Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 22

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What if he says he doesn’t like the food right in front of her? That would hurt her feelings.
“I see.”
However, things turned out differently than the butler had imagined. The duke sitting at the table immediately picked up his fork and stuck it in the pancake. Then he cut it up and put it in his mouth.
‘He ate it!’
Still, he seemed to eat it for the sake of sincerity. While the butler was stroking his chest, the duke once again stabbed the souffle with his fork.
One bite, two bites. As the number of meals increased, the people’s expressions in the room changed. They all looked surprised.
‘Is this the power of love?’
The butler admires the scene.
“Isn’t it delicious?”
In response to the question, the butler even took out a handkerchief to wipe the flowing tears without himself knowing.
The duke said the food was delicious! That is the answer that never comes out. Until now, most of his comments are negative.
“It’s not delicious.”
“Tastes like trash.”
“It’s like dirt.”
People were thrilled to hear that the food was delicious for the first time. It was said that love transcends everything, and it seemed to allow the Duke to eat food.
“Love is beautiful.”
The butler said so and pressed his handkerchief against his eyes. It was a moment when many misunderstandings piled up. It was also a moment of resentment for someone.
The tall man who had just cut the chicken asked with a cold expression. The maid, looking at the trembling blade stuck in the chopping board, unknowingly took a step back.
“T-the duke said you don’t have to prepare his meals anymore.”
“Say it again.”
“He said you don’t have to prepare his meal.”
Now the maid looked like she was about to cry.
“But what about the duke’s meal?”
“There’s someone who’s going to prepare it for him.”
The maid took one more step back. She couldn’t help but be terrified when a tall, dreadful man spoke that way.
“There’s a chef besides me?”
“W-well, I guess you can say that.”
The chef’s eyes got colder, and the maid started to tremble.
“That’s enough, chef! She’s going to cry.”
The man with the brown-colored hair had a sour look.
“Garth, I’m not angry.”
“Who would believe that?”
Garth, a man with brown hair, said with a look of bewilderment.
“You may leave. I’ll explain it to the chef.”
“Thank you!”
The maid immediately bowed and rushed out.
“Why are you spewing your anger to an innocent maid?”
At that, the chef turned and glared at the cutting board.
“I heard a rumor. Why did the duke bring a woman this time?”
“He brought a woman?”
“At any rate, the chef should find a way too.”
“Where do I have the time for that?”
There was not enough time to study cooking for a duke who did not eat well.
“She is the princess of the fallen kingdom, and she loves cooking. She also made the duke’s breakfast.”
“It’s said that the duke ate it.”
“…he ate?”
“Yes, he ate a whole plate.”
“You’re lying.”
“It’s true!”
“That can’t be true.”
“I’m not lying.”
At those words, the chef stared intently at Garth. He remembered sneaking away while cooking and making an excuse that he was sick.
“He sometimes ate.”
Garth scratched his head.
“But this time it’s true!”
“I can’t believe it.”
Because of the curse, the duke tasted the dish disgusting. He can’t believe he ate a whole plate of food that wasn’t even food made by a professional chef. He didn’t think anyone who lived rich as a royal would be good at cooking.
“It’s true, so the mansion is in an uproar. I wonder if this is all the power of love.”
“The power of love?”
“If it’s not that, how would he eat it all?”
He was a duke who usually left a small amount of food. Garth nodded and said that the power of love was also right. However, the chef who heard it only trembled.
“I’m behind in that kind of course.”
“Right now.”
“I want to see that person right now.”
“The princess.”
“Are you out of your mind?”
Garth desperately blocked the front of the chef as he strode out.
“Even if try, she was a princess of a kingdom! And she’s under the protection of the duke!”
“But I have to meet her.”
“I have always been proud of my cooking.”
“I know.”
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If the duke can’t taste well, wouldn’t it matter if anyone could cook? He could think of any reason, but it wasn’t that either. To compensate for his lack of taste, he searched the empire and brought the best chef to his mansion. And he offered a huge paycheck and a better environment than anywhere else.
He wondered if it would taste good if he cooked an excellent dish. And five years since then, The chef, Way, has done his best to cook. He did not leave the kitchen on his days off, devoted to his culinary studies. He has been trying to make the right dish for just one person. But that person did it only because of love?
