Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 2.2

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“What is this?”
The knight held it in front of his nose and questioned Luana.
“What, what could it be?”
She could not confess with her own mouth and her eyes were twitching nervously, making her attitude seem worse.
“Is it a weapon? Is it poison! Tell me right now!”
When the knight holding her hand gave strength to it, her arms hurted so badly that she thought they were going to fall off.
“Oh, ow! Wait, wait! It’s not a weapon!”
Luana cried desperately.
“Then is it poison?”
“No, it’s not poison.”
The knight picked up the unknown item and smelled it carefully. There was a sweet and savory scent coming out of it. When he pressed the yellow part, it didn’t seem to be hard. It was quite strange, but he felt like he had seen it somewhere. Where was it? The knight stood still and handed it over to the Duke.
“If you tell the truth, I won’t kill you.”
It’s the same thing to die one way or another. The only difference is whether it’s more painful or less painful. Others might confess if the Duke said so, but Luana didn’t believe him. It is said that suspicious people live a longer life.
“Would you swear on your family?”
“You don’t believe me?”
“We’ve both met for the first time. How can I believe you just like that?”
Her words stirred up the people around her.
“Okay, I’ll keep my word.”
The Duke’s hand reached his sword. Only then did Luana tell him what he was holding.
“It’s a Po.”
[T/N: Po (포) is thin strips or sheets of dried meat or fish used in Korean cuisine. It is generally made from meats like beef, pork, venison and poultry or seafoods like eel, squid, octopus, shrimp and crab. It is eaten as a snack or as an accompaniment]

‘For god’s sake! Ughh!’ Luana groaned in irritation. She closed her eyes tightly and shouted in a loud voice.
The knights holding Luana lost their strength. Luana who was finally free, quickly stepped back.
The Duke tapped his forehead with his finger. It seemed he was seriously thinking about something. ‘Do you have something to worry about Iike that?’ Luana tilted her head.
‘Did he hear me wrong?’
Then, as she looked at the stick-like object, she confessed again.
“It’s called a cheese jerky.”
When the Duke looked at the unknown article in his hand, he opened his mouth in a similar manner.
“I heard you calling it cheese jerky.”
That was the truth of course but it seemed that the Duke didn’t believe her. At that moment, her mind became a little confused. Whether or not he believed her, Luana grumbled, rubbing her sore arms.
“It’s just plain beef jerky. It’s nothing dangerous at all, except for it’s highly particular delicious taste. And it’s been made by my own hands.”
No, even if you say it’s not dangerous then why did you put it in your sleeve? Furthermore, after figuring out the situation, it seems she had been continuously eating little by little. Even the royal family, including the knights, looked at Luana as if she was a madwoman. Although Ingrid, who was like an angel, tried to somehow understand the situation, it was still just too much for her to comprehend.
Only the nanny, who knew Luana very well, was embarrassed and bowed her head in shame. How can you still have an appetite even in this situation? She really wanted to shout that out but she diligently kept it all inside her heart.
“Cheese… what were you going to do with the jerky?”
While questioning her, the knight’s expression was strangely curious as well as skeptical.
“What could I be doing with it? Obviously I was eating it.”
“You didn’t say anything about not eating.”
She answered and then looked at the Duke. There’s nothing wrong with what she said, but who would eat jerky at this time when your life is at the mercy of your enemy. Only a madwoman would! The knight seemed to have a lot to say.
“Umm.. she was abandoned at a young age, so she grew up in quite difficult circumstances. So she’s a little… dimwitted. But she’s a good kid.”
Ingrid defended her behaviour in a small voice. Of course there was no convincing power in it.
“Hey! I’m not dimwitted!”
Luana cried out in resentment.
“It’s all because of the jerky! I’m innocent. I just wanted to finish the beef jerky that I had worked so hard on this morning. Oh, my! It was so delicious! How could I leave it like that? If I die after eating something good, I would have no regrets. You should at least try if you don’t believe me!”
Luana confidently uttered such words in a very imposing manner.
“I’m telling you, it looks hard on the outside, but if you take a bite, your teeth will easily sink in. Because of it’s soft texture, you can easily tear and chew it well. Though it tastes quite savory, you can still feel a little sweetness at the tip of your tongue. When your saliva mixes into it, it would feel like chewing on a juicy meat. Plus, I have added a lot of cheese to it!”
Suddenly, Luana excitedly began to talk about the jerky to the crowd.
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