Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 250: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I'm With You V

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Chapter 250: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I“m With You V

Chapter 250: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I&#apos;m With You (V)

Rain was pouring down on the day Cheng Xi found out about her pregnancy, and the streets were flooded with water. Lu Chenzhou was busy at work when he heard the news, but when he saw how heavy the rain was, he personally went over and brought her to the hospital.

Lu Chenzhou normally hated going outside on rainy days as he would inevitably become wet, damp, and dirty. But he had recently read that he should perform a romantic gesture every so often to deepen Cheng Xi’s affection for him.

And one of these gestures was picking her up from work when it was pouring outside.

But on that particular day, the rain was so heavy that they couldn’t even park in the apartment complex’s underground garage. Thus, the two of them had no choice but to park the car on the streets and hastily run home under an umbrella.

Their car wasn’t parked too far from their home, but no matter how short the run was, it was inevitable that some rainwater would fall on them.

As a result, Lu Chenzhou went straight for the shower when he got home, and he even dragged Cheng Xi inside with him. Cheng Xi didn’t want to—she had suddenly thought of a new idea for her current project on the drive home and she wanted to ponder it some more. However, she wasn’t able to overcome Lu Chenzhou, and in the end, she relented and showered with him.

She was slightly unhappy about how this all turned out. “In the future, you don’t have to pick me up when it’s pouring outside. It’s a hassle for both of us. It’s probably better if I just take a taxi home by myself next time.

Lu Chenzhou had been busy stripping his clothes off, but when he heard her say this, he paused as he turned around and asked in a somewhat aggrieved tone, “You don’t want me to pick you up?”

His pitiful expression left Cheng Xi involuntarily clutching at her face. Her heart pounded as she hastily corrected herself. “No. It’s just that I’m afraid that you’ll find it to be too troublesome.”

Lu Chenzhou beamed at her positive response. “That’s not a problem.” He started stripping even quicker. “I’ll feel much better after we have sex.”


In the end, not only was Cheng Xi unable to write down even a bit of her revelations, but they also couldn’t even have sex properly. Halfway through, Cheng Xi suddenly started bleeding heavily—that was a slight exaggeration, but in the shower, just a small amount of blood would mix with the bathwater for a shocking sight.

Lu Chenzhou had been thoroughly enjoying himself, but when he saw the bloody trail leading to the drain, his excitement completely shriveled up, and he shivered as he let go of her. He then retrieved a towel and wiped her dry before anxiously asking, “How are you feeling?”

Cheng Xi was very calm. Honestly, she was slightly disappointed by what had happened—her period should have come two days ago, and she was secretly hoping that she might have actually become pregnant. In the end, however, her period had still come.

She patted Lu Chenzhou’s head and consoled him. “It’s alright. It’s just my period.” And then she laughed at him as she teased, “Please bear with it, Mr. Lu.”

But Mr. Lu had seriously been half-scared to death, alright?!

He liked the color red, but he vehemently hated blood!

The incident caused both of them to lose all enthusiasm for sex, and they quickly cleaned themselves before getting dressed. Lu Chenzhou was still a little shell-shocked, but he was more worried that she might catch a cold. As such, he started searching online for a herbal remedy.

Cheng Xi drank it all and then accompanied Lu Chenzhou for a little while before finally falling asleep in his lap.

When she woke up again, it was midnight. She felt very uncomfortable, with a pounding headache, urge to vomit, and a deep sense of nausea all plaguing her entire body.

She didn’t want to wake Lu Chenzhou up, but he slept so lightly that he woke up as soon as he felt her move. He touched her forehead caringly. “What’s the matter?”

Cheng Xi panted, “I feel terrible.”

Lu Chenzhou quickly climbed out of bed and turned on the light. “Do you have a cold?” Lu Chenzhou had never seen Cheng Xi fall ill, so he was very anxious that she had suddenly started feeling unwell.

“Maybe.” She reached out to him. “Help me get a thermometer from the medicine box so that I can take my temperature.”

