Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 51

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The guerrilla troops’ RPG group attacking from the back all had their heads exploded. Before the blood could even splatter, the guerrilla troops moving the warheads fell to the ground. There were consecutive shots without delay.
Afterward, the mortar shooter and his assistant got shot in the heart and fell away as if jumping in surprise. The soldier in charge of ammunition flattened himself to the ground, but the merciless bullet shattered his spine.
Puck puck!
The bullets continued to hit the hidden troops in the dirt.
“Wakil, be careful.”
Beneath the bunker, Ombuti, who was filling the magazine, yelled.
“Don’t worry. It’s a grenade.” To reassure Ombuti, he had said it was a grenade, but it was actually an effector. It meant that the enemy noticed that they needed to use explosives. The gas from the effector was similar to carbon monoxide, and when it came into contact with oxygen, it would be triggered to explode.
The faster the diffusion of gas, the faster its expansion. It would make it that much brighter and longer-lasting. The speed of the Dragonov released gases for a long time. It was something of a downfall of the weapon.
Black Mamba wasn’t worried about the effector.
AK’s accuracy decreases significantly as the range surpasses 150m. From 300 meters away, you would practically need Allah’s help to get an exact shot. If Black Mamba was to be effected by the gases emitted from the bullets, the hyenas would have laughed.
In war, you could not avoid the bloodshed from a grenade. Getting hit from a bullet you cannot see from far away may not feel fair, but that was just one’s luck. Black Mamba did not once worry about the dangers of a counter-attack and continued to take down all his aimed targets.
‘That’s why we call him Azrael!’ Ombuti thought. He was not only the best skilled but also the one with the least fear. To Ombuti, it looked like the bullets themselves were veering away from Black Mamba.
Fweet! It was the sound of the shot shooting out of the mortar and falling back down towards them.
Black Mamba, who had lifted his head, flinched. Under the first quarter moon, he saw a black dot.
“Ombuti, get down!”
He pressed down on the back of Ombuti’s head and shoved him into the bunker.
Boom! The grenade flew at them and slammed into the ground. The two of them were swept back from the explosion as dirt spilled into their bunker. Compared to that of Jang Shin’s, the skill was lacking, but it still presented them with grave danger.
“Wakil, get that one first!” Ombuti, who was covered in dirt, yelled.
“Haha, if we get hit, we have to obviously hit them back.”
Black Mamba immediately found his target. He didn’t even have to calculate the distance and direction. It was enough knowing the direction of where the attack came from. Black Mamba’s night vision was as good as that of an owl.
Outside 850m, he saw the shooter and loader.
Puck! Puck! Once someone came into Black Mamba’s view, they were marked for death. Both the grenade loader and the target shooter’s head shattered at the same time.
Black Mamba, who had destroyed both the mine throwers, started to attack the RPGs next. RPGs are at short range. The surrounding RPGs around him were cleared out almost instantly. Anyone who met Black Mamba as an enemy would be unable to avoid their bad luck even if they were God. When their support line was cleared out, they changed tactics to attacking with the machine gun.
Puck! The Degtyaryov shooter’s head exploded.
Once the Sahara winds started to blow, the clouds cleared from the sky. The first quarter moon that escaped its cover peaked out its head. It was now Black Mamba’s world.
Captain, who was observing the battle, clenched his fists.
The godlike sniper’s skills were unparalleled. Two mine throwers, five RPGs, and six machine guns were silenced in three minutes. He could double-tap with a sniper rifle and even triple tap. He too was a sniper. Black Mamba’s sniping skills were unexplainable.
A huge hole was made in Ahmud’s attack line.
Lattell team suddenly came to their senses and started to spark a fire from their heavy weaponry and machine guns.
“Ya iliah hakan hada! (What, how in the world!)”
The night vision goggles dropped from Ahmud’s hands. His men had been ones who could charge through bullets. His men who had hesitated due to the barrage fell like dominoes. They looked as if they were panicum plants being swept away from the strong Sahara winds.
“Ack, those pigs!”
It was a replay of the previous day. He had never imagined that they would have been ready and waiting for him. The surprise attack was not done by his side but by the frogs. He had been tricked by the sneaky frogs. He bit his lip so hard it was bleeding but he didn’t realize it.
As before, he was decimated by the sniper. With his support gone, their charge faltered. He couldn’t even guess at how many snipers there were.
“Kill all the cowards!” Ahmud screamed. They were within 300m of the enemy. Either way, the enemy had small numbers. If they can just pass the enemy lines, he still had a chance at victory.
Frolinat’s barrier troops were known for their cruelty. They said that the armies with less training and backward ideals have the cruelest barrier troops. The barrier troops coming from the back were said to slit the throats of the troops in front that would turn to run away. Any soldiers who hesitated would get a knife in their back.
“Wah, Allah, Allah!”
Ahmud’s army charged from all around them.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
It was the M74 mines that Morris planted. Every time it exploded, the charging guerrilla troops flew into the air off the ground.
“Full steam ahead!”
“For the glory of Allah, charge!” The barrier troops yelled as they swung their Scimitar.
Ahmud’s thinking that attack by numbers was unbeatable was correct. However, the automatic machine gun and the godlike sniper were not things he had taken into consideration.
Black Mamba was in a trance. Choosing a target, pulling the trigger, and changing magazines were done almost mechanically. Ombuti was busy handing him the reloaded Dragonov.
Black Mamba’s eyes were unfazed by the men falling to the ground, spouting blood. He forgot the fact that his targets were people and he even forgot the fact that he was pulling the trigger.
