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Bon Appétit - Chapter 50

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[The princess and the knight lived happily ever after.]
He doesn’t know how many books he has already read. But the duke could not yet define love. Because he thought it was an overly abstract emotion. It was difficult for him to understand the meaning, especially about the concept of love at first sight.
‘How can you fall in love with someone you see for the first time? Is that possible?’
The duke thought seriously. It seems impossible, but the book says it’s possible.
Not only that, but Vyan said so too.
“Is it possible to fall in love at first sight?” Of course, it’s possible.”
“How? How do you know what kind of person she is? What would you do if she turned out to be a criminal or a murderer? Plus, to fall in love at first sight means the person only looked at the person’s appearance. Is that true love?”
Upon hearing the question, Vyan looked fed up. He was getting tired of answering the duke’s questions who asked while reading the books.
“Isn’t it more important to know about how you feel?”
“I don’t know what you mean.”
“Really? Actually, I don’t know anymore.”
“Aren’t you a love expert?”
Vyan sighed deeply.
“If you try to deal with the other person with all these conditions in mind, it will be difficult to fall in love.”
“But shouldn’t I have the basics first?”
“As it is, when you fall in love, the other parties’ flaws become invisible.”
Legion didn’t understand that either. But he couldn’t know about love without understanding this. That said, it would make the curse more difficult to break. The duke opened the next book with a calm expression.
After seeing this, Vyan sat down on the sofa again. Then he noticed the duke reading a book and secretly stood up from his seat. He was going to go out for a while and then come back. The duke seemed to notice him, but he didn’t stop Vyan because he’s been like that since the first time.
When he left the room, he felt like he could barely breathe.
Vyan sighed deeply and walked down the hallway. He then found a woman. She was cute, but somehow she had a dull impression. Looking at her dress, she didn’t look like a maid. Suddenly, he seemed to come back to life. Vyan spoke to her cheerfully.
She also accepted his greeting with a smile. Vyan felt more energized. Vyan looked at her with a gentle smile.
‘Who is this guy?’
Luana looked at the man smiling and greeting right in front of her. She has been avoiding the duke lately, so she hasn’t heard about the current news in the mansion, so she didn’t know why Vyan was called.
“May I ask your name?”
It wasn’t difficult.
“It’s Luana.”
“Luana, do you work in the mansion?”
She answered that because it is correct, she cooks in the mansion.
“That’s surprising. I thought Luana was a noble lady. Your presence is overflowing with dignity.”
‘What is this? A casanova?’
Luana smirked at the thought.
‘How can you say I’m dignified? I’m from a royal family, but I didn’t learn anything as a royal, so how can there be any dignity?’
But is it because the handsome person speaking to her doesn’t seem ill intent? She didn’t feel anything wrong with him.
“I’m afraid not.”
She is from a royal family but did not consider herself a noble lady.
“Oh, I guess I was wrong. My bad.”
Luana laughed at Vyan, hitting his forehead with her cheerful smile. They talked for a while about trivial stories about today’s weather or the diet in the mansion.
It was fun to meet the conversation partner after a long time because she had been hiding here and there to avoid the duke. In addition, the other person responded very well to the conversation. They talked for a while, and suddenly a shadow covered my head.
Thinking so, she unconsciously lifted her head and saw the duke standing right behind her. Luana panicked and tried to hide again, but she was already late. T duke had caught her before she could hide.
“Are you going to hide again?”
The duke’s cold voice rang in her ears.
He seemed angry, but Luana also had a lot to say.
‘Why do you keep me next to you when it’s clear that one way to break the curse is to eat a dish made by the person you loved? What if the person who tried to approach you sees me and turns their back?’
That’s why Luana hid for him, but it was unfair for him to be so angry.
“Why are you angry?”
“Then, you don’t want me to get angry? You didn’t even show your face. You’ve been hiding the whole time.”
“But I’ve taken care of your meals properly!”
“Do you think all you need to do is bring me meals?”
“Then what more do I do?”
As the two of them were fighting, Vyan, watching from the side, tilted his head. Hr asked with his eyes wide open.
“Were you two dating?”
