Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 47

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After the uncomfortable breakfast, it’s time to go back. Ingrid wanted Luana to stay longer, but it was difficult to use the kitchen freely in the Imperial Palace, so she decided to return to the mansion according to the Duke’s opinion.
Luana climbed into the carriage and looked at Ingrid, waving with a worried face. Looking at her like that gave her a bad feeling. So she hesitated, and the duke pulled Luana into the carriage.
“I have to go back.”
The carriage wheels began to roll as soon as the two of them got in. It was the end of a short visit to the Imperial Palace.
“Why did you do that in the morning?”
“What do you mean?”
“I heard that feeding is only between lovers.”
“It does.”
“We’re not even lovers, are we?”
Maybe the duke likes her? She knew it couldn’t be, but her heart was racing strangely.
‘What if he really likes mr? What do I have to do? It’s completely different from the story, but is it okay? But already Ingrid was running in a different direction than in the novel.’
She wondered if it would be okay. As she deepened her thoughts, she heard the duke’s voice.
“No, we’re not.”
She got emotional for a moment. She wanted to pinch and twist the duke’s cheek, who had spoken calmly with his chin on his hand.
“Then why did you do that?”
“Because what you eat looks more delicious.”
“They’re all the same food.”
Luana, who pouted, became angry. She belatedly feels embarrassed. What the hell did she imagine?
She wanted to scream in shame. She wished she had jumped out of the carriage at any moment and distanced herself from the Duke. But the carriage was still running; she didn’t dare to jump off.
The carriage stopped after arriving at the duke’s mansion. As soon as the carriage door opened, Luana darted out. She heard the duke calling from behind, but she ignored him. She had to go somewhere to calm her mind.
So, she arrived in front of Jangdokdae. It was the most relaxing place.
“Miss Luana?”
There, Way was carefully cleaning the jar with a dry towel. As soon as he found Luana, he greeted her with a faint smile. He always has a fierce look on his face, so she sometimes forgets he is quite handsome when he relaxes his expression.
“Yes, I haven’t seen you in a while.”
“Is that so?”
Luana smiled and approached the jar. Although they couldn’t cook together, that didn’t mean that the relationship they had so far deteriorated. Especially, she owed him a lot, so it was impossible to make the distance. Way was the one who looked at the jar whenever she was away.
“How’s it going?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know what’s supposed to happen. But I did my best.”
Luana’s heart was moved by the way he spoke sincerely. How can there be such a nice person? It may be annoying to take on the work, but he seemed to have been working hard to protect the Jangdokdae every time. It was different from a certain someone who only gives people shame.
“Shall we take a look?”
Luana carefully opened the lid of the jar, and soon she had no choice but to exclaim. Way handed her a spoon.
‘Oh, my. You’re quick-witted.’
She scooped up some black liquid with a spoon and tasted it. The taste she had longed for so long has lingered in her mouth. She tasted it again, trembling in excitement. Finally, this world has soy sauce!
“It’s done! It’s done!”
“Is that so?”
Way opened his eyes wide and looked at Luana, jumping with joy.
“Can I taste it?”
“Of course!”
Luana also gave Way a spoon. He carefully tested the soy sauce. Way made a strange expression—a black liquid with a peculiar saltiness flavor.
‘I heard it’s for seasoning, how should I use this?’
He calmly tried to figure out how to use it for cooking.
‘Any dish is fine, but I wanted to put it in the meat dish. Should I put this instead of salt?’
As she thought carefully, Luana suddenly grabbed Way’s hand. Surprised by the sudden action, he couldn’t even pull out his hand.
“Bulgogi*! Bulgogi for dinner!”
TL/N: Bulgogi is a Korean-style barbecue.
“Did you say… bulgogi?”
“Yes! Bulgogi seasoned with soy sauce!”
He doesn’t know what kind of dish it is, but Way was also happy to see Luana happy. At first, he misunderstood for a good reason, but he liked her very much, who was friendly and good at cooking. Even though he knew that he was in a position that he couldn’t overstep, he could feel his heart tingling. Even though he knows he shouldn’t.
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He would be no one but just a passerby in Luana’s life. Way knew his situation better than anyone else. However, he stayed because he wanted to be happy with her at this moment, and as he sat still, he felt a sharp gaze from somewhere.
Unconsciously, he lifted his head and looked in that direction, and before he knew it, the duke was staring at the two of them. To be precise, it was at Luana’s hand that Way was holding tightly. Way tried to withdraw his hand in embarrassment, but the ignorant Luana wouldn’t let him go.
