Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 1.1

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Chapter 1.1: Sujebi

[Sujebi or hand-pulled dough soup, or Korean-Style Pasta Soup, is a Korean traditional soup consisting of dough flakes roughly torn by hand, with various vegetables. ]
It was raining outside. Looking at the late spring rain, Luana had an urge to eat something. As she listened to the sounds of raindrops falling, she took out a pot and poured some water in it.
After that, she prepared the fresh anchovies and put it in the pot. It didn’t take much time to boil.
She then carefully scooped out the foam that rose up, seasoned it with salt, and then added the potatoes. She roughly tore the dough and put it in the boiling soup. If she could, she would have liked the dough to age before putting them in, but it wasn’t easy. The noise of the splattering spring rain was growing.
“If you eat heartily and then die, then it is fine.”
Luana hummed and watched the thin dough swell and turn into a clear milky color. It seemed to be cooked just perfectly. It looked delicious. But the soup would have tasted better if she had more vegetables. She licked her lips in regret.
At that moment, the kitchen door opened and a middle-aged woman rushed in.
“Princess, we’re in trouble!”
“Ah, nanny! Are you going to eat too?”
‘I need to take out another bowl.’
Luana took out another bowl with lots of sujebi in it and put it on the table.
“It’s not the time to eat now! The Imperial Army has invaded the palace! We have to run now!”
The nanny shouted in an excited voice.
“No. I know that.”
Luana scooped a spoonful of hot sujebi and blew on it before putting it in her mouth. Though the sujebi had become a little bit soggy, it was just right for her taste. The hot anchovy broth, with softened dough flakes, trickled down her throat. As expected, it was delicious! She only wished there was some ripe kimchi here.
Watching Luana scoop up the second spoon, the nanny looked dejected.
“Why are you so relaxed!”
Because it was futile to run away. This kingdom was going to perish anyway and all the royals were destined to die. As it was a story like that. All will die except for one royal member. No matter how far you run, you will be caught one by one and brought to an even more miserable death.
‘I want to die as painlessly as I can.’
Luana pouted her lips and scooped a third spoonful.
She didn’t remember the title of the novel, but it was a famous romance fantasy novel. Luana was reading the novel before she died.
In the story there was a beautiful princess named Ingrid, widely known for her beauty. She was the heroine of this story. And there was a warmongering emperor who dreamt of conquering the continent. He was the male lead.
At first he politely invited Ingrid to come and be his concubine, but Ingrid refused his proposal. Yeah, the Emperor was a little crazy for her to accept such a proposal. As soon as he ascended the throne, what he did first was to crush small and weaker countries and conquer them all.
The emperor was furious at her refusal. So he sent the Duke and his army to seize Ingrid’s country and forcibly drag her to him.
Luana was born as one of the story’s non-existent princesses. She was a small cannon fodder character who was doomed to die. How desperate she was when she grew up, knowing she had reincarnated in this novel. She tried everything she could, but in the end, she got over it! She decided to just give up and die.
She didn’t want to put much effort in this life. Since she had lived very fiercely in her previous life, this time she just wanted to live a moderate life, eat whatever she wanted, and stay that way.
‘By the way, that Emperor is so cheap!’
However, it can’t be helped because the cheap man was the most powerful man in this world. Luana’s life now was like a lantern in front of the wind.
“What can I do? I should die like this.”
After all she has died once already and in this second life, she just wanted to live humbly.
“Nothing, but are you really not going to eat nanny?”
“You’re bothered about eating now?”
Luana nodded and ate another spoonful of sujebi. One bowl of sujebi quickly got empty.
“I’ll have a little more.”
The steaming sujebi was poured into the bowl with a ladle. The nanny, who was looking at the dish, sat across the other side as if exhausted.
“Just give me one bowl too.”
The nanny was also given a generous share.
“It’s delicious. Who made it?”
“I did.”
“Whenever you cook something I don’t understand where you’ve learned it from. I thought you were a little strange for a princess.”
‘What? Did you really think so? But not now, right?’
“But now I’ve confirmed you’re indeed a very strange person.”
The nanny shook her head and ate the sujebi. As they finished the soup listening to the raindrops coming from outside, they didn’t feel the need to have any side dishes. The two quickly emptied their bowls. They felt better after a hearty meal.
‘All right. I’ll die today.’ Luana patted her round swollen stomach. At that moment, the kitchen door again opened.
“Here they are!”
A soldier with a bloodstained spear shouted and a knight in full armor came in after him.
“Where’s the princess?”
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