Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 254: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I'm With You IX

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Chapter 254: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I“m With You IX

Chapter 254: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I&#apos;m With You (IX)

After Lu Chenzhou had a son, his overall tolerance had slowly begun to increase subconsciously. As a result, he was much more easily appeased.

When Cheng Xi left their son alone in the bed and snuck into the guest room to sleep with him, he felt even happier than that silly little kid. And from then on, his favorite new activity was waiting for his son to fall asleep, sneaking into the room next door with Cheng Xi, and then making love to her. Neither the disappointment when their son caught them (the little brat would start crying whenever he woke up and wasn’t able to see his mother), nor the anger that he felt from being disrupted could compare to the excitement that he felt when he “stole” his wife away from his son. One day, after he successfully stole Cheng Xi away, Lu Chenzhou even cockily taunted his son, saying, “Hey, you little brat, your mom was mine last night.”

The king of jealousy was quite possessive, and he was easily agitated whenever his father teased him. Although he didn’t know what his father meant by, “Mom was mine last night,” he would get angry whenever Lu Chenzhou hugged Cheng Xi. This was especially true after he learned to walk on his own two feet; no matter what he was doing, whenever he saw Lu Chenzhou get within three steps of Cheng Xi, he would drop everything, run over, and snatch Cheng Xi’s attention away.

Once, when Lu Chenzhou was hugging and kissing Cheng Xi, the king of jealousy quickly waddled over, and started wiping Lu Chenzhou’s kisses away. Even though he wiped at wherever Lu Chenzhou kissed, Lu Chenzhou stubbornly continued planting kisses on Cheng Xi until the little king started crying. Then, he put his chubby hands around Cheng Xi, kissed her, and pitifully cried out to Cheng Xi, “Mom, he’s dirty!”

Lu Chenzhou shot his son a disdainful look. “You’re snitching since you can’t beat someone? Can you be any less manly?”

…...Cheng Xi didn’t even have the energy to massage her forehead.

At the beginning, she had been somewhat worried about Lu Chenzhou’s relationship with their son, but soon after, she realized that the two of them had an unusual relationship that centered around fighting with each other over random things. o(╯□╰)o

In the end, she left them to their own affairs. Whenever they fought with each other, she would just ignore them and calmly do her own things.

Whenever her son told on Lu Chenzhou, she would perfunctorily scold him. “Mr. Lu, behave yourself.”

And when Mr. Lu became aggrieved from her remark, she would cajole her son, saying, “Be more obedient and apologize to your father. In the future, remember that his wife is his wife, and your mother is your mother. Stop fighting with him over her.”

The little king of jealousy wasn’t yet able to express his thoughts very well, and his understanding of her words was…… questionable at best. He hesitantly let go of Cheng Xi, stumbled over to Lu Chenzhou, climbed on top of the sofa, and then slapped him in the face with a palm filled with snot and saliva as he said, “Stop fighting over her!”



When Cheng Xi saw Lu Chenzhou’s face turn as black as the underside of a pan, she had to try her hardest to restrain herself from bursting out in laughter as she silently hugged the little king of jealousy who had happily run back to report his misdeeds to her. She then tugged on Lu Chenzhou’s clothes, lowered her head to hide her mirth, and obediently said, “Let me wash them for you.”

Her pretty almond eyes looked straight at him, and Lu Chenzhou felt the raging fury in his chest suddenly die out.

Similar incidents played out often enough that the king of jealousy eventually realized that his father loathed dirtiness. One day, when Lu Chenzhou was hugging and kissing Cheng Xi while taunting his son as usual, the king walked over steadily, climbed onto Cheng Xi’s feet, and then patiently waited at her chest. Once Lu Chenzhou let go of her, he quickly raised his head up and smeared his saliva all over Cheng Xi’s face.

Lu Chenzhou was so disgusted by the sight that he couldn’t bring himself to kiss Cheng Xi again for two days straight. The king of jealousy was quite proud of this move. Whenever Chen Jiaman came over to visit them, he would also clamber over and kiss her; when his great-grandparents came, he kissed the both of them as well. He had the best relationship with Cheng Yang by far, because Cheng Yang overly pampered this nephew of his. Whenever he visited, he would always play with the little king and succumb to his every whim. As a result, the king of jealousy hugged and kissed him the longest, and whenever he did so, he would glance back at Lu Chenzhou with a taunting gaze that made him look just like a mini-Lu Chenzhou.

