Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 252: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I'm With You VII

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Chapter 252: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I“m With You VII

Chapter 252: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I&#apos;m With You (VII)

When the nurse carried Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou’s little baby out and revealed that it was a boy, Cheng Xi’s parents, Cheng Yang, Lu Chenzhou’s grandparents, Lu Chenming, and Lu Chenzhou himself…… were all dazed.

“This has to be a mistake, right? Our Cheng Xi’s baby is a baby girl.”

“That’s true,” Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother replied, still in disbelief, as she craned her head to look into the maternity ward. “Are there any other pregnant women giving birth at the moment? Don’t mistake their baby for ours.”

Lu Chenzhou, who had just become a father, glanced at the little infant as he coolly stated, “This child doesn’t look like us at all.”

…...Honestly, it was a spectacle that was too horrible to endure.

In the end, Su Feng had to personally come and tell them, “There hasn’t been a mistake. Cheng Xi gave birth to a boy.” And with her words, the crowd had no choice but to finally accept this “horrible” truth.

Of course, after the confirmation, everyone was still very happy. After all, it was Cheng Xi’s first child, and as long as Cheng Xi and the baby were both safe and healthy, then it didn’t really matter whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

Once the excitement over the new baby calmed down, they suddenly all realized that everything they had preemptively bought was for baby girls, and not baby boys. As soon as this was brought up, everyone rushed out to order new things.

Everyone except for Lu Chenzhou, who merely sat dispiritedly in a corner.

He seemed to be in a muddleheaded state. When Cheng Xi left the labor ward, everyone was crowding around the little baby except for him. When Lu Chenzhou noticed Cheng Xi come out, he came up to her, clutched her hand, and pitifully asked, “How did our daughter become a son?”


Cheng Xi didn’t even know where to begin to console him. All she could do was ask a typical question. “Don’t you like him?” When she observed his face more closely, she saw a mixture of tiredness, disappointment, and sadness.

Lu Chenzhou automatically shook his head.

Cheng Xi smiled gently. She stretched her hand out and lightly caressed his face. “Actually, I don’t care if it’s a son or a daughter. In the end, he’s still our child, Lu Chenzhou.”

Lu Chenzhou vacantly nestled his face against her hand.

Son…… Daughter…… How could they possibly be the same?

They were completely different! A daughter would be soft, cuddly, warm, and cute. This son, on the other hand…… this brat was particularly jealous! Once his son was able to recognize other people’s faces, Lu Chenzhou lost all opportunity to act intimately with Cheng Xi in public.

Because his son would always stop him without fail!

As soon as Lu Chenzhou tried to get close to Cheng Xi, his son would notice him approaching. Then, regardless of if he was breastfeeding or doing something else, the first thing his son would do was extend his hand at him, palm out. Stay away!

Lu Chenzhou was both hurt and heartbroken at this gesture.

One time, when Baldy came over to see the baby, he saw this happen to Lu Chenzhou. Baldy immediately burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter at the sight. “Boss Lu, this is karma, isn’t it? You were so possessive of Cheng Xi, but your son is even more possessive! Ohohoho, good luck trying to defeat your son!”

Over the entire course of Cheng Xi’s half-year-long maternity leave, Lu Chenzhou essentially never won against his son. That little brat loved sticking as closely to Cheng Xi as he could. It didn’t just stop at breastfeeding, but even continued into sleeping. Lu Chenzhou tried to move his son into his own little crib, but that just caused him to cry, not stopping until he was reunited with Cheng Xi .

In the end, Cheng Xi couldn’t stand her husband bickering with their son, so she pressed Lu Chenzhou into bed, ravaged him, and then fiercely asked, “Are you satisfied now?”

And Mr. Lu was indeed very satisfied. He obediently rolled over and let the little demon sleep in the middle, between them.

Due to how jealous and attached their son was, Mr. Lu childishly nicknamed him the king of jealousy. That name quickly spread through their circle of friends and relatives, and it was so popular that within the span of a couple weeks, very few people called their son by his actual name, Lu Bowen, anymore.

Cheng Yang was very dissatisfied with this outcome, and he secretly told Cheng Xi, “How does someone like him have the gall to call my nephew the king of jealousy? What should I call him, then? The god of jealousy?”

Cheng Xi felt that after she became a mother, everyone by her side seemed to have become more childish.

But she was still quite worried about Lu Chenzhou. If others were to despise their son, then they might just be putting on an act. However, she was truly worried that Lu Chenzhou might actually despise his own child. During her pregnancy, everyone had been hoping for a daughter, but Cheng Xi was actually worrying about what Lu Chenzhou would do if their child turned out to be a son. She was afraid that he would neglect him, so ever since they found out that she was pregnant, Cheng Xi had made Lu Chenzhou contribute to her pregnancy diary so that he would feel more connected and intimate with their child.