Way couldn’t see anything in front of him now.
“Chef, get a hold of yourself!”
“I’m being rational!”
“Absolutely not! Your eyes are spinning! Someone! Please stop the chef!”
“He can’t do this!”
“Let’s return, chef!”
Following Garth, other chefs came out and began to stop Way. And Luana, who had just visited the duke’s kitchen, found the commotion.
‘What kind of dish does the duke eat?’
It was Luana who didn’t know about imperial cuisine. So, she wanted to see the duke’s menu. It wasn’t difficult for her to get his permission. The duke told her to do whatever she wanted, and the butler was happy to guide her.
Somehow, she felt uncomfortable because people had been treating her more hospitable since the morning, but it was an area that she couldn’t help. Luana tried to calm down and headed to the kitchen. But why is there a group of people gathered right in front of her?
They all dressed as chefs; they huddled together to block a tall man. A man with brown hair was as tall as the duke.
Luana glanced at the kitchen and sat down on the other side of the hallway. Then she put her hands below her chin and started watching them.
“Don’t stop me!”
Their quarrel did not end easily. Then one of the chefs came out, and Luana walked toward him.
The chef startled and quickly looked at Luana as he stroked his chest.
“What is going on over there?”
The cook sighed and explained the situation. He seemed to think of Luana as a passing maid. She changed her dress she wore in the morning into something more convenient. Besides, the nobles didn’t even come down to the kitchen.
She may be noticeable by her hair color, but she came after preparing lunch and had a hood on her head. Her appearance also belonged to ordinary people, so it was not strange to be misunderstood.
“Oh, that’s what happened.”
“I’m proud of my cooking, but I don’t know what to do. You must know that the Duke has a cold personality.”
“That’s true. That’s going to be a big problem.”
Luana said so and stood up.
Luana, who was crouching down, stood up and straightened her wrinkled clothes, and she immediately approached the chef.
When she greeted cheerfully and waved her hand, the people in a quarrel paused.
“Who are you?”
When one of them asked, Luana gracefully grabbed the hem of her skirt and greeted them.
“I’m Luana, the princess of the fallen kingdom!”
In an instant, the atmosphere in the hallway became cold. The chefs were frozen in place, and the chef took the opportunity to push them away.
“Are you the princess?”
Garth, who came to his senses belatedly, tried to stop him, but it was already late.
“Yes! But I’m not a princess now, so please call me Luana.”
“All right, Miss Luana.”
Way looked calmer than expected.
“I have a favor to ask.”
“What is it?”
“Show us your cooking.”
Way said with a fierce look. The chefs in the back sighed and put their hands on their foreheads.
“No, you can’t ask to do that.”
Garth said.
“Yes, I can’t admit that you are cooking for the duke.”
“Did the duke give permission?”
There, Way had no choice but to pause. But that was only for a moment, as he was determined to push for what he believed in.
“But I have to see it.”
Everyone was trembling in unison. He shouldn’t have asked her. If they do this wrong, they will all suffer together.
“I would love to!”
But what came out of Luana’s mouth was an unexpected answer.
“Instead, show me your cooking, too. Show me the best dish you can cook!”
“All right, I won’t lose!”
“I won’t either!”
A cooking showdown was made in a blink of an eye.
“Oh! Are you doing something fun? Don’t you need judges?”
And it was discovered by Henry, who was passing by.
“Oh? Sir Henry?”
“Can I and Lugard join?”
“Of course you can!”
That’s how the game got bigger.
“Are you sure? If we get caught, we won’t be able to go over it nicely.”
Lugard asked with a worried look.
“Well, what do you say? Isn’t it fun?”
“You’re not the type to do this, are you?”
Lugard sighed, but Henry only smiled leisurely.
“Yes, but someone has to stand by the princess, right?”
“I don’t think you can think of anyone that deeply.”
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“That’s true, but she’s an important person for the duke, it’s different.”
“Do you believe in rumors?”
“I don’t believe it. But right now, she’s the one the duke needs, isn’t she?”
“That’s true, too. Why do you have to be a judge in a cooking showdown?”
Lugard sighed again.
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