Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 12

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The rumor continues to spread since Legion has no motivation to stop the rumor either. Therefore, this rumor eventually reached the King’s ear.
“I want to meet that child.” said the King, nervously circling the room.
“By what means?” the Queen asked with an anxious look.
“I just need to.”
After starving for several days, what came in was a humble meal that commoners would eat. And what was more painful than the meal was given by the knight who was their enemy. They treated him as if he was going to die. There was not an ounce of courtesy for the King. Considering the rumors that have been heard along with it, it was not strange to say that he would die soon. He needed a way out.
Even if it’s help from an abandoned daughter.
Luana, who doesn’t even know the King, was frying chicken again and gave it to Legion.
“It’s a pity.”
“What do you mean?”
“Fried chicken is delicious, but there’s something even more delicious.”
“What’s that?”
Not only Legion but Loun also perked up Luana’s word.
“That is…!”
Legion turned the knife around in his grasp. But in that short time, Luana’s confidence was fallen. ‘Would you kill me if I can’t make a delicious chicken?’ It was such a nerve.
“It’s sweet and spicy fried chicken!”
“Sweet and spicy fried chicken?”
“Soy sauce chicken is delicious, but I think the most delicious thing is sweet and spicy chicken! Onion chicken is also delicious! Oh! And green onion chicken is good, too!”
“All right.”
Luana let out a sigh before Legion could even order her to make her next meal.
“But it’s a pity. I can’t make it.”
“Why?” asked Legion with a frown.
“There’s a very important ingredient to make the dish, but we don’t have any right now.”
“Just say the ingredient.”
He was confident as if he could get the ingredient right away. But it wasn’t unreasonable since he was the Duke of an Empire with power and wealth.
“The ingredients are not difficult to find, but I have to make them.”
“You have to make it?”
“It would take a while to chop the ingredients.”
“It would take a long time?”
Legion erased his expression from his face and tapped his finger on the desk. Loun looked at him nervously, but what he thought didn’t happen.
“And it costs a lot of money. That’s why I haven’t even tried it. It’s hard to challenge myself to make it until succeed!”
Luana made a round shape of money with her fingers.
“Sir Loun.”
When Legion said that, Loun moved quickly. Soon a large leather bag was prepared in front of Luana.
“Open it.”
At Legion’s words, she opened it with trembling hands and found that the bag was full of shiny gold coins. It was an amount she had never seen before.
“Is it not enough?”
“No, no!”
Luana shouted quickly.
“It’s not lacking at all!”
She trembled excitedly while answering him. ‘I can finally make the sauce! Gochujang, soy sauce, soybean paste! I’ll be able to try to make it until I succeed because I only vaguely remember the recipe.’ Luana’s eyes glistened as she looked at Legion.
‘I’m sorry I thought you were a cruel pervert! You’re a good person!’
“I will make it!”
Luana clenched her fists.
“I’ll let you eat sweet and spicy chicken more than anything!”
Luana, who was about to run with her money bag and her words, fell back to her seat. It was because her pockets were too heavy. She couldn’t move until she dragged her pocket with a groan.
“Please wait!”
Legion, who was watching her dragging her pocket, looked at Loun.
“All right.”
Loun moved and carried the purse instead. Unlike when Luana dragged the pocket, Loun lifted her pockets easily.
“T-thank you!”
Luana gasped out a thank you. Then she ran outside. Probably going to the kitchen. Loun looked at Legion once more and followed her immediately.
It’s already dark outside, so there won’t be much Legion can do even if he goes to the kitchen now. Still, he didn’t want to catch Luana, who was fluttering in excitement. It wouldn’t be bad to leave her alone for a while when she’s so excited. Legion, who was thinking so, suddenly felt uncomfortable and stopped.
Tap tap-
His fingers tapped the desk again.
‘She’s not bad.’
The best impression Legion has of Luana is ‘not bad’ because she doesn’t do much of anything positive. It was a generous impression for a poor princess he had only met for a few days. When he looked at her, there were times when unexpected thoughts came out.
Although there is nothing special about the cuisine, it leaves a strangely deep impression. Oh, she is also strange because she is a witch. She left many strange impressions.
Ingrid, who Legion was curious about because the Emperor had asked her to come alive, did not leave such an impression. Rather, now she is locked in a dungeon without any interest.
‘What do you call this feeling?’
His doubts deepened.
“Would it be okay if I kill her in front of my eyes?”
