Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 255: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I'm With You X

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Chapter 255: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I“m With You X

Chapter 255: Extra - Lu Chenzhou And Cheng Xi: I’m Only Happy When I'm With You (X)

When Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou finally arrived at Cheng Xi’s parents’ house, it was almost midnight. Even though the king of jealousy was thoroughly exhausted, he refused to go to sleep, and while Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou were driving over, he had spent the time talking to Cheng Xi through a video call while resting in his grandmother’s lap even as his head periodically drooped forward before springing back in place.

Cheng Xi’s parents found his actions to be very funny, and they pointed at his little chubby face as they gushed, “Such a stubborn little child! He’s so tired but he still refuses to sleep—gosh, he must be afraid that you guys are trying to trick him.” After they said this, they glanced briefly at Lu Chenzhou. “Who knows where he got this trait from?”

From start to end, Lu Chenzhou’s face remained expressionless, but his gaze landed on his son’s body from time to time. Once his son fell asleep, he told Cheng Xi, “Don’t tire yourself out. Let me carry him.”

He clearly wanted to carry his son, but he just didn’t want to say so out loud. That personality of his caused the whole Cheng family to shoot him an incredulous look.

Since Cheng Yang had brought his nephew all the way to his parents’ place and since Lu Chenzhou had insisted on bringing him back, both families were up well past midnight. When Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou were about to leave, her parents asked if they wanted to stay the night, but Lu Chenzhou politely refused. “It’s fine. Besides, Cheng Xi still has to go to work tomorrow.”

Cheng Xi also smiled as she said, “That’s right. Rather than waking up early tomorrow, I might as well head back now.”

With that, Cheng Xi’s parents could only send the two away.

When Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou reached their car, Cheng Xi asked, “Do you want to drive?”

Lu Chenzhou’s face was as serious as ever as he replied, “You can drive. The little brat’s too heavy, and you won’t be able to carry him for too long.”

Cheng Xi tried to hide her smile. She responded with an ambiguous “Oh,” fished the car keys out of his pockets, and then sat down in the driver’s seat.

Lu Chenzhou sat in the back, and when he noticed Cheng Xi’s slightly curved eyes from the rearview mirror, he remarked “What’re you laughing at?”

Cheng Xi seriously replied, “Oh, I just found that my darling’s actually very considerate of others now.”

Lu Chenzhou blushed faintly as he coughed somewhat self-consciously. “I’m your man, after all.”

Cheng Xi smiled as she started the car up.

She always drove at the speed of a turtle, but Lu Chenzhou didn’t harry her into going any faster. He was preoccupied with his son in the backseat; by the time they arrived at home, both father and son had fallen asleep. When she turned around and saw two identical faces side by side, one large and one small, she found the scene so cute she almost couldn’t bear to wake them up.

However, Cheng Xi did take out her phone, turn on the overhead lights in the car, and take a quick picture of the two of them. The sudden increase in brightness startled Lu Chenzhou awake, and he immediately asked, “What time is it?” as he yawned. But right after he finished asking his question, he shivered slightly, looked at the little king of jealousy in his lap, and then muttered in disbelief, “I fell asleep?”

He used to be very fussy in the past. When had he been able to fall asleep in a car while cradling a child in his lap?

Cheng Xi nodded as she asked him, “You’ve been dead tired recently, haven’t you?”

Lu Chenzhou pursed his lips in contemplation. “It’s alright.” All things considered, he really wasn’t doing too badly; Lu Chenming had smoothly transitioned into his previous position in the company, and he was now handling all of the business trips and interviews, whereas Lu Chenzhou would only show up at work intermittently. In fact, there was a rumor brewing that, after father and son had fought against each other for control of Donglai, it was now the two brothers’ turn to wrestle for control.

Luckily, Lu Chenming defended Lu Chenzhou whenever this rumor was brought up, causing it to peter out very quickly.

Lu Chenzhou quickly glanced at his phone and frowned. “It’s already so late. What’re you going to do about work tomorrow?”

Cheng Xi yawned. “I’ll be fine. I only have to work half the day tomorrow.” She stretched her arms out at him. “I also want to be carried by you! What should I do?”

Lu Chenzhou looked at his son in his lap and then decisively put him down to the side. “I’ll carry you!”