In truth, when the little fellow had still been in Cheng Xi’s stomach, Lu Chenzhou had been very diligent about writing in his diary, mostly because he firmly believed that their child would be a pretty little princess. While he might not have spent that much time on it, he nonetheless fulfilled his duties by recording down everything that had happened in a detailed fashion. Before he began writing, he would always ask Cheng Xi, “How are you feeling today? Did the baby kick you?” And then he’d even help her count the twitches of the fetus and read to the baby.

But after the king of jealousy was born, this loving treatment had vanished almost immediately. Lu Chenzhou had stopped writing in his diary, and he wouldn’t do so unless Cheng Xi personally asked him to. And even if he did, it would be something silly. One day, Cheng Xi flipped through it and saw a series of records like the following:

XX/XX/XXXX: The king of jealousy, Lu Bowen, pooped in his diaper and made a huge mess. Disgusting.

XX/XX/XXXX: The king of jealousy, Lu Bowen, peed on the bed and was spanked thrice as punishment.

XX/XX/XXXX: The king of jealousy, Lu Bowen, gnawed on his own feet during his shower. Unbelievable!


Cheng Xi waved the diary in front of Lu Chenzhou and tried her best to politely ask him, “Do you think that writing any of this is meaningful? When Bowen grows up and sees this, what will he think?”

Lu Chenzhou twisted his face scornfully. Who cares what he thinks? “Just raise him until he’s eighteen. Then we can kick him out!”

Her son, who was currently soundly sleeping by her side let out a fart at Lu Chenzhou, a particularly sweet-smelling one.

Chneg Xi found the situation laughable, but she was too tired to think about it any further. Instead, she told Chen Jiaman, “Come over here and draw a cartoon about these two people for me. Record down how they’re always fighting and getting jealous over nothing. When one of them grows old and the other grows up, we’ll show it to them and see whether or not they get embarrassed!”

Chen Jiaman tended to follow and do whatever Cheng Xi said. And after that outburst, Chen Jiaman really did make a quick sketch of the situation, titling it “The fight between the god of jealousy and his son, the king of jealousy” before posting it on her Weibo.

Chen Jiaman wasn’t particularly gifted at networking, so she only had a few fans on Weibo. The main reason why she had even posted the drawing in the first place was so that it would be easier for Cheng Xi to find it.

The first few cartoons in the series received almost no attention, but when she posted the fifteenth one, it suddenly started trending. Her number of fans exploded, and Chen Jiaman received so many messages begging for updates that she was dazed at the commotion.

The editor of the publishing company that Chen Jiaman had signed with earlier also saw her post. When he noticed that it was actually from someone who he knew, he helped spread the word even further, causing Chen Jiaman to suddenly go from being a relatively unknown artist to being the trending topic on social media.

She was so scared that she didn’t know what to do. In her anxiety, Chen Jiaman curled up in her room and refused to exit the apartment. She didn’t even dare to contact Cheng Xi, and merely hid in her room, afraid and near despair. Cheng Xi had just started going back to work after her maternity leave ended, causing her to be so busy that she didn’t have enough time to regularly check up on Chen Jiaman. In the end, Cheng Xi heard about the situation when some of her friends forwarded the cartoons to her.

When Cheng Xi went to find Chen Jiaman, she was still curled up in a corner of her bedroom, like a pitiful thing that had been discarded.

Cheng Xi felt very sorry for her. If this had happened to anyone else, they probably would have been overcome with joy. Only Chen Jiaman would be afraid and terrified by this turn of events to the point of freezing up in fear.

Before Cheng Xi went home, she explained the entire situation to Lu Chenzhou. Besides showing him the cartoons, she also told him about her plan to deal with the situation. Although Lu Chenzhou’s face turned quite ugly after he looked through the comics, he didn’t say anything because Chen Jiaman’s drawings didn’t portray anyone badly. Her caricature of Cheng Xi was that of a cute mother: gentle, calm, and someone who wouldn’t bat an eye even if the sky fell. Lu Chenzhou was a big, tall, handsome, and domineering man. He was clearly the main breadwinner of the family as well as someone who loved his family and his wife.

The only part that Lu Chenzhou disliked was that his son, the king of jealousy, had been portrayed as a cute and pudgy little child in the cartoon.

He wouldn’t have minded if his son were simply fat and silly, but he wasn’t cute in real life at all! After scrolling through the comments, Lu Chenzhou was terribly dissatisfied, and he seriously told Cheng Xi, “As long as she makes the little brat more stupid and annoying, I’ll be fine with it.”


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