Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 11

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“Uh, did you mean fried chicken?”
“Yes, that’s the one. Welcome to the world of the Heavenly God of Chicken.”
“Heavenly God?”
“She served chicken to people who love chicken.”
“That’s amazing.”
“Of course! She holds the seasoned chicken in her right hand and the fried chicken in her left hand. She crossed the beer river with pickled radish in her arms, she’s truly the greatest! But that doesn’t mean she didn’t turn her back to other chickens’ flavor! She love soy sauce fried chicken! Shrimp chicken! She got all sorts of chicken!”
“I see. You must be a great cook.”
‘Oh, I’m not a cook. But I’m still being driven as a witch, but I didn’t want to cry out to the God of a different religion, so I kept my mouth shut.’
“That’s right. We have to bring the dish before it gets cold.”
“Let’s go.”
The knight agreed and pushed the tray instead. ‘Oh, what a sweet guy.’ Luana followed him comfortably.
Suddenly there were rumors among the knights about the Duke’s woman beside him. And yet none of them had a definition of her. She may or may not be spending the night with him.
As she continued to cook, she looked like a chef, but the Duke, known as someone who doesn’t like to eat, began eating, the knights knew. This princess was an excellent cook. Her dishes were unfamiliar,  but the taste was unique. So that must be the reason why Duke kept her beside him. Initially, he wasn’t someone who liked to eat, but it was an understandable reason.
During the day, the Duke had to go to the office, so when Luana went there, the knights were also guarding her. This time, it was a familiar knight who accompanied Luana. It was Lugard, who shared rice balls, and an unknown person.
Lugard turned his eyes away as Luana greeted him warmly. She was confused by Lugard’s act and followed his gaze, but he didn’t say anything. ‘So you’re ignoring me?’ Luana greeted again with determination.
Lugard nodded reluctantly. That was all his reaction. ‘Let’s talk later.’ thought Luana as she knocked on the office’s door.
“Lunch is here!”
“Come in.”
Luana pushed the tray and went inside. Like last time, she set the food on the desk and finally put down a glass of beer.
“That’s beer.”
That was all the Duke’s response. He didn’t ask why she served a beer.
Luana smiled and said to the Duke,
“Today’s lunch will amaze you!’’
“Amaze me?”
“So promise me one thing!”
“What kind of promise?”
“If today’s food is really good, please provide the royals with a meal.”
In this part, Luana also lowered her voice a little. ‘How dare you say that to me!’ is what Luana imagined of Duke’s reaction and thought he would cut off her neck as she requested her demand. The Duke’s gaze shifted from the plate to Luana. There was a moment of silence.
“All right, I promise.”
Surprisingly, the Duke readily agreed. It didn’t mean much to him. Regardless of whether he gives them food, they’ll end up dead anyway. There was no need to debate with Luana that much.
The only surprise is that the abandoned princess made the request.
“Are you fine with it?”
“Aren’t you the abandoned princess?”
‘In general, wouldn’t it be natural for her to hate even people from the same royal family? Or is it because she was just naturally nice? I don’t like that kind of personality.’ thought the Duke, but Luana answered,
“Well, that’s true. But I don’t feel like they’re part of my family in the first place,” said Luana calmly.
The only family she had was a nanny. It was unreasonable to consider those who had never seen her face a few times as family while having memories of her previous life.
“Even if they are not my family, you’re bound to feel sorry for people when they die, right? It’s like that.”
“Do you mean you felt sympathy?”
“That’s funny.”
“I don’t know what’s funny. Hurry up and eat it! It won’t taste good when it’s cold!”
Luana quickly opened that dish cover used to keep the chicken warm.
Finally, it was time to taste the chicken.
“But why did Sir Loun push the tray?” asked Lugard in a low voice.
Then Loun rolled his eyes and replied.
“It’s about helping the lady, so there was nothing I can do except tp help her, right?”
Before that, their target enemy was the princesses of the country they occupied. It also meant that their death was scheduled. There was no need to do such a favor. First of all, since when did they take care of the lady like that?
The Leviathan Knights are the Duke’s army mainly mobilized to occupy other countries or dry anyone without leaving any seeds. Lugard is still the youngest, so he was polite, but most have already undergone changes.
“Is that so?”