Actually, she didn’t feel feverish at all; she simply wanted to give him something to do so that he would stop fidgeting nervously.

Lu Chenzhou quickly brought the thermometer over. Not only had he brought the thermometer, but he also brought a whole bunch of medicine along with it and dumped it in front of her. “Is there anything here that would be useful for you?”

Within that pile of random medicine, Cheng Xi saw a pregnancy test.

Yes. She had bought it when they were trying to have a baby, anticipating the day she’d use it……

But that day had yet to come.

After Lu Chenzhou fed her the herbal medicine, he ran to the kitchen to get a glass of water for her. When he reentered the room with the water, he immediately noticed that she was no longer there and that the thermometer was lying to the side of the bed, unused. He turned to the side and then noticed that the bathroom door was closed.

He put down his cup and patiently waited by the door for her to come back out. After quite some time, the bathroom door finally opened, revealing Cheng Xi, who was standing underneath the doorway with a tired smile . “Lu Chenzhou.”

“Are you feeling alright?”

Cheng Xi nodded. She said, “Come over here,” as she pulled him inside the bathroom before pointing at the utterly foreign object sitting on the washbasin. “Do you know what this is?”

But this was the first time that Lu Chenzhou had ever seen a pregnancy test. “What did you check?”

“I checked whether or not your hopes were dashed.”


Cheng Xi beamed brightly, she hugged him, and then leaned on tiptoes as she whispered, “You silly fool! I don’t have a cold—I’m just pregnant,” into his ear.

The silly fool My. Lu was struck speechless.

This news came so unexpectedly that he was truly stunned. All he said in response was a particularly aloof “Oh.” Then, still very much in shock, he asked, “Then, do you still need medicine?”

“Of course not. This is probably just a normal symptom of pregnancy.”

As for the bleeding, Cheng Xi later called Su Feng and asked her about it. Su Feng was even more excited than Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou, and she continuously congratulated Cheng Xi. “If you don’t have any abdominal aches or persistent bleeding, then it’s nothing too bad. Take good care of yourself and rest well for now. Don’t work too hard and come into the hospital tomorrow. I’ll give you a checkup myself.”

After the call, the two of them cleaned themselves up and tried to go back to bed. Cheng Xi didn’t sleep too well due to her nausea, and she was barely able to fall asleep at dawn.

When Cheng Xi woke up again, the first thing she saw was Lu Chenzhou stooped in front of her, staring at her with wide open eyes like a little golden retriever.

Cheng Xi had just woken up, so she merely rubbed his hand and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mr. Lu leaned down and kissed her forehead. “How’s our daughter coming along?”

“......It might be a son.”

Mr. Lu’s delayed happiness and excitement had finally arrived. He tucked Cheng Xi back into bed and instructed, “Sleep well. I’ve already asked your workplace for time off on your behalf.”


Cheng Xi watched on as Mr. Lu walked out before shortly returning with Chen Jiaman.

However, Lu Chenzhou barred her at the door as he pointed at Cheng Xi, who was lying in bed and seriously said to Chen Jiaman, “Look, she’s pregnant, and we’re going to have a daughter. However, for now, she has to rest well and not be stressed about anything. So, from today onwards, you have to take good care of yourself and not disturb her.”


Chen Jiaman was extremely excited for Cheng Xi, and she immediately asked with a gasp, “Really?” She then deftly slipped past Lu Chenzhou’s blockade and ran to Cheng Xi. “Mom, are you really going to give me a brother?”

“Brother” was the one word that Mr. Lu didn’t want to hear at all, and as soon as Chen Jiaman said it, he picked her up by her collar and inelegantly flung her out of the room.

With this news, the house suddenly became very lively. Chen Jiaman was left scratching at the door from outside while, inside, Lu Chenzhou caressed Cheng Xi’s stomach and seriously muttered, “Sister, it has to be a sister……”

Cheng Xi couldn’t stop herself from smiling. It turned out that Lu Chenzhou had already subconsciously accepted Chen Jiaman into his heart after all.

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