Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 2.1

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The king, who was rumoured to be the epitome of incompetence, trembled in fear and bowed his head and his queen was also no different. Ingrid was the only one who raised her head and stared firmly at the Duke. Everyone else was quivering in fear.
Luana thought their reactions weren’t too much. After all, the Emperor’s Dog, Duke Legion was quite famous and had gained some notoriety as the Emperor’s Sword.
“I.. I don’t want to die.”
Luana heard the murmur of her sister sitting next to her. She saw her trying to pull down her dress covering her ample breasts, and make her look as seductive as possible. The alluring beauty showed her willingness to survive by capturing the Duke.
‘But that will not work, Evy. If you try to seduce the Duke, you’ll only die faster.’
She had read that the Duke was not interested in women. It was because he was almost a dead man. He would never touch the princess because of lust.
Luana muttered to herself and glanced at her sister who was struggling to make a sexy pose.
“What are you going to do with us?”
When Ingrid asked boldly, the Duke’s eyes turned to her.
‘But is it just me? Even though he is looking at Ingrid, why do I feel like he’s looking here. Ah, no way! Why would he look this way?’ Still just in case, she covered her mouth with her hands.
“Can’t you imagine what will happen to the royal family of a fallen kingdom?”
Hearing this, the king begged for his life.
“Save me! Please! I’ll give you anything!”
As soon as he heard the king beg, the Duke laughed with a cold expression.
‘They already have your everything over there. What else could they want from you?’ 
Whether or not he knew Luana’s thoughts, the king desperately begged for his life. It seemed he really wanted to live, but the more he pleaded, the more likely he would die miserably.
Even though she didn’t have any affection for him as a parent, she still felt sorry for him. Luana lowered her head and moved her sleeve, pretending to wipe her mouth. It didn’t seem anyone had noticed what she was doing. Satisfied with the fact, she looked up only to see the Duke looking at her.
‘No way, is he looking at me?
‘Nah, he can’t see me.’ Thinking so, Luana looked around covertly, but unfortunately there was nobody around her that could save her from being seen. In the first place, this seat was reserved for the royal family, so there couldn’t be anyone else sitting here. This was not a good thing! Luana rubbed her hands in nervousness.
A rough grating sound came out, just like the sound of fingernails scratching the blackboard. Because of the curse, his voice was a mess, so it was a little painful to hear.
“He’s talking to you.”
Luana, with her eyes urged her older sister, who was busy pulling out her collar. The belief that he would never call her out made such an action possible. The sister got up with a big smile, wondering if there was finally a way to live, but her expectations were quickly squashed.
“Not you.”
A finger wrapped in a gauntlet pointed at Luana. Then the knights, who were standing still, moved quickly and picked up Luana. In no time, she found herself standing in front of him.
‘Me? Is it really me?’ 
Luana was restless. She didn’t know what to do. Seeing this, Ingrid stepped out.
“She is also a member of the royal family! What are you going to do with her? Leave her alone!”
It’s good to be bold. But sister, do you even know my name? Luana looked at Ingrid with a salty look.
With a small smile, the Duke slowly walked over to Ingrid. Then as he grabbed her hair and fiercely pulled it back, her pretty face contorted in pain.
“What does it matter what I do?”
“She’s still young! I’d rather it be me!”
Seeing Ingrid’s mournful cry the Duke’s eyes trembled a little. It must be quite astonishing for him to see self-sacrificing people after dealing with selfish people every time. Yes, this was what made Legion fall for her. How fun it would be to see the novel’s story coming to life. It was always quite exciting to see cold people like him falling in love!
‘After all, it is the second male leads that can give off such a feeling.’  
Luana watched the two with a throbbing heart. She regretted that there was no popcorn to eat while enjoying this drama.
“That’s unusual.”
The Duke who said so, let go of his hand grabbing Ingrid’s hair. If it were someone else, the hair would have been pulled out of its roots. After all, this was the Immense Beauty Power of the female lead!  A great power that can make even the villains soft!
Luana excitedly gave them a thumbs up. But at that moment, the Duke turned around unknowingly.
Then he glared at her upright thumb. Luana smiled awkwardly and folded her thumb back slowly.
“What does that mean?”
“It means that the Duke is the best!”
After saying so,Luana ducked down but unfortunately she fell flat on her face. She didn’t want to die first, so she quickly sat up on her own.
“The Best?”
The Duke laughed eerily. Then he said to Luana.
“You’ve been doing something, so show me your wrist.”
When the Duke said so, Luana’s complexion quickly turned white. She almost looked like a dead body.
“Come on, it’s no big deal.  A bug just bit my wrist. So I was scratching it because it was so itchy. Oh it’s still so itchy!”
“Stand up!”
“I don’t know what you’re saying.”
With the Duke’s one glance, the surrounding knights grabbed Luana’s arm and dragged her to the Duke. ‘No, this can’t happen. I could never show you.’
‘Let go, let go!’
Luana struggled as hard as she could, but her strength was quite incomparable to that of the knights.    Eventually, she was forced by the knights to put both of her wrists forward.
The knight, who was still looking at the loose ends of her sleeves, put his hand between them.
As she was ticklish, she burst into laughter but a cold gaze fell on her. Luana quickly became still and decided to keep her mouth shut. The knight who was rummaging inside her sleeves, suddenly pulled out something. It was a dark red square stick with a little yellow in the middle. It seemed to be about one span long.
“What is this?”
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