Black Mamba had chosen the Dragonov because of its ability for continuous shots and durability. The Dragonov in Black Mamba’s hand was able to complete its usage in ten minutes. PSG-1, Galil, and M40 rifles are designed with a bolt action feature. The bolt action design made it have increased accuracy but its durability was weak. It did not match Black Mamba’s style of shooting which used a rifle like a machine gun.
After sweeping the support line, he changed the Dragonov five times within the first five minutes. Instantly, the charging soldiers dwindled one by one. Three hundred meters was the stop line, as well as the charge line. There were only 20 of them who were able to bypass the mines and the sniping. Even they were wiped out in an instant.
Their screams and gunshots quickly decreased.
After sweeping the charging team, Black Mamba aimed at the barrier team behind them.
“Kuk, kuk!”
The barrier team coming from the back started to collapse one by one.
The blood splattered onto the forehead of the aide Muhammed, and a scream came out of Ahmud’s mouth. He could see his aide flailing his two arms as he fell in slow motion. It was surreal.
One shot, one kill…there was no point in hiding for cover. In the darkness, the screams continued. The fear of war was contagious. Even the counterattack warriors screamed and put their heads to the ground.
When a person lays down on the ground, the surface area is estimated to be 350 centimeters. It may seem like a wide area, but it is actually only 17 centimeters per side. If they are hidden in some parts, the area becomes even smaller. It is nearly impossible to hit a 170mm target in the dark at 300 meters away.
Ahmud got goosebumps. In the 30 years he had experienced war, never had he felt his life threatened as seriously as it did now. Fear that a bullet will come shooting through his head at any moment crept up on him. The way he had survived for this long was his quick judgment of the situation. He turned his back without further hesitation.
Ahmud, who was riding a bike to run away, had about ten men following behind him. Even as they retreated, the attacking bullets continued to fly at them.
The screams of his men continued behind him.
‘How could this be!’
Ahmud realized it too late. He couldn’t believe it, but he realized that there was only one sniper.
Ahmud had spent his whole life smelling the gunpowder of war.
He was a merciless sniper who used a sniper rifle like a machine gun to take down his men in the split instants between their attacks.
Ahmud felt chills down his back instead of anger.
He suddenly remembered laughing after hearing the report about him.
He was known as the greatest survivor, he had killed Musta and destroyed BTR, and he can hit a coin from 1km away. That was what had been reported to him. His heart cold, Ahmud squeezed his fist over the grip.
The sounds of gunshots soon stopped. Only the sound of Black Mamba’s Dragonov continued to echo. Even that started to grow silent. Black Mamba’s gunfire ended a mere 15 minutes after the battle had started. It was the result of Black Mamba’s sniping against Ahmud’s excessive charge attack.
Ahmud observed the situation after retreating 4km away.
“Ahh, how could something so pig-like happen!”
There were no soldiers left to check on. He had brought along 147 and had a mere six left. It was a horrific result. Ahmud felt immense fear. He was a survivor. He didn’t look back and stepped on the bike’s accelerator.
The sandy plains that had echoed with the sound of gunshots were now filled with silence.
Black Mamba speedily rode through the green fields to the wasteland. Five or six of them had run away. The ants that crawled back to their anthill will come back out with an army. He was determined to obliterate the anthill. He bared the cruel teeth of Paranthropus.
“What a perfect situation!” Black Mamba exclaimed upon finding the intact bike. He couldn’t be more thankful. There were several abandoned vehicles and bikes around him. They were the ones that Frolinat’s 3rd brigade had rode in.
Riding the bike, Black Mamba returned back to collect the box that contained 200 of the 7.62mm grenades. In the grenade box, there were 20 grenades, 2 flash grenades, and 2 smoke grenades.
Black Mamba turned on his headset and set his signal to align with Emil’s.
-Emil, I’m tracking them down. Report it to Captain.
Emil, who was cooling down his pistol, was appalled.
-Are you insane? Get back here!
Emil yelled through the headset.
-There’s no reason for us to go around with a tail on us. I will return after destroying their headquarters.
-Inconsiderate jerk, if you were going to leave, you should have reported yourself. Do you want to see your partner get beaten to a pulp by Captain?
-The captain never kills his men.
The communication abruptly disconnected.
-Look, Black, Black, you evil punk, are you trying to kill your partner. You’re the worst person ever, you slug.
Emil complained out loud but the turned off radio stayed silent.
“You’re the worst”
Angry, Emil threw the minimee to the ground. He was going to get beaten to death by Captain. With Mark’s death, all the team members had been put on high alert. To the point where Captain told them to go die with them if their partner gets hit. Truthfully, he was more worried about the safety of his partner than the wrath of Captain.
Black Mamba revved the throttle roughly.
The bike’s front wheel lifted as it hit the ground running. The speeding bike fell hard into the ground and caused pain to his buttocks.
Its power was good, but its suspension was horrible. Its durability was good but was designed without considering the comfort of the rider. It was typical of Soviet-made military equipment.
Tracking them was as easy as flipping over one’s hand. All he had to do was follow the smell of weapon residue and sweat. He casually followed the sent that the rebel forces had left behind. Ahmud couldn’t have imagined that the angel of death was following his tail.
Captain was in an ecstatic mood.
They had gained the perfect victory over a large guerrilla force without a single injured soldier on their part. It was because everything, terrain, environment, firepower, equipment, and skill had been all in their favor.
Today, he had commanded the best attack tactic of his life. Of course, it was thanks to having Black Mamba on his side. As expected, Black Mamba’s sniping was menacingly powerful in battle.
Even in a situation against heavy weaponry and machine guns, he had swept the guerrilla troops as if he was cleaning house with a broom. It was the greatest moment of his life as a commander. This sort of perfect battle gave him a greater orgasm than that felt during sex.
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