Lugard was convinced and moved on, but Henry didn’t think so,
‘There’ must be something.’
Otherwise, Sir Loun would not help the princess. But he kept his mouth shut because there was no reason to bring it up further.
‘Maybe it was a similar case to Lugard.’
Even after suffering hardship because of one food, Lugard was worried about the princess’ safety. Fortunately, she seemed to be okay. It was strange, and Henry tilted his head.
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The Duke glanced down at the golden fried chicken.
“The chicken was marinated in secret sauce and deep-fried to golden brown!”
Besides the Duke, Luana explained the dish confidently. At this time, most meats were grilled or boiled. Therefore, it was good to say that there were hardly any fried dishes. In particular, no dish took so much oil to make since the oil is expensive.
The Duke glanced at Luana once, pinned down the chicken with his fork, and held it up. Luana’s heart was pounding as she looked at the Duke.
The beautiful white tooth bit the chicken. And at the same time, the Duke’s expression changed subtly. Luana was sure that probably didn’t mean it was an adverse reaction.
The Duke, who slowly chewed and swallowed the chicken, picked up the next one.
Luana stopped the Duke.
“Try to drink the beer in between!”
The Duke, who was about to eat the chicken, grabbed a glass of beer at Luana’s recommendation. He just lifted the beer glass, yet he looked elegant because he was the one who did it. ‘As expected of people with great looks!’ Luana was impressed.
The Duke took a bite of the juicy and crunchy chicken, took a sip of the beer, then ate the french fries after swallowing the beer and slowly repeated that fantasy chain. Beer was not something that nobles liked to drink, but it went well with this dish.
She felt like she could hear saliva dripping from somewhere.
After finishing more than half of the chicken, the Duke spoke,
“What’s the name of the dish?”
He looked at Luana curiously.
“It’s fried chicken! I seasoned it with my own secret seasoning.”
Luana pounded her chest and said triumphantly.
“It’s fried chicken..”
“It’s delicious, right?”
“It tasted alright.”
The Duke’s praise was all that, but it was too early to judge.
“What’s your name again?”
‘Why are you asking as if you had asked my name before? This is the first time you’re asking.’ she fixed her sour look, then replied,
“My name is Luana!”
“I see. I’m Legion. Call me Legion.”
As soon as he spoke those words, the knight inside the office began to cough like crazy. They seemed to be choking.
As soon as she called his name, the Duke swung the knife in his hand. The knife glistened savagely in the light that leaked through the window. She doesn’t know why the dining knife looks like a weapon in the Duke’s hand.
‘Then yes, I guess I shouldn’t just call you by your name without a formal honorific.’
“That’s right, but do we have more of this?”
‘You’ve eaten all of it?’ Luana looked at the Duke, amazed, and Legion turned the knife again.
“No, that was all I prepared.”
“Then prepare the same for dinner.”
“All right.”
Luana replied with a nod.
‘As expected, the holy chicken. Once you sacrifice your body to the chicken, there is no one who cannot be bewitched.’
“Also, Sir Loun.”
The knight, who had been coughing for a while, straightened his posture and replied.
“Provide the royal family a meal.”
Loun looked surprised for a moment but soon understood.
“All right!”
The order was immediately passed. There was still a risk of being decapitated, but at least the starving to death part has been avoided. Luana was relieved. Even though she doesn’t think of them as part of her family, it was uncomfortable to let them starve to death.
‘Then shall we catch another chicken?’
Of course, killing the chicken was someone else’s responsibility. Luana could close her eyes when cleaning the dead chicken, but she would never dare to kill it.
So Luana dragged one person into the holy world of chicken again.
But until then, Luana didn’t think deeply about her situation. She knew that the Duke had her life in his hands, but she did not feel particularly threatened. However, other people thought differently of Luana, besides the scary Duke, and she still had her limbs intact.
Especially the thoughts of people who wandered in the castle.
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“Is the Duke showing interest in the abandoned princess?”
“Yes, I heard so. She came out alive after entering his bedroom. Not only that, but they also slept next to each other.”
“He locked up all the other princesses, didn’t he? But what about Princess Ingrid? She was the only one who got locked up in the deep dungeon.”
“I know right? I mean, that’s weird. Aren’t man usually fell in love with Princess Ingrid?”
While people were puzzled, rumors about it spread slowly.
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