“We’re not.”
‘Then, what is this?’
Vyan questioned.
Which woman would dare to flip out to the duke who was famous as a cold-blooded man? A normal person would not dare to do that. However, all the duke did to this woman was hold on to her waist. He didn’t hold her waist tightly because out of consideration.
‘What do they mean by ‘not dating’?’
Vyan looked disappointed.
‘He wanted to know about love, but isn’t he actually already falling in love?’
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“Aren’t you two already in love?”
“I told you we’re not!”
“We’re not.”
“I don’t know why you two are denying it, but it doesn’t seem like an ordinary relationship to me.”
“I knew this would happen! That’s why I was hiding!”
Luana gritted her teeth and shouted.
“Look, he misunderstands our relationship, too! This is all because Sir Legion keeps getting close to me.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“Women don’t approach.”
‘What kind of woman will approach you when you share a bedroom?’ People probably wouldn’t believe it even if she said she was just sleeping.
“That matter is fine. I’ve called in an expert, and with help, it’ll be solved.”
“No, even experts can’t solve this.”
Eventually, Luana, who gave up running away, flopped in the duke’s arms. Still, whether it was worth feeding the duke diligently, she felt a thicker and firmer chest than before.
Seeing the two, Vyan stroked his chest out of frustration. The people who were actually in love knew nothing. The two insisted on not dating each other to death.
‘What the hell do you think love is?’
It was questionable.
“Then I’ll go back to class.”
The duke lifted Luana casually and entered the room. Vyan hesitated for a moment and then followed.
“What class is this?”
“A class about love.”
“You can learn that?”
Luana asked in surprise.
“I am still trying to understand the concept little by little.”
“Love is a mysterious thing that makes a person able to fall in love at first sight. And when you fall in love, everything looks beautiful.”
“That’s it?”
At those words, Vyan felt like he was about to cry. No matter how hard he tried to explain it, he only got to grasp that much.
“That’s not all. Other than that, I learned a lot. Falling in love is only a matter of time.”
That’s not true. The duke still had many mountains to climb. No, Vyan didn’t think the duke would fall in love even after a hundred days.
Vyan made a big decision.
“I think that’s enough for the theory.”
“I think I still lack understanding about it a lot.”
“No! You’ve understood enough! So let’s do a little practice.”
“That’s right. Practice. So let’s get some help from Luana here.”
“Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Of course! Let’s say Luana is meeting the duke for the first time. The duke also met Luana for the first time.”
He set the situation first, but the duke answered with a frown.
“But why do you know Luana’s name?”
“Because I heard it earlier.”
The quick-witted Vyan shrugged his shoulders. The duke answered in a sulky voice,
“Although she is from a fallen kingdom, she is still a princess. Call her formally.”
Luana couldn’t help but be surprised at his remark.
‘Since when did you treat me like a princess?’
Vyan was also surprised. I can’t believe this dull-looking woman was a princess! It seemed that his fantasy about princesses was about to be shattered.
“T-then, Miss Luana. Please.”
“Well, then, duke. Do what I taught you first.”
“What was the first thing you taught me?”
Vyan changed his expression in a flash. His shiny green eyes dimmed and teary. Seeing that, the duke’s expression darkened.
‘I was sure the duke knows what he needs to do, though.’
The duke took a deep breath and approached Luana. He looked at her and tried to make a soft expression. But the more he tried to do so, his expression became more fierce, and his eyes became sharper. Luana, who knew him well, almost stepped back when she saw him.
When she greeted him in that state, she wanted to turn around and run away.
Luana answered his greeting awkwardly.
“May I ask your name?”
“Luana. My name is Luana.”
Whatever the expression on his face, it went smoothly so far.
‘This isn’t right!’
Facial expressions are the most important! You can’t ask someone’s name with a face that looks like you’re going to kill someone or with an expression like he’s targeting a murderer! Luana sighed deeply and walked over to the duke.
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“First of all,”
She then reached out and rubbed the hardened duke’s face.
“Relax your face. It’s a terrible expression.”
After rubbing his cheeks a few times, his hard expression began to soften.
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