His father had nothing to say with regards to his son’s behavior.

But everyone else seemed particularly pleased by the king of jealousy’s enthusiastic kisses for them, Cheng Yang especially so. He even took Cheng Xi’s lipstick and applied it to his nephew’s lips so that his kisses left bright red lip marks on his face. Then, with a face covered with saliva and kiss marks, he snapped a picture of himself and posted it onto his social media with the caption: Friends, can you feel the passion in this image?!!!

Lu Chenzhou’s face was cold as he watched all this take place. “If you like him so much, then you can take him away.”


“Yes, really.”

And without saying anything else, Cheng Yang actually did bring the kid away.

When Cheng Xi came back from work, Lu Chenzhou was the only one in the house. Without the little king of jealousy’s tottering footsteps and constant mumbling, the house felt much emptier than before.

Lu Chenzhou pretended to be happy as he greeted her with a hug. “Alright! It’s finally the two of us here once again.”

After Cheng Xi found out where her son had disappeared to, she became very worried, although she didn’t reveal it on her face. While still in Lu Chenzhou’s embrace, she said, “I think that we should call him.”

Lu Chenzhou wasn’t too happy to hear those words, but he didn’t stop Cheng Xi.

When Cheng Xi video-called Cheng Yang, the king of jealousy was playing at an outdoor plaza. He was running around with his chubby little feet and chasing a bunch of other kids while he smiled so widely that his drool was pooling over his lips and his eyes curved into little crescents.

Cheng Xi’s father spoke up first. “Little king, your mom’s calling you. Do you want to talk to her?”

The king of jealousy turned around, smiled at the screen, and then ran away.

Lu Chenzhou gnashed his teeth in response as he complained to Cheng Xi, “Look. This is what that little fellow you love is truly like! He has no conscience at all!”

Cheng Xi looked at Lu Chenzhou’s dispirited face and chuckled at his dramatic reaction. She kissed him and said, “It’s fine. If the man that I love most has a conscience, then that’s enough for me.”

Lu Chenzhou was very happy to hear her words.

But his heart still felt somewhat empty. Perhaps it was because he had gotten used to a little brat running around and causing trouble over the course of the year. That night, while the two were busy making love, something suddenly caught Lu Chenzhou’s attention, and he pricked up his ears as he asked, “Did you hear something just now?”

Cheng Xi opened her eyes, quietly listened, and then replied, “The phone’s ringing.”

Their phones were both in the living room. When they entered the room, it was obviously Cheng Xi’s phone, which was on vibrate. She was slightly surprised that Lu Chenzhou had noticed it from their bedroom.

She looked at Lu Chenzhou, but he simply shrugged. “Pick it up.”

The call was from her father. Once it connected, the first thing she heard was the little king of jealousy howling at an ear-shattering volume. “Where’s Daddy?!! Where’s Mommy……”

He was almost two now. There were a few times when Cheng Xi had to leave for a business trip, but his father, who would always get jealous and bicker with him, had never ever left his sight.

Unknowingly, Lu Chenzhou was the person who spent the most time with him.

The little king was heartbroken by his parents’ disappearance, and neither Cheng Xi’s parents nor Cheng Yang could coax him into calming down. Cheng Xi’s father even commented, “He was fine all throughout the morning and the rest of the day, but once it was his bedtime, he started howling for his parents nonstop.”

Cheng Xi hung up, switched to a video call, and then tried to coax her son to sleep through the screen. “Be obedient and sleep, alright? Mommy will come and pick you up tomorrow, bright and early.”

The little king clutched at the phone, continuing to cry as he looked pitifully at the two of them.

Lu Chenzhou’s face darkened by a shade. “How can a man cry so much?”

But the little king wasn’t afraid of him at all, and he called out in an aggrieved manner, “Daddy.” He had cried for so long his face was dripping with tears and snot.

In the end, Cheng Xi couldn’t calm her son down, and she reluctantly ended the video call. Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou silently stared at each other for a few moments before Cheng Xi finally asked, “Do you want to continue?”

Her face was pale, and her neck had a new bite mark courtesy of their earlier activities. Half of her collarbone was showing, and despite how tempting she looked, Lu Chenzhou felt surprisingly annoyed at the current predicament.

After a moment, he said, “Let’s pick him up.”

Cheng Xi smiled lightly as she readjusted her clothes. “Alright then. Let’s go.”

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