He thought about it a lot, but suddenly it came to mind. The fried chicken was crispy, and it would be better if Luana seasoned it. Perhaps even if he forcibly found out the recipe and let someone else learn it, he would never be able to taste the same taste again. Strangely, only the dishes made by Luana felt stronger.
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It takes some time to make sweet and spicy chicken. Seasoned chicken that’s more delicious than fried chicken. At that point, Legion’s murder intent subsided.
If Luana had known, she would have cried out to the God of Chicken more intensely.
‘If you give me more time and money!’
There is often such a story. The lack of every outcome in the world is due to time and budget. Luana was no different. The reality is that she was an abandoned princess, so she had plenty of time, but she was always short of budget!
But now, she had a budget that was overflowing. Then the monster who was shackled to poverty in her was released!
‘Goodbye to the days when I trembled even with the vegetable pods!’
Luana, who had all the restrictions lifted, began to go crazy.
“Now then, let’s cut the vegetables into cute star-shaped pieces!”
Luana was not concerned about eating vegetable pods. To her, all food is precious; even sometimes, she misses it. As a result, stars, hearts, and flowers made of vegetables fell on the dish.
“Is there any reason why vegetables should be cute?” asked Lugard, who took turns escorting Luana as he relaxed.
“Don’t you know that good-looking rice cakes are good to eat?”
“What’s rice cake?”
“It is a dish made by grinding rice and steaming it.”
‘Actually, it’s more complicated, but what would you do if I explained them all?’
“Is it delicious?”
“It is!”
Luana, who was generous with money, kindly answered the question. And she hummed as she put the finished dish on the tray. She didn’t know that life like this wouldn’t be bad. The Duke was still scary to her, but she was sure he was a generous master, at least when it came to cooking.
Besides, it’s because they see each other so often. Luana is starting to feel more attached to Legion.
‘I’ll make you gain some weight.’
Most of all, Luana was happy to see Legion eat well. The more she fed him, the more she wanted to give him food.
Luana grinned and pushed the tray.
“Sweet and spicy chicken?”
“We’re preparing it now, so, Your Grace has to wait a little longer.”
“I can’t help it. It takes a lot of time to make great dishes.”
“You’re good at talking.”
Although the Duke expressed his dissatisfaction, the food made by Luana was delicious. The star-shaped carrots that she had put so much effort into disappeared all at once, but seeing him eating well made her feel better.
“Should I bring more?”
“No, that’s enough for today.”
The Duke, who had already eaten more than three servings, waved his hand. Luana nodded and pushed the tray back out. And she tried to make the sauce using her spare time.
“The first thing you need is red pepper paste.”
That way, she can make the sweet and spicy seasoned chicken. There may be other ways, but that’s all Luana knew.
‘I’m glad that cooking is my hobby.’
That’s because she can cook and eat by herself. She sat leisurely in the kitchen, pondering the Duke’s dinner menu. It was quite fun to think about the menu while writing with a pen on paper.
Scritch Scritch
After a while, Luana suddenly heard a knock on the window. When she lifted her head, there was a shadow of a person outside. She turned around; the knight was nowhere to be seen. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but the knight seems to have been away.
‘Could it be an assassin?’ but soon she realized that it couldn’t be.
‘You’re going to kill an abandoned princess? I must have watched too many movies.’
Luana put down her pen and walked to the window. It was a maid she had never seen before.
“Who are you?”
“Hello, Miss Luana. My name is Leila, the maid who serves His Majesty.”
Luana had her doubts even as they greeted each other face to face.
“I don’t have time to talk for a long time, so I’ll just say to the point. Miss Luana, please help His Majesty!”
‘How can I help the King? And above all else, if you have shame, you shouldn’t ask for such a favor. I remember you left me in an abandoned palace and never gave me any money!’
“Uh, umm, I don’t think I can help.”
‘Besides, his opponent is the Duke who was known for his cruelty! Do you mean to help knowing what will happen if I help the King?’
“No, Miss Luana can help! The Duke favors you!”
‘What are you talking about?’ Luana looked at the maid.
“Didn’t you spend the night together?”
In a wide category, they indeed spent the night together just sleeping.
“Please save His Majesty!”
“No, it’s impossible!”
Amid this squabble, Lugard returned. And the maid disappeared like the wind.
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“What are you doing?”
Luana suddenly became the one who shouted out the window by herself.
“No, it’s nothing.”
She sighed and closed the window.
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