grapes!

The others all supported him. “That’s right, that’s right! Cheng Xi, if you’re tired, you should just go home and rest.”

Cheng Xi’s face turned beet red, but she didn’t know what to say to Lu Chenzhou. He was so intent on feeding grapes to her that he had blocked everything else out. At this rate, he might even do something to her despite the mutual presence of their families.

And that…… she didn’t want to think about that possibility at all.

Cheng Xi didn’t say anything as she demurely got up and prepared to leave. Lu Chenzhou stood up naturally, as if he was going to follow her out.

Everyone else was momentarily stunned by his actions, until his grandfather forced himself to ask, “Zhou, what’re you doing?”

“I’m tired too.”

And he grabbed Cheng Xi’s hand and walked away.


Lu Chenzhou’s grandfather awkwardly tried to smooth things over. “Haha, it’s not a bad thing for Zhou to spend more time with Cheng Xi…… Now that she’s finally back, it’s a good time to have a baby.”

He didn’t try to cover up his grandson’s actions one bit.

And as expected, Lu Chenzhou didn’t betray everyone’s “expectations” for him. They had been having a meal at Donglai as they discussed everything, so when he left with Cheng Xi, he immediately brought her to his room. Without saying a single word, he started stripping his clothes off as soon as they entered—both his and Cheng Xi’s clothes. As he did so, he seriously said, “Don’t seduce me in public next time. There are too many people.”

Cheng Xi was completely speechless.

After they were done, Lu Chenzhou even said, “Let’s not think about the wedding ceremony anymore. It’s a waste of energy.”


Afterwards, whenever someone asked Lu Chenzhou about something related to the wedding, he would dismissively reply, “You guys handle it. Stop bothering us.”

And as he dragged Cheng Xi down with him, he also conveniently pushed Chen Jiaman away. “It’s your mother’s wedding. Aren’t you going to do something to help?”

He would then ungraciously chase her away and hand her over to Cheng Xi’s parents. They were very displeased with his offhanded approach towards the wedding and the fact that he had dragged their daughter down with him. However, he merely ignored their scathing glances as he shamelessly said, “I’ve found the two of you a helper.”

With this move, he had finally managed to dislodge Chen Jiaman from Cheng Xi’s side and constructed his ideal two-person world. Mr. Lu was very pleased with himself.

To combat Cheng Xi’s resistance, he had even learned to lie, act according to the situation, whether that be coyly, shamelessly, or forcefully, and all sorts of other sneaky tricks. After all, his lustful desire for sex was so strong that he couldn’t resist it for long even if he were made from steel. And so, Cheng Xi eventually had no choice but to request that they temporarily stay in different rooms—not too far away, with one in the master bedroom and the other in a guest room.

When Lu Chenzhou saw her insistent expression as she made this plea, he didn’t object. That night, he obediently brought his blankets with him and went into the guest room to sleep. However, in the middle of the night, he knocked on Cheng Xi’s door and miserably called out, “Cheng Xi, I’m uncomfortable.”

The guileless Cheng Xi actually believed him, as she assumed that the bare interior of the guest room was too cold for him, and she quickly opened the door and helped him into her bed.

“What’s wrong?”

His countenance was so poor that it looked as though his breath would be cut short at any moment. “I feel like I might be sick.”

“With what?”

“I don’t think that I can fall asleep until I make love to you.”


She really wanted to boot him into the horizon! But before she could raise her feet, he grabbed her, and committed all sorts of unspeakable deeds.

Cheng Xi really couldn’t stand it anymore. On the day of their wedding ceremony, she barely had the energy to get up, and it was such a hassle to rouse her that her mother instinctively chastised her. “I know that it’s been a long time since the two of you had some time together, but you still have to control yourself a little……”

Cheng Xi’s face flushed a deep red.

She resolved herself to have a nice long chat with him after the ceremony. Lu Chenzhou had managed to deal with his desires successfully in the past, unlike what he was doing now.

When she confronted him about his recent actions, his response made Cheng Xi want to spit out blood. “Baldy told me that the reason why we haven’t had a baby yet was because we have sex too infrequently. Thus, we should have more sex in the future.”

“......” If it weren’t for the fact that Rou was about to give birth, then Cheng Xi undoubtedly would have urged her to divorce him!

She patiently tried to persuade him otherwise. “That’s incorrect. In fact, having sex frequently is actually detrimental for a couple trying to get pregnant.”

Cheng Xi thought that he would try to refute her based on their experience with just doing it once-a-month in Gansu. But unexpectedly, after a moment of silence, Lu Chenzhou actually said, “Well, it’s no big deal. Even if we don’t get a baby, isn’t this still pretty good?”

“......” Cheng Xi wanted a divorce at this point!

But Lu Chenzhou did at least realize that his actions were becoming too over the top, and he did restrain himself somewhat—he no longer made a big fuss about it when Cheng Xi had to go to work or had to take care of important business.

But strangely enough, Cheng Xi just couldn’t seem to get pregnant no matter what. By the time Baldy’s son was born, Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou had grown old enough that both of their families were starting to get worried.

Cheng Xi was perfectly healthy; she had received multiple checkups, and they all said that her body was normal and able to give birth to children. She was slightly suspicious that Lu Chenzhou might be the problem, but she didn’t want to bring that up, as Lu Chenzhou hated medical procedures and checkups with a passion. In her mind, it wouldn’t be a big deal even if he was infertile, because the two of them didn’t necessarily need children. If they really wanted some, then adoption wouldn’t be a bad idea.

After all, Chen Jiaman was a wonderful child, wasn’t she?

But Cheng Xi was the only one who thought this way. The next time she went to the Lu household with Lu Chenzhou for a meal, Lu Chenzhou’s grandparents brought up the issue of a baby again. Additionally, this time, they hinted that perhaps they were having such difficulty becoming pregnant might be because one of them was sterile.

Lu Chenzhou’s face instantly went cold.

Cheng Xi poured a cup of tea for him and smiled in an attempt to placate him. “Our bodies are just fine. I expect that it’s just a matter of chance that I still haven’t gotten pregnant yet.”

Lu Chenzhou’s grandparents trusted her, and they immediately relaxed upon hearing her words. “It’s good that you two are doing well.” But then, they went on to say, “Is it because you’re too stressed due to work? Why not take a break? It’s not like we can’t afford to take care of you, after all.”

Of course, the two of them were more tactful than that, but that was the gist of their words. They wanted Cheng Xi to quit her job and focus on the baby. The Lu household had already experienced a workaholic mother in the form of Lu Chenzhou’s mother, and Lu Chenzhou’s grandparents didn’t want their granddaughter-in-law to turn out the same.

Evidently, they’d given this significant thought before bringing it up.

Cheng Xi wasn’t too surprised that they’d think this way, because even her own mother thought that she was working too hard. She constantly badgered Cheng Xi to take a break and become a good housewife. But just as Cheng Xi was about to speak up, Lu Chenzhou dragged her away. “Let’s go.”

He didn’t even intend on finishing the meal.

Everyone was dazed by his sudden actions. Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother smiled and asked, “Zhou, what’s the matter? Why are you suddenly……”

Lu Chenzhou brusquely interrupted her. “How dare you?” He glared at them, his gaze cold and his tone placid. “Even I can’t bear to break off her wings. How dare you?”

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