“Why?! Let’s be happy together!”
Then the duke, who approached, caught Luana, who was about to jump again.
“What are you doing?”
“What? Sir Legion? When did you come?”
“I just got here.”
“Right, look at this!”
Luana opened the jar with triumph. She had long since forgotten her past shame.
“I succeeded in soy sauce! Gochujang was also recently completed. So, I can make it now!”
Luana beckoned in the air and shouted.
“Seasoned spicy chicken! And soy sauce chicken!”
The duke’s expression slowly relaxed, which had been displeased the entire time.
“Does it taste better than that fried chicken?”
“It may vary from person to person, but I love it.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”
“You can look forward to it! I’ll show you bulgogi tonight!”
“Huff huff huff….”
Luana answered the duke’s question with a smile. She was going to make white rice. Rice is the best for bulgogi! Fortunately, there were many ingredients in the empire, and there was rice, which she used to cook like when she was in Korea in the past. It was not a preferred ingredient, but she could get enough to use. She heard they’re getting it from the mansion!
A bowl of freshly cooked hot white rice with sweet and salty bulgogi. A bowl of rice is perfect. One bowl, two bowls, and three bowls will be enough. Even the duke who ate it would be surprised with his widening. Thinking that way made her feel better.
“Then I’ll go prepare dinner!”
Luana disappeared into the kitchen again. She immediately prepared a lot of meat and stood before the cutting board. The next thing is to prepare mushrooms. She like mushrooms, so she puts as much as she can. Next up are vegetables: onions, green onions, and minced garlic. Oligosaccharide* is not available, so she replaces it with sugar. And last but not least, soy sauce!
TL/N: Oligosaccharide is a liquid sweetener widely used in Korean cuisine to sweeten and thicken dishes.
‘I wish I have glass noodles, too.’
TL/N: Glass noodles, also known as Dangmyeon, are Korean noodles made from purified sweet potato starch, water, and salt. Usually, it is used to make japchae.
Luana still needed more research. No, she doesn’t know how to make glass noodles in the first place. In modern times, she just goes to the supermarket and buys noodles and soaks them in. She didn’t know how to make it. No matter how much she cooks for herself, she doesn’t make noodles from scratch.
Luana, who prepared the bulgogi ingredients, put the washed rice into the pot with water.
“I’m going to eat a lot, so let’s add a little more rice.”
She wanted to give the dish to the duke and, if possible, to Way, too. They’ve been through a lot. And she finally had to add the portion she would eat as well.
Fortunately for her, it wasn’t difficult to cook with a pot. While she was cooking, she began to stir-fry bulgogi in earnest. As it was completed, a familiar smell pierced the tip of her nose. She struggled to swallow the saliva that came out of her mouth.
She could forget all her worries only for this moment.
It would have been perfect if it was served with cabbage kimchi. But she hasn’t made fish sauce yet.
“But aside from the noodles, wouldn’t the fish sauce be magical?”
Her mother, Elanya, left behind several recipes, but she didn’t leave any recipes related to Korean food as she is probably from this world. Most were focused on desserts, and there were very few dishes.
Even so, it may be possible since it was possible to extract the chocolate material from the cacao beans. Then she will no longer have to miss her old diet!
Luana moved around and put the dish on the tray. She called the maid who was waiting outside. She went to the dining room of the main building with a tray, and the duke was already waiting there.
He seemed to have come down as soon as it was meal time while working.
Luana placed the rice bowl and served it in front of the Duke.
“What’s this?”
“It’s rice. You can eat it with meat.”
She also filled her rice bowl and set it down on the table. She then gave a demonstration for the duke, who didn’t know how to eat it. She scoops out the rice and puts bulgogi on it. And then yum! It’s over when she eats it.
‘It’s delicious!’
She got excited, feeling the impression of this taste. She was so happy that she almost cried. Luana forgot to invite the duke to eat as she ate like crazy.
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The duke, watching the scene, soon realized that he had an appetite. He tried to put the rice in his mouth. There was no special taste, but it felt sweet and savory as he chewed it. Next, he tried it with a meat dish like Luana.
‘I see!’
The taste of the rice wasn’t strong, but it showed a fantastic harmony with the more intense meat dish. He was thrilled to try the first dish he tasted. Like Luana, the duke began to eat bulgogi without saying a word.
“One more bowl of rice?”
As soon as she emptied a rice bowl, Luana smiled and recommended it. Of course, the duke nodded.
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