Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 1.2

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“Where’s the princess?”
The soldier shouted at them with a fierce look. Luana and the nanny exchanged glances for a moment, while putting their empty bowls of sujebi down.
‘You’re here, should we tell them?”
‘Yes, after all I am a princess. But why are they looking for a princess?’
‘I don’t know.’
Luana slowly raised her hand. The intimidating eyes of the knight fell upon her raised hand.
“Excuse me.”
“Where is the princess! If you don’t speak now, I can’t guarantee your life.”
“I am the princess.”
The knight, who was shouting and bellowing, shut his mouth. The eyes of Luana and the Knight met.
“You’re so loyal! Do you want to help the princess escape by pretending to be her? But remember! Your master wouldn’t protect a lowly maid like you!”
“I am the princess!”
“Tell me where the princess is right now!”
“Dear Knight, I understand your unwillingness to believe.”
‘Are you my nanny or my enemy? How could you understand that?’ Luana pouted her mouth.
“But this is the princess.”
For a moment there was silence in the kitchen.
“The sixth princess, Luana?”
“That’s right.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
Really? Is it really true? The knight’s eyes glanced over Luana with suspicion. She was wearing an old dress which has been mended several times. Her corset was not tightened properly and her stomach was bulging because of the sujebi she just ate. Her greyish beige hair was unique, but it wasn’t properly trimmed, making it look very unkempt. Looking closely, she had good skin and even looked quite cute, but many maids had such an appearance. He couldn’t believe it.
This was also because princesses of the Alluin kingdom were all famous for their beauty.
“I don’t come from a noble family.”
Luana told the truth to the Knight, who looked very confused. She got her appearance from her mother’s side. Her mother was a maid who worked in the laundry and accidentally spent a night with the king to give birth to Luana, but she was not a beauty. But if you look closely, she was pretty cute!
“Search in case if she’s hiding!”
The Knight gave orders to the soldiers, but the only thing that came out from the search were rotten and dirty possessions.
‘You shouldn’t have expected too much from this abandoned palace in the first place.’
“We have to take the princess with us, Sir Rugard.”
The knight, who was called Rugard glared at Luana.
“Are you really a princess?”
“That’s right.”
“That’s right.”(this is being said by the nanny just in case you’re wondering who is speaking)
“Drag her and let’s go!”
As soon as Sir Rugard’s terrifying words fell, soldiers rushed in and dragged out Luana.
“Oh, I can walk!”
Luana actively appealed, but the soldiers dragged her quickly to the square.
‘I guess it’s urgent.’
Luana felt funny as she looked at the running Rugard and Nanny.
‘I didn’t know you could run so fast, nanny.’
Many people were kneeled in the square in front of the palace. Among them were Luana’s half sisters.
“Sit over there.”
“Oh yes… excuse me…excuse me.”
Luana pushed her way through the crowd and sat down where Rugard had pointed. As she sat down, the other princesses next to her looked at her with wide eyes. As if asking who are you and why are you sitting here.
“It’s me, sister.”
Who is ‘me’? Ingrid, who seemed to be the sweetest in the royal family, looked at her puzzledly. She truly had the dazzling aura of a female lead. She had a beauty that the emperor would like.
“This is the place for the royal family. You might die if you do something wrong, so sit somewhere else.”
No I’ll die if I sit somewhere else. Besides, Luana was also a royal family member.
“I am also a princess.”
Ingrid looked embarrassed when she told the truth.
“Ah! Come to think of it, I heard there’s a kid living in that abandoned palace.”
Fortunately, the sharp-looking second Princess remembered Luana’s existence. As soon as her words fell, their ridicule and affectionate gazes fell on her, but she didn’t care. Anyway they all will die together.
Death was fair!
The rain had stopped and the sun had come out. The floor was wet but a pleasant wind blew. As the warm sunshine touched her face, her head slowly drooped down.
Fortunately if the fifth princess sitting next to her hadn’t poked her in the ribs, she would have really fallen asleep. And then, she surely would’ve been the first to die. She wondered why it suddenly got so quiet. She looked up to see a man walking in front of her with raven black hair.
Even the clothes worn by him were dark, making him seem like a grim reaper. But in Luana’s eyes, it was chocolate colour. It reminded her of sweet and bitter chocolate… chocolate divided into six pieces. Luana gaped at him unknowingly and a fine trickle of drool leaked from the corner of her mouth.
She could make most things on her own, but chocolate was impossible. What would she do if she could get her hands on some cacao beans? Because of this,her obsession with chocolate only grew.
The closer the man got, the more grim and silent the atmosphere became. Some were trembling thinking about their approaching death. And Luana wasn’t much different either. Even though she was prepared, she was still afraid to die. At times like this, it was necessary to calm the mind. Luana lowered her head and looked through her sleeve.
“Have you got them all?”
The Knight answered the man. ‘It seems he has the highest position here. Then he should be the Duke Legion, the General of the Imperial Occupation Army.’
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