Cheng Xi smiled and poked her son, who was sleeping as soundly as a little piglet. “We can’t just leave him here, can we? Why don’t you carry me while I carry him?”


Cheng Xi intentionally made things difficult for him. “But what if I can’t bear to leave him alone over here?”

But in the end, Cheng Xi once again felt like she had smashed her own feet with a rock that she had picked up. After Lu Chenzhou carried their son in, he came back to the car to carry her in.

Before he carried their son away, he even seriously asked her, “Do you want to wait for me here, or do you want to walk up to the house with me, have me carry you back here, and then carry you back up?”

Cheng Xi ultimately chose to wait for him.

And so, she eventually ended up in his arms. Luckily, it was well past midnight, and they didn’t see anyone as they went up the elevator—as for whether or not there were cameras in the elevator, Cheng Xi buried her face in Lu Chenzhou’s lap and did her best to not think about it.

In the wee hours of the night, it felt as if the whole hummingworld had fallen silent. The only sounded she could hear came from the mechanical operation of the elevator. Lu Chenzhou looked at the woman in his arms, at the whorl of hair on her head, and felt that his heart was at peace.

Cheng Xi’s heart was also very tranquil, especially when she lay in bed and looked at the man who she loved most in the world. Yes, her life was perfect.

After that night’s struggles, Lu Chenzhou seemed to treat his son a little better. The morning after, while Cheng Xi was brushing her teeth, she heard Lu Chenzhou lecture the little king of jealousy, saying, “Don’t try to snatch your mother from me in the future, understand? Otherwise, I’ll throw you to your uncle and not bring you back.”

The little king of jealousy still seemed to be a little upset over what had happened last night as he sat in his little child-proof seat and pursed his lips in an exaggerated manner.

“You don’t agree?”

The little king of jealousy was so scared of his father that he reached out towards his mother as soon as he saw her. “Mommy, Daddy’s being bad.”

Lu Chenzhou had become very sensitive about how his family members viewed him, to the point where he didn’t even like it when people joked about it. When their son said those words, Cheng Xi shot him a serious look. Although he was still young and didn’t really know what he was saying, she nonetheless seriously replied, “No, your daddy’s not bad at all. He picked you up even though it was already very late at night. If you think that he’s bad, then what about you? You were so noisy that no one else could sleep!”

She continued strictly lecturing her son, “It was your own choice to follow your uncle away, but in the end, you made a big fuss about wanting to come home in the middle of the night. Lu Bowen, I’m only going to let you off this once. In the future, if you continue to avoid responsibility for your own choices and try to back out of your decisions, then everyone will ignore you.”

Lu Bowen looked at her, clearly not understanding what she was trying to say.

Lu Chenzhou couldn’t help but interject and ask, “Can he even understand what you’re saying?”

Cheng Xi calmly replied, “Perhaps not right now, but if we keep repeating it, it’ll eventually stick. The most important point is that we can’t let him develop any bad ideas, like the idea that you’re a bad father.” After saying this, she turned towards their son and commanded, “Apologize to your daddy.”

Lu Chenzhou was very pleased that his wife was defending him so staunchly. He didn’t speak up any further for his son, and instead sat upright, schooled his expression, and waited for his son to apologize.

Lu Bowen finally understood what his mother was saying. However, he pursed his lips, wanting to pout, but Cheng Xi merely shot him a severe look. Children were quite good at reading facial expressions, and although Cheng Xi indulged him at times, she refused to spoil him. Once he saw this expression of hers, he knew that there was no way out, so he obediently apologized to Lu Chenzhou as he grabbed a handful of rice from his bowl and raised it towards his father’s mouth. “Sorry, Daddy. Here, this is for you.”

His germophobic daddy’s scalp started prickling instantly.

He deeply felt that his little king of jealousy was acting maliciously after being forced to apologize. What should I do with the rice in his hand? To eat it, to not eat it, or…… He looked at the wife and son combo who were smiling and looking at him expectantly……

Lu Chenzhou shut his eyes and lightly accepted his son’s little rice ball with his mouth.

Then he quickly turned around, hugged Cheng Xi, and pushed it from his mouth into hers.


The little king of jealousy stumbled backwards in shock. This was too much!!!

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